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Written by Robin Brown on August 4, 2022
It should come as no surprise that snack food consumption is increasing. Consumers resort to snacks as convenient food sources on the move and look for packaging that fits their fast-paced lifestyles.
Whether you're a new-to-market snack foods business or an industry veteran, engaging with a reputable flexible packaging manufacturer to create your bespoke snack packaging is critical.
Snack is a reliable companion. The importance of snacking cannot be overstated in our fast-paced society. We don't have time to take a break, and here is when perspective comes into play. Because creating stunning packaging is essential to growing your business. Any type of snack company, large or small, needs custom-made packaging to attract the attention of eventual consumers. Custom-made bags have several advantages.

What is snacks packaging?

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Snacks are typically wrapped in plastic pouch bags that may or may not be filled with nitrogen to preserve delicate products. Packaging food in cardboard boxes, jars, and cans is a less common practice. For most snack manufacturers today, stand-up bags are the dominant packaging option for various reasons ranging from cost to customer usability.

Stand-up pouch bags are a low-cost way to pack snacks. A custom-printed stand-up bag often costs less than 20 cents. Other packaging methods, such as cardboard boxes and jars, are significantly more expensive.
Stand-up bags are a versatile snack food packaging solution. Nitrogen may be filled into pouches by manufacturers to package delicate delicacies such as fries. Other packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes and plastic jars, make this practically impossible and expensive.
Another point that works in favor of stand-up bags is their use. Customers may hang these pouches on hooks or store them in kitchen cabinets. Tear notches allow customers to access food conveniently, and spouts and zip locks allow consumers to keep snacks in stand-up pouches.

Why do you need snacks Packaging?

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Quality snack food packaging is becoming increasingly vital as demand for frozen meals, sweets, snacks, and other delectable nibbles rises. Companies must guarantee that their food goods arrive in perfect condition to consumers locally and worldwide. Let's look at the three most important ways packaging preserves food.

● Extends Shelf Life
Snacks Packaging is one of the most critical aspects of preservation. Quality snack food packaging aids in the regulation of a food product's immediate environment by increasing its storage life. Without food preservation packaging, external elements such as heat, air, and contamination can quickly compromise the integrity of the food product and render it unsafe to consume.

● Physical Damage Protection
Nothing is worse than opening a tasty treat to find it’s been dented or broken in half. Snack food packaging is essential in preventing any harm to the food product. When snack food packaging is strong and well-sealed, the likelihood of physical injury or tampering with the food product is considerably lowered throughout handling, transportation, and warehousing. Because of high-quality food packing materials, your favorite jar of jam or box of cheese will be in perfect condition for you to buy the next time you go shopping.

● Avoids Food Contamination
Opening a supposedly new loaf of bread and finding it stale may ruin anyone's day. To avoid this, food-based businesses must extensively investigate the finest packing materials to preserve their food goods' freshness. One of the most excellent methods for a firm to evaluate their food packaging is to employ quality control techniques that guarantee the container has no holes, leaks, or other potential contamination spots. This will enable the firm to determine which packing materials work best for their food goods, preventing chemical, microbiological, or allergic contamination.

How does packaging boost your snacks business?

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Since more than seven in 10 buyers indicate that packaging impacts their purchase decisions, organizations need to evaluate their packaging from a functioning viewpoint and marketing and sales. What effect does packaging have on sales?
When consumers are presented with a plethora of product options, whether in-store or online, product packaging is essential in their decision-making. When deciding on a product to pull off the shelf and consider purchasing, buyers have little information to go off of outside the packaging unless they have done prior research. Many customers will prefer a product with eye-catching packaging.
When customers take an item off the shelf, they frequently examine the label to confirm it is the correct product. As a result, the information on your package plays an essential part in the decision-making processes of your consumers. You must present adequate information in an easily legible and understood style.
Your packaging is frequently the first impression that someone has of your firm. Therefore, it's critical that you produce a nice one. Customers are more likely to link your brand and items with quality if your packaging is excellent. It is critical that you’re packaging effectively protects your items. If it does not, customers may believe you are unconcerned about your product and customers.
As previously said, packaging is a beautiful technique for raising brand recognition. Your logo and other brand features can be displayed on your packaging, and the container can be an aspect of your brand. Customers will become aware of your brand and are more likely to remember your firm the next time they want a product you supply if they see your packaging at a store.

Some snack companies that use packaging and their sales:

Snack name
361.22 million
1.578 billion
400 million
Baskin- Robbins
150 million

Things to consider before choosing your packaging options

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Because packaging materials for snacks food play an essential role in product protection, purchasing managers should understand what qualities to look for when deciding between brands and suppliers.
As with many other commodities, pricing is a significant concern; nevertheless, it’s not the be-all and end-all element, mainly because the deliberation process also has to consider the shipping, storage, and delivery of the items to your consumer’s hands in tip-top form.
Any warehouse manager understands that the proper packaging materials for snacks food can help reduce breakage, product returns, tampering, spoilage, and a variety of other issues. Look for the following qualities in packing materials in general:

1. Longevity and good quality
Before placing bulk orders, learn about the product you desire by obtaining samples and thoroughly evaluating for build quality and longevity. Many entrepreneurs skip this step entirely, resulting in poor quality packaging materials for snacks food or materials that aren't necessarily the best fit for the job.

2. Low-cost and convenient
As previously said, price is not everything when selecting packing supplies, but it has a substantial influence that should not be disregarded. Find products and suppliers that provide a good balance of price and quality.
Additionally, consider the comfort and simplicity of communicating with a provider. Do they deliver across Australia? Ask them how long it will take to deliver your product to avoid delays. Ask these and other policies to guarantee that you acquire your packing materials in the most convenient method possible.

3. Tamper-proof and secure
Security is another crucial element to consider when selecting packaging materials for snacks food. Choose items with safety features and tamper-evident seals. Use goods such as container seals, shrink wraps, water-activated tapes, and poly straps as a barrier to tampering and theft. Opaque wraps also aid in concealing the products for added security.

4. Comes with quality customer service
Apart from product quality, packaging supplies should provide good customer service. Instead of merely shopping for things, select a partner provider that can help you maximize the company's budget. Excellent customer service can assist you in resolving your packing issues.

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