Top 8 Manufacturers of Sustainable Packaging U.K.

Written by Robin Brown on August 5, 2022
The invention and use of packaging that improves sustainability are called sustainable packaging. This includes better use of life cycle inventory and life cycle assessment to assist in selecting packaging with a lower environmental impact and footprint.
Sustainable packaging is a newer addition to the environmental concerns surrounding packaging. More thorough investigation and documentation are required for package design, material selection, production, and life cycle.
Sustainable packaging is more than simply a vague "green trend" that many organizations and businesses have tried to follow in recent years. Environmentally conscious businesses reduce their carbon footprint by reusing more packaging components and using recycled materials.
For your sustainable packaging needs, here's a list of companies you might want to contact.
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Established: 1982

Custom flexible packaging is the most cost-effective way to get your products onto store shelves as soon as possible. PKGMAKER, a company with over 40 years of experience in the industry, now offers personalized pouches. The process is straightforward: tell them what type of pouch and film mixture will work best for your packaging needs. The rest will be handled by PKGMAKER, who will ensure that your order is delivered quickly and efficiently.
PKGMAKER will help create a brand presence for your items from the moment you submit your order. PKGMAKER can supply high-quality packaging solutions in any quantity with no minimums or tooling costs thanks to their first-of-its-kind online solution and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

Minimum Order Quantity
There are no minimum order requirements at PKGMAKER. You have the option to place an order based on your specifications. Any quantity, starting with one piece, will be accepted (sample order).

Delivery Time
The turnaround time is usually 12 to 15 days. Please email if you require an urgent order, and a sales representative will see if your order can be expedited.

If you order from PKGMAKER's website and request a quote, you can save up to 30% on your costs compared to other competitors. The price will vary from one product to the next and from one quantity to the next. Whatever the deal is, it will be less expensive than any other companies I've mentioned.
Location: Priory Business Group P.L.C. Unit 2C, Aylesford Commercial Park, New Hythe Ln, Aylesford ME20 7FE, United Kingdom
Established: 1989

PrioryDirect is a prominent U.K. supplier of environmentally friendly packaging goods. We are on a mission to reduce eCommerce's environmental impact, with the ultimate objective of making it a sustainable sector. Industry leaders affect genuine, positive change by growing sustainability knowledge. They offer access to environmentally suitable packaging and authentically use our business as a vehicle for good.
PrioryDirect's mission is to reduce the environmental impact of eCommerce, with the ultimate goal of making it a fully sustainable industry. As a leading U.K. supplier of sustainable packaging, labels, and warehouse essentials, they recognize their ability to influence positive change, which is at the heart of everything they do.
Sustainability is about being aware, having access, and being authentic.

Delivery Time
They guarantee same-day dispatch for all orders received before 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and next-day delivery for 99 percent of our orders, except rural Scotland and certain parts of Europe.

Minimum Order Quantity
Because access to sustainable solutions for the eCommerce market is a vital part of their philosophy, the only minimum order is one bundle of whatever product you require.

You guess the pricing from the example I am giving. Or you can check out the goods you want to buy and see the price for yourself. It will cost you 1095 euros for 530 Sheets of 425 x 500mm News Offcut Sheets.
Location: Unit C.E.C., 17 Mill Ln, Coppull PR7 5BW, United Kingdom
Established: 1991

Eco-craft Ltd is a family business founded in 1991 by Lorraine and Kevin McCarthy under The Cutting Edge.
They used recycled paper and cards in their products from the beginning, after eight years of designing and manufacturing our greeting cards and gifts.
Many craftspeople were asking Eco-craft to produce blanks for them. As a result, they decided to offer an off-the-shelf selection of recycled card blanks via Mailorder.
Eco Craft is now in the fourth generation of the family to be involved in the paper industry, with previous members involved in the manufacturing process.
Because they are concerned for the environment, their company policy is to offer greener, more environmentally sound products than their standard counterparts. Wherever possible, they source their products from reputable green suppliers and take great care to research the credentials of the papers they use. The majority of the paper and cards are 100 percent recycled, and the majority contain a significant amount of post-consumer waste. The occasional tiny fleck or speckle that can occasionally be found in the card we stock is proof of this.

Delivery Time
Delivery to the U.K. mainland takes 1-3 working days once an order has been dispatched. Highlands and Islands of Scotland, as well as off-shore destinations, may take longer. In the UK, From the time of dispatch, delivery takes about 1 to 3 working days.

Minimum Order Quantity
Eco-craft minimum order is £6, which includes V.A.T. but does not include delivery. 

This price is an example for you to get an idea about the cost.
100 packages 155x159mm Self Seal Compostable packages cost 8.33 dollars
Location: Newtownards Road, Belfast, United Kingdom

Since 1997, progress has lived and breathed packaging manufacturing with their clients. They have helped embrace change, identify opportunities, and push production boundaries by continually evolving this remarkable format's critical role for brands.
Progress collaborates with clients worldwide to provide unrivaled expertise and the highest quality packaging products at the best value.
They are always open to change, but we fundamentally understand how to make customized finished packaging commercially. They are a committed team with extensive experience in all aspects of production investigation, engineering, manufacturing, and management — on both small and large-scale projects.
Progress has become agile specialists who work with designers, buyers, and direct clients to enrich all aspects of production as packaging partners by developing and refining our strategies and methods.

