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This flexible packaging, also known as fitment pouches, is ideal for beverages, like juice, soda, tea and coffee, as well as cleaning products, cosmetic products, seasoning and more. Our spout pouches are available in custom sizes and come with a wide selection of spouts and caps. Just submit your design or design suggestions along with your pouch specifications and our talented packaging specialists will get to work bringing your vision to life. You get flexible packaging supplier that specializes in saving you time and money with our solutions. You can choose from a variety of spouts and closures, or caps, for your packaging, including: choke proof caps, sprayer attachments for cleaners and more.
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Why Spout Pouches?

This flexible packaging style offers a number of benefits to rigid packaging, including space and cost savings. At, we offer numerous packaging materials, spouts and caps so that you can get the exact packaging solution you need for whatever type of product you are offering. We are a packaging company that acts as a one-stop shop for custom spout pouches – allowing you to print your own. Our packaging specialists will take your design and create custom-sized packaging that provides your product with a secure, tight fit. Additional benefits of our packaging includes:
Spout variety – we can create custom spout pouches with spouts located wherever you wish, including top spouts and corner spouts.
Cap variety – we also offer numerous cap types, including: flip-top, screw, disc, push-pull and many more. 
Environmentally friendly – not only does our flexible packaging ensure all of a liquid product is used but it also requires less energy to produce and produces less waste.

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Here at Pkgmaker, we focus on sustainable packaging. Our packages are space-saving, cost-effective, leak-resistant, odor-resistant, and always made of the finest materials with the best design and production work. We will assist you with selecting the appropriate packaging methods for your product, determining the ideal size, and, last but not least, designing the packets or pouches to attract customers' eyeballs on the store shelf. We will make sure that you receive the highest quality product possible that fulfills all of your needs and precisely fits your product, as well as that your product remains in pristine condition for an extended period.
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I've never had an experience like this before! I was hesitant at first but once we got started, it turned out to be one of the best things that's ever happened to me.


The site was easy to navigate and I received my order quickly. The pouches were of high quality, so much better than anticipated! Will definitely use this company again in the future.


I am very satisfied with the customer service, price, and quality. The packaging pouches were just perfect! I will be coming back soon for more orders ;)

Why Stand-up Pouches Are Your Best Liquid Packaging Solution?

When it comes to liquid packaging, few packaging solutions offer the benefits that are offered by Stand-up Pouches. This type of flexible packaging can be produced in a variety of sizes and shapes. These pouches also come with a gusseted bottom that enables them to stand up so that they are more likely to attract the eye of potential customers. Plus, another recent innovation has taken the effectiveness of stand-up pouches to an even higher level. This innovation is the spout, which adds a layer of convenience to stand-up pouches that can’t be matched by many other packaging solutions. Spouted Liquid Stand-up Pouches allow your product – such as juice, soda, tea or a cleaning solution – to be dispensed directly from the pouch. Thanks to this flexible packaging style, the consumer can also be sure to use the entire product contents. This often isn’t possible with rigid packaging, which always seems to leave some of the product remaining in the container – like a few drops of juice. In addition, Spouted Liquid Stand-up Pouches can be custom sized to fit your product ideally. This customization eliminates wasted space and the extra cost that comes with it.

At, we have quickly become a leading provider of stand-up pouches and liquid packaging. We are known for allowing our customers to set their own size specifications and submit their own designs. We then use top materials to create packaging that securely protects the product. For example, our packaging is carefully constructed to not allow in unwanted light, moisture or air. Your product is sure to enjoy as long a shelf life as possible thanks to our top-of-the-line packaging! We also use digital printing to create eye-catching packaging designs that show off your product in the best possible light. Our Spouted Liquid Stand-Up Pouches are popular choices for products ranging from yogurt to sports drinks to juices to cleaning products to detergents to industrial chemicals to soap to sanitizer and much, much more. We are also able to create pouches with top spots or corner spouts and we offer a number of different types of spout caps, including quick flip, screw, disc and more. Another great thing about working with is that in addition to allowing custom orders, we do not have any minimum order requirements. That means you can order as few custom stand-up pouches as you need. You can even order just one if you want to test out a particular style, or a few different styles, to see what works best for your product. We have built a solid reputation for working closely with product creators to help them get the tailored packaging solution they need. We deliver solutions that fit your budget and that also provide the secure barrier your product needs. We can also create child resistant packaging and packaging with cut-outs for easier handling. With, you are sure to receive packaging that passes all of the following tests: strength, seal, drop, burst, tensile, compression, puncture resistance and more. We offer the best materials, the best manufacturing processes and the best printing to always deliver a high quality packaging solution to you. Then we quickly ship that solution directly to your front door. You get premium packaging at wholesale prices. You also enjoy customization levels and fast turnaround times that our competitors are simply unable to meet. That’s why, if you need custom stand-up pouches, we are your clear number one choice. Just use the convenient online ordering process to get started. Our packaging specialists are experts at taking your design ideas and turning them into reality.  You’ll get custom stand-up pouches that both protect your product and help it stand out so that you generate more in-store sales.   

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