Top 8 Flexible Tea Packaging Companies in Canada

Written by Robin Brown on August 4, 2022
Every day, the demand for flexible packaging grows due to its convenience, sustainability, innovation, durability, and affordability. Regarding cost savings and convenience, flexible packaging has made a name for itself in the marketplace. Flexibility, lightness, and ease of handling are why people use flexible packaging.
It has made a significant contribution to the global packaging industry's expansion. Unlike rigid packaging, flexible packaging may be easily molded and shaped into any desired shape because it is created from non-rigid materials. According to PMMI, flexible packaging makes up 31% of all packaging materials used in Canada. These aspects play a role in the food industry's decision to use flexible packaging for meat and seafood.
Are you seeking a packaging solution that is easy to customize? Fortunately, you've made your way to the right place! When it comes to packaging, nothing beats a flexible pouch. Eco-friendly, cost-effective, long-lasting, and stunningly beautiful.

If you can't seem to hunt down any trustworthy options, then don't worry. Pkgmaker has listed the best companies who provide flexible packaging in Canada for you below.
Location: Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Company age: 40 years

Pkgmaker focuses on environmentally friendly packaging. Packages from their company save space and money. They are leak-proof, odor-resistant, and always built of the greatest materials and quality. They are one of the best tea packaging companies in Canada. Your product will benefit from their guidance in selecting packaging technologies, determining an ideal size, and, finally, creating packaging designs that will catch shoppers' attention as they peruse the store shelf. They'll ensure you get the best possible product that meets all of your requirements and properly fits your product, and they'll make sure that your product stays in perfect shape for a long time. You have the option to customize your order. They accept orders as little as one piece. Within 7 to 14 days, their products are shipped. They offer high-quality, custom-printed tea bags with no minimum order amount. It's important to them that all of their packaging is functional and efficient in terms of space and money, as well as leak and odor resistance. They will assist you with determining the best packaging options for your product, determining the perfect size, and, finally, designing the packets or pouches to catch the eye of potential buyers on the shelf. They aim to ensure that you receive the finest possible quality product that meets all of your requirements, is properly sized to fit your product and remains in perfect condition for an extended period.
2. Rootree
Location: 5295 John Lucas Dr, Burlington, ON L7L 6A8
Company age: 12 years

Rootree Inc. is a leading maker of environmentally-friendly flexible packaging and a co-packer of products. It also has its creative agency focusing on giving creative, flexible, and eco-friendly packaging solutions to small and medium-sized companies. Rootree also offers complete, in-house creative services that focus on branding, package design, digital marketing, e-commerce websites, and much more! Rootree's primary goal is to make the future more environmentally friendly. They want to make the packaging industry better and brighter, one new idea at a time. For example, they offer packaging that can be recycled or composted, and they teach their customers and the general public about sustainability in the packaging industry.

With offices in Burlington, Ontario, and Boucherville, Quebec, they are your go-to source for custom, digital, and environmentally friendly flexible packaging in Canada. Regardless of your product, Rootree is with you every step of the way. They are committed to making the packaging business a better, brighter place, one invention at a time. Because of this, they've changed their printing and production processes to reduce waste, switched to in-house laminating without solvents, and bought packaging that's better for the environment. They know the purpose of addressing their environmental effect at Rootree. By using green electricity in Rootree offices and facilities and working with Bullfrog Power, a Spark Power company, they are reducing their carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy in Canada.

They offer no setup fees. Rootree also doesn't have any minimum order quantity for their customers. All stock orders are taken care of in one to two business days. On weekends and holidays, orders are not sent or delivered. Customer Service will let you know within one to two business days if an item you ordered is out of stock. Shipments may be held up for a few days if they get many orders at once. They have what you need, whether you want small individual servings or bigger loose-leaf styles. Their tea packaging is Digital and sustainable. Freshness is maintained via a metalized barrier. You have the option to have a clear window in your tea package that allows you to show off your product. They also have a Full-color option to make your product stand out on the shelf.
3. NNZ Canada | About NNZ
NNZ Canada 1
Location: 136 Main Street West Unit 3 Norwich, Ontario
NOJ 1P0 Canada

Company age: 100 years
Coated paper bags for coffee and tea are available from NNZ. These materials act as a barrier to prevent the product from leaking or staining. Greaseproof or clay-coated kraft paper might be used for this. They sell best tea packaging in Canada.
NNZ is a global packaging company that serves customers in the fruit and vegetable industry and other industries. Since its inception in 1922, the family firm has slowly grown into a company with over 250 workers and a global network of branches and partners.
This network's strength comes from its ability to improve its competitiveness. Their network's partners, like NNZ, are sustainable and social, product leaders, customer-focused, inventive, trendsetters, adaptable and transparent, trustworthy and ethical. Their min order quantity varies depending on the items. They deliver their orders within 10 business days.
4. Copious Bags
Copious Bags
Location: NNZ Inc.136 Main Street West Unit 3 Norwich, Ontario NOJ 1P0 Canada.
Company age: 9 years

COPIOUS BAGS® is a business started by a family in 2013. they are merchants, artists, and believers. Everything they do is meant to make the common seem better and confuse the smart. They are not a big company; instead, they are a team of professionals who work hard and love what they do.
Copious Bags is dedicated to making stand-up bags of the best quality to protect and keep your product safe in the long run. their main goal is to make stand-up pouches that are safe for food, approved by the FDA, and don't contain BPA. They also try to use recyclable and recycled materials whenever possible. They also test every production run for safety and quality, ensuring that their bags always meet the highest standards in the industry. The result is packaging approved for use with food and safe for a wide range of products.

