Top 10 flexible packaging manufacturers USA

Written by Robin Brown on August 4, 2022
Flexible packaging has become all the rage in the packaging industry lately. It has come a long way as a result of different methods of production giving a way to improve the appeal of a wide range of products with the help of packaging. Flexible packaging has set itself in the packaging industry and has become a significant factor in the packaging industry's growth, thanks to its convenience and durability, simplicity of opening and resealing, total cost savings, and high functionality. This popularity is partly due to the constant technological advances in this sector; good barrier qualities of flexible films which take up little space and are cost-effective. Now, we can undoubtedly say that, as a result of these factors, the flexible packaging industry will see an increase in demand in the upcoming years.

If you are a small business owner, then you will surely know the importance of packaging. Customers return to a brand because they have become familiar with it over the years. The quickest way to make an impression, and to make the customer remember your brand is by using good packaging. To use good packaging, you will need the help of a good supplier. This is why in this write-up, we will be discussing the best top 10 flexible packaging manufacturers USA. Let’s start now.
1. ActionPak
Based in New Jersey, ActionPak is a convenient and economical packaging manufacturer of many types of products and packaging styles for food and non-food industries.
Along with various types of packaging solutions such as flexible packaging, eco-friendly packaging, etc. they provide co-packing, contract manufacturing, product assembly, and inventory control to customers all across the united states.
They are an efficient, dependable, on-time, and on-budget packaging company.
Whether it's liquid filling, powder filling, or retail shrink wrapping, they are willing to do it all for their customers.
At ActionPak, they believe that every order whether it is from a major company or a small business owner deserves an equal amount of attention and care. Their team of experts and specialists consists of designers and engineers who work around the clock to find and invent the best packaging solutions for their customers. ‘
In the United States, they have three specialized locations where they make and distribute their packaging products. Thanks to their huge factories and offices, they can offer rapid turnaround time along with top-graded flexible packaging for your business.
ActionPak makes packaging for both food and non-food items. From bags, pouches, stick packs, and tablet packaging to label packaging, and beverage packaging, they will do everything you expect from an efficient and swift packaging manufacturer.

Turnaround Time
ActionPak offers a very fast turnaround time. But its not always fixed. It can differ depending on order quantity.

Minimum Order Quantity
They have a minimum order quantity; however, it varies from one type of packaging to another.
2. SunFlex Packagers, Inc
SunFlex Packagers Inc
Sunflex, situated in New Jersey, is an extensive flexible packaging solutions company that specializes in supplying packaging products and packaging solutions to a wide range of products such as frozen foods, coffee, snacks, meats, and so on. Their packaging products are available in a variety of forms including roll stock, pouches, custom bags, etc.

The ever-changing market trends demand continuous adjustments to the supply chain system. SunFlex will cooperate with you to understand and identify the sourcing pattern demands and will plan appropriately to manage and maintain a supply chain solution model that works for you.
SunFlex places a high value on client satisfaction. They do not miss any opportunities to strengthen their relationship with our customers. Their beliefs are portrayed in their products, and their quality. Sunflex’s mission is customer satisfaction and they do everything the customer wants to fulfill that mission.
They sincerely believe in and support the key concepts of customer-focused quality, and they promise to not waiver in their dedication to continuous improvement throughout all chapters of their business.
The staff at Sunflex believe that their ultimate goal is to find a happy medium between their skills and market demands.

Turnaround Time
Sunflex offers a quick turnaround time depending on the quantity and the type of your order.

Minimum Order Quantity
They also have a minimum order quantity which varies from one type of packaging to another.
3. Packaging By Design, Inc.
Packaging By Design Inc.
In 1983, Packaging By Design, Inc. was founded with the goal of providing flexible, rapid, and affordable packaging solutions to its customers. The custom printing firm began in a 16,000 square foot building in Illinois with just two 6-color stack printing machines to make packages for retail, food, etc.
Less than 40 years after, today Packaging By Design, Inc. has more than doubled its operation and relocated to a new 37,000 square foot plant in Illinois. Besides this, Packaging By Design, Inc. increased its personnel and gear which includes four color printing presses with state-of-the-art 10-color printing capabilities.
Packaging By Design, Inc. is continuously seeking to exceed its customers' expectations of perfection, excellence, precision, and reliability, from design, and prepress to customer service. Their team of competent designers and engineers claim to bring over 50 years of experience to the job and their products live up to that claim rightfully.
They are capable of creating flexible package design services and bringing them from the development phase to a finished product at a rapid pace.
Packaging By Design, Inc. can supply you with high-quality digital printing prototypes to mock production in amounts ranging anywhere from one to thousands of impressions for test marketing, special promotions, etc.
Packaging By Design, Inc. has highly qualified and experienced personnel on hand to advise you in recommending structures that will give product protection while also being cost-effective as well.

Turnaround Time
Packaging By Design, Inc. has a quick turnaround time for flexible packaging compared to some other industry-leading packaging manufacturers. From design to production, they can do it all in less than three weeks. However, the time may vary depending on the quantity of the order and the type of packaging you have ordered.

