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From little children to elderly grandmas, anyone with a sweet tooth loves to indulge in treats during the holidays. Our flexible packaging printing services are ideal for companies wishing to enter the candy and confectionery business. We ensure the highest quality candy pouches, sweet packaging, and confection packaging to help you stand out in a crowded market. You will have an advantage over your competitors because our packaging factory does not require a minimum quantity to place an order. So you can easily and affordably offer seasonal and festive confectionery.
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Why Candy Packaging ?

Take your customized candy bags to the next level with a low-cost, customizable pouch with your company's logo. Pkgmaker offers a variety of flexible candy packaging formats and textures. In a crowded market, how can you make your confectionery stand out? Customers consume with their eyes first, so the more appealing your food appears on the shelf, the more likely they will buy it. Since different candies require different packaging types, custom printed packaging for your candies is a smart choice. This provides you with the option of storing sweets and ensuring that your confectionery lasts longer in its packaging. You can get these packages at a wholesale price from packaging suppliers.
Unique and eye-catchy packaging designs will attract customers.
Add logos, images, and nutritional information to your custom candy packaging.
Consumers prefer resealable bags to preserve candies.
Protects sweets from the outside environment for a long time.
Custom printed candy packaging is more cost-effective than other options.

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The benefits of working with to satisfy your packaging needs are numerous. For example, we allow you to easily create custom-made packaging that features your own design. We also have established a reputation for being a high quality supplier of flexible packaging. That means you can rest assured that you will receive high quality packaging at the lowest prices. You can also count on getting packaging that fits your product and helps it stand out in the marketplace so that you get more sales. Our packaging is space saving, cost saving, leak resistant, odor resistant, always made of the finest materials, and features the highest quality design and production work.
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I've never had an experience like this before! I was hesitant at first but once we got started, it turned out to be one of the best things that's ever happened to me.


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I am very satisfied with the customer service, price, and quality. The packaging pouches were just perfect! I will be coming back soon for more orders ;)

Flexible Packaging For Successful Candy Business

The candy market now is huge. Far more so than in previous years, with everything from hard candy to gummies, chocolate, and licorice available. Confectionary aisles are crowded with alternatives from historical companies to younger, homemade, and local brands that are growing to compete. There are also food brands that are not typically associated with candy, creating sweet delights to gain market share.

As a confectionery company, you understand how crucial it is to stand out from the crowd and make your product and packaging unique. Consider these market trends as you develop your next candy line-up to get an edge over competitors. In this expanding candy market, it's not just regular products that are drawing customers in.

According to IBIS World, industry income has grown annually over the last five years. As the research firm said, increased competition and health concerns for today's health-conscious buyers have transformed the industry. IBIS World reported that customers are more aware of the ingredients in their food now than ever before, so high sugar and high-calorie goods are turning some people off. On the other hand, products that appeal to the health-conscious attitude have experienced positive results.

Many companies are developing "healthier" confectionery options that include organic and locally produced ingredients, fruit and nuts, low sugar, or even sugar-free varieties to suit consumer demand. There is also a massive market for keto-friendly, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nut-free snacks that appeal to free-from consumers.

Perhaps you may have noticed that several health food businesses are offering their versions of candy options that boast features such as being manufactured with natural sugar, minimally processed ingredients, and raw or whole foods. Customers can enjoy these candies relaxedly while still satisfying their craving for a sweet treat.

Partly, the candy market's expansion has less to do with the candy itself and more to do with the current economic climate. The rise of sugary snacks after the deadly COVID-19 pandemic encouraged Americans to take comfort in candies. According to the survey on March 15, 2020, consumers purchased more confectionery items during COVID-19 than in past years.

Candy sales increased due to higher purchasing during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this situation, only the best confectionery packaging styles stand out because of new businesses entering the market and available healthier candy options.

It's no surprise that flexible packaging is becoming more popular in the candy industry. Flexible packaging enables overall branding, is lightweight and unbreakable. And it comes in various configurations such as stand-up, reseals, and even sustainable materials.

There are three most common types of flexible packaging; stand-up pouches, roll stock, and lay-flat pouches.

A visually appealing design generates a strong brand presence and a higher value. However, an excellent design cannot stand alone; it must be printed in a way that brings that design to life. Digital printing produces high-impact graphics, vibrant colors, and all-over candy packaging designs, allowing you to include anything you want. Such as images, marketing, nutritional information, and brand stories.

Brands of all sizes searching for custom candy packaging can benefit from Pkgmaker's no minimum order quantity service, quick turnaround time, and multi-SKU runs with digital print.

Being up to date on current trends in the busy confectionery business will help you determine what consumers desire. Candy bags or pouches must be portable and keep the product fresh for eating. It should be able to appeal to consumers' fun side.
Flexible packaging provides:

●Prolonged shelf life and freshness.
●The simplicity of use.
●High-impact designs.
●Remarkable materials and textures.

According to Mintel, consumers seek convenience and packaging that saves them time. Consider packing your candy in a tiny or medium-sized pouch that allows consumers to carry the lightweight package with them. One leading gum maker recently introduced a pocket-sized flexible pouch with resealing technology. Packaging that adapts to the portable, single-serve, and reseals trends will go a long way toward catching consumers' attention.

A great package will go a long way toward ensuring the success of your goods. Flexible packaging is excellent for prolonging shelf life and decreasing waste with resealing technology. Reseal technology is being used in various markets to allow consumers to eat multiple times from the same bag or pouch.

In today's competitive industry, digital printing on flexible packaging is the best approach to making confectionary pouches. When you optimize your packaging, make sure to provide consumers with what they require and desire, such as mobility, exciting design, and freshness.

Digital printing on flexible packaging allows for all-over branding with plenty of space for the brand story, recipes, trivia, QR codes, images, and other graphic elements. Flexible packaging stands out on the shelf, delivering clear and bright designs with photo-quality graphics.

Pkgmaker is the place to go whether you need hard candy bags, gummy candy pouches, or packaging for your craft chocolate. We specialize in digitally printed, personalized, flexible packaging. We also deliver our product from 7 to 14 days, so you don't have to wait for longer, because we know the importance of being on time. Our packaging professionals are ready to assist you in standing out from crowded confectionery stores. For more details call us now!

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