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Keeping children safe is always a priority. But, how do you keep harmful product contents unobtainable to kids? The answer is custom child-resistant packaging. 
Custom child-resistant packaging makes it difficult for children to access harmful contents within a product. Here at PKGMAKER, our child-resistant packaging is guaranteed to keep children under five years of age out within a reasonable amount of time. But, while children find it extremely difficult, adults can open the packages with ease. You can create custom packages that are safe for children. Don’t worry; you don’t need to compromise any other features about your packaging. Child resistance is a simple add-on that makes your products safer. Our child-resistant pouches allow you to easily follow state laws by making them smell proof and opaque so children can see or smell what is inside. Let us help you create your own customized child-resistant packages today. Make your product safer by placing an order today. 
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Why Child Resistant Packaging?

Child-resistant packaging is essential to protecting children that come in contact with your product. The great thing is that you don’t need to compromise style or appearance with custom child-resistant packaging. With us, you can create fully custom child-resistant packaging for your products. We also offer wholesale prices at all quantities. Here are the advantages of child-resistant packaging at a glance:
Protect children from hurting themselves with your product
Versitile packages that can be combined with many other features. You can combine child-resistant packaging with hanging hooks, metal finish, among others. 
Keeps odors inside and moisture out. Odors don’t seep out, and the package will keep anything inside safe from moisture or outside liquids. 
Eco-friendly options available allow you to give your brand a sustainable approach. 

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Why Choose Us?

The benefits of working with to satisfy your packaging needs are numerous. For example, we allow you to easily create custom-made packaging that features your own design. We also have established a reputation for being a high quality supplier of flexible packaging. That means you can rest assured that you will receive high quality packaging at the lowest prices. You can also count on getting packaging that fits your product and helps it stand out in the marketplace so that you get more sales. Our packaging is space saving, cost saving, leak resistant, odor resistant, always made of the finest materials, and features the highest quality design and production work.
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Types of Child Resistant Pouches: Reclosable vs. Single-Use

There are two main types of child-resistant pouches you will need to decide between reclosable and single-use. The type of pouch you decide on will depend on your product, customers, and your packaging goal. Below we will break down the differences between single-use and reclosable child-resistant pouches. 

What is child Resistant Packaging?

Before we discuss the different types, let’s first define what child-resistant packaging is. The Consumer Product And Safety Commission (CPSC) defines child-resistant packaging as packaging that is designed to be significantly difficult for children under five years of age to open. This is important to note because child-resistant packaging is not required to be difficult to open for all children. 

Single-Use Child Resistant Packaging

As the name would suggest, single-use child-resistant packaging is only child-resistant until it’s opened. After opening, that package is no longer considered child-resistant. These packages generally don’t have an easy-open feature such as a tear line. Instead, they require scissors or a sharp object to perforate the packaging to open. These types of child-resistant packaging are common for single-serving purposes such as medication, drugs, food, or chemicals. 

Reclosable Child Resistant Packaging

Reclosable child-resistant packaging is packaging designed to be child-resistant both before and after you open it. These pouches are often referred to as lifetime child-resistant pouches since they can be used multiple times. The main goal of the packages is to make it difficult for children under five years of age to open. Due to the difficulty, the child will eventually give up and fail to open the package. To ensure the effectiveness of reclosable child-resistant bags, they use a two-step opening process. The three most common types of reclosable child-resistant bags include: 

Push and turn 

Squeeze and turn 

Zipper bags (require two hands to open)

Exit bags (often used in the medical marijuana industry) 

Customize Your Child Resistant Packaging

With PKGMAKER, customizing your child-resistant bags, both single-use and reclosable, is easier than ever. We have an in-house design team that will help you create appealing and effective packaging, you can enhance your sales, improve your brand awareness, and generate trust with your audience. We can cater to your customized child-resistant packaging regardless of the size. Don’t worry about price either, we offer wholesale prices at all quantities, so you know you are always getting the best price. Forget about boring, old, and generic packaging and catch your customer’s eyes with unique-brand-centric packaging. Take your packaging to the next level by customizing your child-resistant packaging. 

Custom Child Resistant Packaging

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