Minimum Order Quantity
MOQ is not the same for all packages. It will vary depending on the package type and design.
4. Liquipak Corporation
Liquipak Corporation
Liquipak Corporation is flexible packaging a company that creates flexible packaging solutions for liquid and semi-liquid goods. They provide packaging solutions to a wide range of industries, from medicines and cosmetics to home goods and industrial lubricants. Liquipak, established in Alma, Michigan in 1955, has over 50 years of expertise in producing flexible packaging solutions for retail and corporate applications.
They provide a wide variety of printing possibilities such as reverse printing and surface printing for custom flexible packaging options. In addition, they also offer several printing solutions depending on the size of your production run order.
The support networks at Liquipak will also manage your secondary packaging requirements, if necessary. Issues such as kit assembly, components numbering, carton filling, bundling, and shrink wrapping are all services provided by Liquipak.
Different types of flexible packaging have different turnaround times based on the quantity purchased and the procedures necessary. In addition, the time can also extend depending on artwork approval, resource shipping, product test runs, and offsite product testing to guarantee compatibility and quality. They do not have any minimum order limits. However, the prices will go up significantly if the order is fewer in number. This happens because when running a new order, there are always some setup expenses. Costs are also determined by the product and the amount of packing required.

Turnaround Time
Liquipak is known for their fast shipping. it will take more time if your order has large quantity.

Minimum Order Quantity
Minimum Order Quantity is different for different types of packages.
5. Pouches Inc.
Pouches Inc.
Based in California, Pouches Inc. is a third-generation packaging corporation that was established in 1969. From the beginning of this company, its objective was to commit itself to provide flawless contract packaging services. After more than 50 years in this industry, they have lived up to that commitment and are still doing it. Today, their mission is to serve you perfect and high-quality packaging solutions with total honesty.
Pouches Inc. is one of the finest manufacturers in contract packaging because of its years of experience, stable corporate base, and high-quality sources. Their experience and technological abilities offer a professional atmosphere in which they manufacture your product with great care. Their strengths include innovation, adaptability, and variety, which will help you get your product to market rapidly.
Flexible packaging by Pouches Inc. is one of the most cost-effective ways to sell your products. Their pouches are quite compact, allowing the customer to effortlessly keep your product until the appropriate time for usage.
They offer a wide variety of flexible packaging solutions such as stick pack pouches, pillow pack pouches, etc. which are available in multiple types of materials and films.

Turnaround Time
Pouches Inc. offers a quick turnaround time depending on the quantity and the type of the order. If it is an in-stock product and requires domestic shipping then you will get it within 3 to 5 business days. However, for custom flexible packaging and international shipping, you will have to consider various factors such as artwork approval time delay, material sourcing, holidays, order quantity, and shipping overseas. Completing all of these steps can take quite some time.

Minimum Order Quantity
They also have a minimum order quantity which varies from one type to another.
6. Storopack Inc
Storopack Inc
Storopack was founded as a family business in 1874 and has been running its operations in Metzingen, Germany, since 1959.
Storopack has a modular design and is always accessible to its clients. This company operates in 70 sites across 18 countries. Over these 70 sites, they have a total of 2500 workers making, and distributing their goods. They have multiple sites in the USA including two in Cincinnati, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, etc.
Storopack specializes in protective, flexible packaging made to be used for retail, eCommerce, Corporate as well as technical molded parts. As a multinational, family-owned business, tradition and creativity are essential to all they do. Their goal is to provide their clients with the best flexible packaging solution and to serve them throughout time.
This packaging corporation is broken down into two categories: the Molding division, which manufactures customized protective packaging and molded components from expanded foams for a range of industries.
The second division known as the packaging division works with flexible protective packaging. It incorporates flexible protective packaging options such as air cushions, paper pads, PU foam packaging systems, and loose-fill packaging materials to the already existing packaging process.
Storopack offers both innovative and traditionally used flexible packaging solutions to its customers. Their products are available in bulk quantities.

Turnaround Time
Thanks to their multinational system, they do not take up a lot of time shipping your products to you.

Minimum Order Quantity
They offer very low minimum quantities. These numbers fluctuate from time to time.
7. Apple Converting Inc
Apple Converting Inc
Based in New York, Apple Converting is a packaging manufacturer that specializes in creating and developing high-quality sustainable, and flexible packaging solutions. They take great pleasure in being one of the few companies that can fulfill uncommon packaging needs while also effectively using water-based inks for gravure printing. Their clients benefit greatly from their engineering team's years of expertise in the flexible packaging business.
Their packaging items are all manufactured in the United States which serves the pharmaceutical, medical device, confectionery, food, and industrial industries. Pouches, transdermal backing, and liners, forming webs, lidding, wrappers, twist film, blister foil, overwraps, retort packaging, etc are some of the flexible packagings you will find here.
Apple Converting Inc. offers custom engineering solutions for flexible packaging. While working with them, you will find a wide variety of materials and solutions that can be tailored according to your preferences and requirements.

Turnaround Time
They also offer a fast turnaround time for both custom and in-stock flexible packaging products. Although the estimated time may vary depending on the quantity and the type of the order.