COPIOUS BAGS® combines the unique products of their customers with their thoughtful stand-up bag options and gives customers a modern way to experience flexible packaging. Because of this, consumers and brands worldwide enjoy their products' many benefits, such as being easy to use, reusable, and practical. Copious Bags is proud to make beautiful stand-up pouches from the best and most eco-friendly materials on the market.
They provide same-day shipping and free shipping for over $499 or more. They provide bulk pricing and discounts. At 5,000 and 20,000+ pieces, there are significant price breaks (per style and size). They'll ship your order on the same day if you place it before 4 PM EST.
5. Pouch Makers Canada Inc
Pouch Makers Canada Inc
Location: Pouch Makers Canada Inc. 3620 B, Laird Rd, Unit #1, Mississauga, ON L5L 6A9, Canada.
Company age: 30 years

Pouch Makers Canada is a major supplier and innovator of high-quality flexible packaging. They have their manufacturing facility in India and other marketing offices worldwide. They make products for a wide range of industries, including Organic Food, Super Foods, Pet Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic, Agriculture, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Hygiene & Detergents, Retort Pouches with almost all types of pouches, etc.
They are experts in stand-up pouches, coffee bags, custom-printed pouches, packaging for cannabis, smell-proof bags, packaging that is good for the environment, and three-side seal pouches (flat pouches/pillow pouches). They sell tea packaging pouches in Canada.
They make plastic bags with high-quality gravure printing, lamination, and printing in up to eight colors. They also make Kraft paper, zipper, and liquid packing bags. The orders are processed and shipped out 24 to 48 hours after the payment. Items not in stock may take from 8-11 weeks to be available. They have different minimum order quantities for different products.
Location: 110-1580 Brigantine Drive Coquitlam, BC V3K-7C1 Canada.
Company age: 43 years

The Palmer family owns and runs several businesses, including Creative Packaging, which Bud and Carolyn Palmer launched in 1979, together with Classic Packaging. In the mid-1990s, Creative opened its well-loved stores in Burnaby, Edmonton, and Calgary, recognizing the need for clients to be able to touch and feel the materials they would be selected to adorn their most significant events. As demand for online shopping grew in 2009, they launched their E-Commerce website.
After years of supporting their customers in person, their Packaging Concierges have been reimagined as a web-based business with an eye toward the future. They are the same people who have supported each customer with care at their storefronts over the years, focusing on the growing demand for E-Commerce.
There is a 50% discount on everything in the Clearance section. There are a very small number of these accessible. With Creative Packaging, there's no such thing as a minimum purchase amount.
When you shop a lot, your money goes further! All purchases are eligible for their volume discount program, which offers discounts of 10%, 15%, or 20% off the total order. Orders should arrive between 1-7 business days.
7. PakFactory®
Location: 204 - 600 Alden Road Toronto, Ontario L3R 0E7 Canada
Company age: 13 years

You can count on PakFactory to deliver custom packaging solutions and an exceptional end-to-end service that makes life a little easier for you. They have a team of structural designers and packaging specialists ready to help you create a packaging experience that your clients will remember for a long time. Based on packaging type, order size, and time of year, they estimate current production times to be between 10 and 30 business days on average. Custom packaging that requires a higher degree of customization and a greater number of additional processes typically takes longer to produce.
Location: Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation 4100 72 Avenue SE Calgary, AB Canada T2C 2C1
Company age: 30 years

The Flair Custom Program gives you solutions that are made to fit your needs and are created and managed by them from start to finish. Custom solutions come with complimentary in-house services, such as Technical Engineering Services for custom structures and Custom Design Consultations for graphic support and rotogravure printing. The Field Engineering team at Flair can help you with their films and fix them on your equipment. This makes things easy and reliable for their customers.
Flair's strong quality management system develops and extends their company FSSC22000 food and safety certification to each location. It does this by using decades of industry experience and knowledge. Connected by their commitment to safety and quality, their international network of resources beyond expectations delivers results beyond packaging, with the service and reliability of a true partner.
Regarding packaging, Flair's commitment to innovation means combining modern polymer engineering with distinctive package designs, consumer-friendly convenience features, and superb rotogravure printing to create packaging that can stand up to the test of time.
Minimum run quantities are based on how many packets a master roll of film can print. Depending on package size and style. Minimum order: $300. Any orders under $300.00 will be charged $30.00. After customer artwork approval, Flair provides custom packaging in 8-9 weeks. Flair's warehoused products are delivered in 4 weeks from order.
Here are the top eight companies that sell flexible packaging in Canada that they've picked out for you to make the job easier and save you time and energy in your search. These companies are trustworthy, can be counted on, and provide the best services.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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