Top 9 stand-up pouch suppliers in USA

Written by robin on January 3, 2022
The ability to stand up on the shelf for maximum sales impact is clearly one of the benefits of using a Stand-Up Pouch. This means significant savings in cargo and floor capacity. It is a more eco-friendly product than a rigid container because it uses 75% less plastic. It provides good product protection through various laminations. 


ppcflex LOGO
●Location: 1111 Busch Parkway,Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
●Type: Manufacturer and supplier

The company is headquartered situated in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. PPC Flexible Packaging has evolved into a premier high-quality flexible packaging manufacturer, both organically and through acquisition. We are a dynamic group of packaging and design professionals committed to providing innovative packaging solutions. 

Our greatest assets have always been our capabilities and speed to market assets. These assets help us establish ourselves as a trusted leader in our consumer and cleanroom industries.

They provide packages for various products like
1.Coffee and tea
3.Processed food
4.Frozen foods
5.Confectionary and dry food stuffs
6.Sauces , Gravy and condiments
7.Pet foods
8.Pharmaceutical and medicals
9.Industrial and other products
10.Health and beauty products
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standuppouches logo
●Type: Manufacturer and supplier
●Location: 4807 Rockside Rd. #460, Independence, Ohio 44131 is famous for its emphasis on helping businesses of all sizes. They have a varied range of clients from the root level to big giants. 

This company was originated in the year 1958. They are vastly experienced in dealing with companies of all calibers. Despite named stand-up pouches, they can make another form of packages for your business.

They claim to be in a healthy relationship with all their clients because are known for their assistance to their clients about their business.

They provide packages for
2.Processed food.
3.Frozen foods.
4.Industrial and other products.
6.Pet foods.
7.Pharmaceutical and medicals.
9.Dry food stuffs.
10.Beauty products.
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glenroy logo
●Type: Manufacturer and supplier

Glenroy has been a reliable high-quality customized, flexible packaging supplier for over 50 years. They help clients ranging from small manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies in various industries, specializing in loose packaging laminations and innovative stand-up pouches.

Glenroy has built a reputation for producing flexible packaging that performs consistently and reliably. They have extensive experience developing laminations to meet various barrier requirements, including high-barrier laminations for "hard-to-hold" products. Over 100 awards have been bestowed upon their high-quality flexible packaging.

Glenroy serves client with products of- 
1.Pharmaceutical and medicals.
2.Beauty products.
4.Processed food.
5.Dry food stuffs.
6.Frozen foods.
7.Industrial and other products.
9.Pet foods.
10.Healthcare products.
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carepac logo
●Type: Manufacturer and supplier 
●Location: 984 N Amelia Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773

CarePac can help you bring your custom stand-up pouches and other packaging ideas to life. They sell FDA-approved commercial-grade stand-up pouches and barrier packaging. Furthermore, they offer various stock-size packaging options and customized options to meet your specific requirements. 

Clients of every type, from a newcomer to an old-school business tycoon Carepac are there for you to give you premium quality packages. Because they accept a meager number of minimum order quantity. 
Their wrap products like-
3.Healthcare products.
4.Beauty care products.
5.Dry foods.
6.Pet foods.
7.Confectionary products.
8.Dairy products.
9.Frozen products.
10.Stuffed food
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impakcorporation logo
●Type: Manufacturer and supplier
●Location: 13700 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90061 USA

IMPAK Corporation has provided creative solutions for people and enterprises with controlled atmosphere packaging needs for nearly 30 years. IMPAK can address even the most complicated packaging challenges with a full range of sorbent and flexible packaging, including bags, standard and embossed poly vacuum sealers, stand-up bags, mini sachets, desiccants, oxygen absorbent materials, and thousands of sealer products and accessories. 

Prototyping and custom product development are also available, as are custom laminations, specially made printing, product packaging, and device assessment and repair. Products they wrap are-
1.Pharmaceutical and medicals.
2.Beauty products.
4.Processed food.
5.Dry food stuffs.
6.Frozen foods.
7.Industrial and other products.
9.Pet foods.
10.Healthcare products.
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loftonlabel logo
●Type: Manufacturer and supplier
●Location: 6290 Claude Way East, Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

Lofton Label, established in 1975 in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. They offer superior, customized printing of pressure-sensitive product labels, insert booklets, dry-release coupons, and films to Fortune 500 companies. Lofton, an ISO 2008-certified company, offers complete digital and flexographic printing techniques that meet industry standards for environmentally friendly printing. 

Lofton's 65,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, houses cutting-edge digital and flexographic presses.

Lofton label possesses the vision of making your business boom. So, you can put your money on it.

They make pouches for various products like
2.Stuffed foods
4.Medical supplies.
5.Cosmetics and toiletries.
6.Food for pets.
7.Confectionery items.
8.Foods that are dry.
9.Products made from milk.
10.Products that are frozen.
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daklapack logo
●Type: Manufacturer and supplier
●Location: 10050 Marathon Parkway, suite #114-115, Lakeside, United States
●DaklaPack US was founded under a different name in 1975.

Services are provided and supplied throughout the United States from a single central warehouse, which works under multiple trade names such as and

DaklaPack US conceives and grows packaging and distribution solutions for many businesses and organizations. We are in charge of a variety of innovations.

They provide our homes with a variety standard range of packaging available from stock. They also manufacture many custom-made products and packaging for specific applications. Their daily operations also include related services such as packaging filling, inventory management, and IT solutions.
1.Confectionery items.
2.Stuffed foods
3.Foods that are dry.
5.Medical supplies.
6.Products that are frozen.
7.Cosmetics and toiletries.
8.Food for pets.
10.Dairy products.
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isellpackaging logo
●Type: Manufacturer and supplier
●Location: 130 Despatch Dr, East Rochester, NY 14445

Isellpackaging provides innovative and high-quality packaging solutions to various industries, including retail, food, medical services, waste disposal, shipments, and gardening. They are an international, accredited company specializing in specially made retail packaging made in the United States.

Their expertise, skill sets, and knowledge and keeping up with the most recent trends and technological developments. They provide efficient packaging innovations to their clients, saving time and money while reducing waste.

Isellpackaging provides products for-
1.Pharmaceutical and medicals.
3.Processed food.
4.Dry food stuffs.
5.Beauty products.
6.Frozen foods.
7.Industrial and other products.
8.Pet foods.
10.Healthcare products.
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PkgMaker logo
●Type: Manufacturer and supplier
●Location: Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

PKGMAKER has been a phenomenal company with 40 years old experience in the packaging business. This company is famous for its “customers’ satisfaction is everything” policy. 

They take into account what you really want. PKGMAKER's expert employees assist you with your stand-up pouch design. 

They are lightning-fast with their response time. They also consider your emergency and provide you the best delivery service in the United States of America. 

All these must make you wonder, this company must be selling their goods for a fortune. Trust me, my friend, they are the cheapest deal you will ever find around your corner. 

Companies like Lays, Dole, Adidas, Walmart, Costco, m&m vouch for them if you have some trust issues. 
Goods they wrap are-
2.Bakery Products
5.Frozen Food
11. Beef Jerky
13.Pet Food
14. Organic Food
15. Chips
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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