Minimum Order Quantity
ACI also has a minimum order requirement which depends on the type of the packaging product. You can learn about particular products upon contacting them.
8. Eagle Flexible Packaging
Eagle Flexible Packaging
Eagle Flexible Packaging, founded in 1994, is an innovative flexible packaging manufacturer based in Illinois. This unique flexible packaging solutions manufacturer specializes in creating sustainable, efficient, and flexible packaging that can serve both food and non-food industries. They are dedicated to delivering items of unmatched quality, as well as responsive and professional communication. Its objective is to become a manufacturer company preferred by every customer. And through constant efforts to improve technical developments, they are well on their path to becoming one of the industry leaders in flexible packaging.
They offer a variety of packaging solutions such as preformed pouches, roll-fed film, roll stock with pre-applied zippers, etc.
As a customer, you will like working with them since they can give you the highest quality printing, order control, and flexibility. It is because they have an in-house prepress department right in their factory. Using cutting-edge technology such as Direct Laser Engraving, they promise to provide the highest quality and consistency for every packaging.

Turnaround Time
EFP provide quick turnaround on bespoke and in-stock flexible packaging goods. The expected time may differ based on the quantity and kind of order. In the same city you may get your delivery on the same day.

Minimum Order Quantity
There is no fixed minimum order quantity. Order quantity will vary depending on shape and type
9. Berry Global
Berry Global
The next flexible packaging company, Berry Global, started its operations in Indiana, USA. Their offices and warehouses are spread all over the country and across almost all 50 states of the US.
While they are a worldwide company that provides top-rated packaging solutions to some of the top brands from all over the world, the staff at Berry Global strongly believe that a local delivery approach gives better service and solutions to their valuable clients.
Whether you are operating your business from a tiny village or belong to a huge corporate background, they are committed to making a positive difference in the communities where their manufacturing and research centers are located across the world. As a customer-first corporation that provides over 100,000 solutions globally, innovation is vital to Berry Global for today and the future.
Berry Global offers a wide variety of flexible packaging solutions at very reasonable prices thanks to the constant improvement and addition of technology in their manufacturing process. With more than 280 locations spread across the globe, Berry Global promises to deliver our custom flexible packaging no matter where you live.

Turnaround Time
If you are a local buyer your product will reach you faster than international orders. Berry Global has a good name for fast orders.

Minimum Order Quantity
There is no set minimum order amount. The number ordered will vary based on the package you are ordering.
10. Sonoco
Sonoco is a flexible packaging manufacturer residing in the USA that has been in the business for years now. James Lide Coker established this company in 1899. Their corporate headquarters are in Hartsville, South Carolina, USA.
Sonoco Products Company is the world's top maker of compound ladles, tubes, and cores and a global supplier of various industrial packaging, industrial products, protective packaging such as refrigerator packaging, healthcare packaging, and packaging supply chain services. It is undoubtedly South Carolina's top-rated flexible packaging corporation.
Sonoco is an integrated American packaging company focused on offering best-in-class packaging. Its innovative approach to packaging helps in defining brand characteristics by making it a household name with its unique packaging solutions, the production of distinctive consumer experiences, and the enhancement of product and life quality.
Sonoco operates in 34 countries and offers worldwide shipping. Their prices are rather affordable compared to other flexible packaging manufacturers in the USA.

Turnaround Time
Like Pricing, Sonoco is well known for their faster delivery times. It takes 7-10 days for the delivery.

Minimum Order Quantity
Sonoco has a very low MOQ. So you can buy for a sample order also.

Why Choose PKGMAKER?

With limited resources and a global drive to protect and preserve the planet, many business owners are finally gaining interest in taking a green initiative. Packaging is undoubtedly the first and the most effective way to reduce the impact on the climate. Along with a drive for sustainability, many are focusing on flexible packaging due to the rapid changes in the eCommerce industry. This is why many packaging companies are expanding their product choices to match eco-friendly, sustainable packaging trends that can also keep up with the rapid changes in the industry.

Here at Pkgmaker, we strongly believe in adapting to change is the best way for a brand to grow. Our key objective is always ensuring customer satisfaction, and we are constantly evolving into a better manufacturer to ensure our customer's satisfaction.
Our expertise and attention to detail will deliver packaging solutions that will improve your brand recognition and increase the attractiveness of your products at the same time.
At Pkgmaker, we believe that your packaging ambitions are our ambitions, and your success is our success.
Rapid turnaround time
A wide variety of options for flexible packaging
Material testing and certification
No minimum orders required
An in-house team of designers and engineers is ready at your service 24/7.
We believe that ensuring quality at every stage ensures a better outcome and we are ready to do it for you.

Bottom Line
Here are the top 10 best flexible packaging manufacturers USA. The eCommerce industry is rapidly changing. If you are not fastidious and quick to respond in this era, then succeeding can be quite troublesome for you. in order to be fast-paced, you will also need a company that is constantly evolving, growing, and adapting itself to the changes. Hopefully, with this list of the top 10 best flexible packaging manufacturers in USA, you will be to find a manufacturer who will do all of this for your business.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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