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Sustainable product packaging is the wave of the future! This packaging protects the environment and appeals to today’s knowledgeable consumers who overwhelmingly favor green initiatives from companies like yours. We allow you to make your own compostable packaging and you can receive it for low wholesale prices. In other words, there is no better way to obtain green packaging for affordable prices than by working with us. We offer all types of compostable packaging – from roll stock to pouches to stick packs and much more. We are able to produce whatever packaging you need – and we offer fast turnaround and high quality digital printing.
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Why Sustainable Packaging?

There are two big reasons why custom sustainable packaging is the way to go – 1) it is what is best for the planet and 2) it is what today’s discerning consumers expect from companies. By offering compostable packaging you will help protect the Earth for our children and you will appeal to buyers looking for environmentally-friendly packaging and products. That’s a win – win scenario and now thanks to us you can get that compostable packaging for low wholesale prices. Here are three benefits of getting compostable packaging from
Custom Solutions – we are a packaging company that lets our clients “make their own.” You can submit design suggestions and we’ll produce exactly what you need.
No Set Up Fees – we use high quality digital printing which means you don’t have to worry about plate charges or machine set up fees.
Fast turnaround – we have the production capacity and digital printing process to get your compostable packaging to you fast – much faster than other suppliers!   

How We Works?

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Why Choose Us?

Here at Pkgmaker, we focus on sustainable packaging. Our packages are space-saving, cost-effective, leak-resistant, odor-resistant, and always made of the finest materials with the best design and production work. We will assist you with selecting the appropriate packaging methods for your product, determining the ideal size, and, last but not least, designing the packets or pouches to attract customers' eyeballs on the store shelf. We will make sure that you receive the highest quality product possible that fulfills all of your needs and precisely fits your product, as well as that your product remains in pristine condition for an extended period.
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I am so happy with my new pouches! Pkgmaker took my design and transformed it into exactly the type of packaging that I wanted. Everyone who sees them is super impressed by how nicely it's done! and their response was extremely quick - no time wasted at all.


The site was easy to navigate and I received my order quickly. The pouches were of high quality, so much better than anticipated! Will definitely use this company again in the future.


I am very satisfied with the customer service, price, and quality. The packaging pouches were just perfect! I will be coming back soon for more orders ;)

Give Your Customers What They Want – Sustainable Packaging

Long gone are the days when excess packaging was just something consumers had to deal with. Today’s environmentally conscious consumers expect you to offer sustainable packaging that doesn’t waste space and money. Fail to provide that type of packaging and your customers are apt to look for another provider. In fact, Nielsen says that 75% of Millennials are willing to change their habits to reduce environmental waste – that means they could easily change from buying from you to buying from that competitor of yours with the compostable packaging. Nielsen also discovered that Millennials are willing to pay more for products that are environmentally friendly or that contain sustainable ingredients (or packaging). That means you could increase the value of your product with the right sustainable packaging! And since we offer sustainable packaging at wholesale prices that means you could boost your profit margin. What could be better than that? By working with us, you could boost your profit margin while also doing your part to help the Earth. Our compostable packaging is created using plant-based or fossil fuel materials. This type of packaging breaks down much faster and does not leave a toxic residue. It is also important to note that we use digital printing for our packaging. This is crucial because digital printing has a much smaller environmental footprint compared to traditional or flexographic printing. Digital printing uses less energy, produces less waste, and is far more sustainable. 

In addition, since digital printing doesn’t require plates or machine set up, you avoid these two often large additional fees. That’s another way that we can save you money while ensuring you get the best packaging solution for your product. You can count on our flexible packaging to fit your product like a glove. Excess waste, such as sending a small product in a large box, has a negative impact on the environment and is also a fast way to irritate customers. Not to mention that excess space in packaging is costly. All of this is why you need as your sustainable packaging partner. We offer a wide variety of packaging types – from roll stock to pouches to stick packs and more. Plus, we keep you involved every step of the way as your packaging is produced. You can submit design ideas and set exact specifications. Our knowledgeable specialists keep you updated so that you know exactly how your order is progressing. We will work closely with you to produce innovative packaging that is environmentally friendly and that puts your product in the best possible light while also protecting it. We can deliver zippers, perforations, resealable packaging, child-resistant packaging, and much, much more. When you work with, you get the highest quality packaging that will keep your product fresh and protected from damaging elements like oxygen, light, and moisture. The first step is to submit your order or contact us for more information. We do not have minimum order requirements and we allow you to create custom packaging that is ideal for your product. We can send roll stock directly to you so that you can use it on an FFS machine or we can provide you with preformed pouches so that you are not reliant on an FFS machine. We will deliver the solution you need and that solution will include high-quality protective packaging and colorful, precise printing that gets your product the attention it deserves. From stand-up pouches to lay-flat pouches to roll stock, we offer packaging solutions that are flexible and sustainable. Contact us to learn more.

Custom Sustainable Packaging

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