Delivery Time
The delivery time is determined by the delivery's quality, quantity, and location. The delivery may take 1-2 days within the same city as the location.
Traveling over a long distance can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days.

Minimum Order Quantity
The minimum order quantity is variable for the product type. You can get some of them for 1 M.O.Q., or you can get 500 as M.O.Q.

Due to current wage, material, and paper costs ex-supplier and excluding packaging, price quotations are subject to change without notice. If these costs increase, the seller has the right to increase the price until delivery following the cost increase if there are more than four months between the contract's conclusion and the agreed delivery date. This is especially true for framework/installment delivery contracts. In this case, the buyer has no right to cancel the contract.
Location: Coventry, England
Established: 2001

Kite Packaging was founded from the ground up in 2001 with a singular vision: to be the premier packaging supplier in the U.K. with an employee-ownership philosophy.
Kite believes that "customer satisfaction matters so much more when you own the business." Hence, they established Kite Packaging as an employee-owned business from the start so that every single employee could share the benefits of providing excellent customer service.
Kite Packaging Group operates seven businesses across the United Kingdom.

Their online offering,, is one of the most successful online packaging businesses in the U.K. It provides unbelievable prices for key commodities with next-day delivery, making it a fantastic resource for large and small packaging buyers.

Kite Environmental Solutions assists customers in understanding and complying with the Packaging Waste Regulations, as well as providing various services such as auditing and reporting on packaging waste.
All Kite group businesses are committed to providing unrivaled customer service and value.

Delivery Time
For orders over £100, standard 2-4 working day delivery is done. You check more details on their website.

Minimum Order Quantity
Kite packaging has no minimum order quantity. So you can order as many as you like.

Check out the kite packaging website for their pricing. They charge a very reasonable cost for their goods.
Location: Unit B, Dayworth Packaging Ltd, Trecenydd Business Park, Caerphilly CF83 2RZ, United Kingdom
Established: 2002

Since 2002, Eco Packaging Solutions has assisted individuals and businesses in packaging more responsibly.
They have become the go-to experts for environmentally friendly packaging due to their genuine concern for the environment and nearly forty years of experience leading the way in the U.K. packaging industry.
Eco-Packaging manufactures and supplies fully compostable and cost-effective packaging, and for those items that they can't collaborate and support other brands and manufacturers who can. It is their policy to only collaborate with companies that share the goal of promoting environmentally responsible, ethical shopping.

Delivery Time
If you choose standard delivery, it will take 3 - 5 working days for your order to arrive; however, remember that your delivery is at the mercy of Royal Mail, so it may arrive sooner or later than expected.

Minimum Order Quantity
There is no minimum order quantity for Eco Packaging Solutions.

The pricing differs as the quantity goes up. You can enjoy very good discounts for your bulk orders at eco-packaging solutions.

Location: Wenlock Road, London, England
Established: 1924

Sparck Technologies, previously known as Packaging by Quadient, was founded in Drachten in 1924 by HaDeWe. The emphasis has always been on innovation and developing high-tech solutions that make life easier for other entrepreneurs. In the 1920s, for example, they invented, developed, and built the world's first automatic clog machine.
A lot has changed since those humble beginnings. This company has grown over time, and its technical solutions now reflect market trends.
So, in 2014, we made our first foray into the world of automated packaging machines for online stores. Because of the explosive growth in online ordering, logistics service providers were desperate for a solution to pack multiple orders quickly, efficiently, and environmentally friendly daily.
Sparck Technologies has been a subsidiary of the Dutch investment firm Standard Investment in Amsterdam since 2021. Standard Investment owns 16 companies in four countries, employing approximately 4,500 people and turning over more than €1 billion.

Delivery Time
The delivery may take 1-2 days within the same city as the location.
Traveling over a long distance can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days.

Minimum Order Quantity
There is a variable minimum order quantity for a different types of orders. Contact their team to learn more.

As the quantity increases, so does the pricing. Sparck Technologies offers substantial discounts on bulk orders.
Location: Davpack, Charlton House, Riverside Park, East Service Road, Raynesway, Derby, England DE21 7BF
Established: 1968

TAKKT, a global business equipment group, owns Davpack, a leading U.K. mail-order packaging supplies company.
Henry Davenport founded the company in 1968 as Davenport Paper Company Ltd, which later changed its name to Davenport Packaging. It was then shortened to Davpack as the company pioneered online packing materials in the late 1990s. Davpack multiplied under the leadership of Terry, Carole, and Paul Davenport, becoming a significant supplier of cardboard boxes, polythene, and postal and retail packaging materials.
Davpack and other TAKKT business units formed the Newport Takkt Family in 2020 as the company continued to grow within the TAKKT group. The Newport group was a web-focused, European B2B e-commerce company that sold a variety of office and business equipment and solutions. More about our collaboration with The Newport TAKKT Family can be found here.

Delivery Time
A standard service means that it will arrive within two working days, though the vast majority will arrive the following working day.
Alternatively, you can pay a little more for guaranteed next-day delivery.
Because our courier does not provide standard service to these areas, deliveries to some U.K. destinations (see Delivery Costs section below), the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland usually take a little longer.

Minimum Order Quantity
There is no minimum order amount, but if you order items worth more than £150 (ex V.A.T.) – or more than £75 if you live in their local area – you will receive a discount.

It costs only 2.84 dollars per 25 packages.
Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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