Top 6 Child Resistant Packaging Companies In Canada

Written by Robin Brown on August 4, 2022
Pingshan New District,
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There are various advantages to collaborating with to meet your packaging needs. For example, we make it simple for you to build custom packaging using your own design. We also have no minimum order requirements and have a reputation for providing high-quality flexible packaging. That means you can count on receiving high-quality packaging at the best possible price. You can also expect appropriate packaging for your product and helps it stand out in the marketplace, resulting in increased sales. Our packaging is space-saving, cost-effective, leak-proof, odor-resistant, and always composed of the highest-quality materials, with the highest-quality design and production work. We also sell child resistant packaging in Canada.
Customize Now2. Dymapak
CT 06830, CANADA

Dymapak provides visually appealing child-resistant packaging to businesses to preserve products and safeguard customers.
Dymapak was built on a scrappy spirit and a bold goal: to create outstanding solutions that improve medicine's safety, vitamins, detergents and cleansers, and a variety of other popular household products. Their commitment to safety storage innovation has resulted in significant advancements in a variety of industries, eventually leading them to become Dymapak, a full-service pharmaceutical safety packaging provider.
Every concept begins with a problem. Their founder was diagnosed with epilepsy in March 2009. He struggled to find a perfect fit with a new focus on eliminating stressors like stress and lack of sleep. The medical benefits of cannabis have been increasingly top-of-mind thanks to considerable media attention and decriminalization in the United States. There were two major issues: cannabis was illegal in their state, and their friends, family, and neighbors didn't appreciate the distinctively pungent odor that pervaded every container and room in the house or office.
And with that, they realized they needed an odor-proof solution and launched the Dymapak revolution. Eight years later, they've mastered first-class production by working directly with dispensaries, processors, producers, and growers to develop the most effective, durable, and safe storage bags possible, with costs, designs, and features that meet the demands of today's burgeoning business. They believe that cannabis has therapeutic properties, reducing the symptoms and negative effects of some of the world's most serious diseases and therapies. At Dymapak, they're on a mission to ensure that all patients and consumers who choose to use cannabis may do so in a polite, unobtrusive, and public-safe manner. Dymapak may have begun with their narrative, but the solution is universal. They are one of the best child resistant packaging companies.
3. Cannasupplies
77 Union St,
Toronto, ON M6N 3N2

PharmaSystems Inc. has been a valuable asset in the Canadian landscape since 1977, delivering pharmaceutical supplies to the health care sector across the country. Supporting the medical cannabis business was a natural market extension for a company with a long history of providing high-quality pharmacy-grade packaging. Cannasupplies was founded as a separate subsidiary of the company in 2018 in anticipation of federal legalization of the adult-use market, with a dedicated staff focused on providing innovation and value to cannabis packaging for licensed producers nationwide. They are one of the best child resistant packaging companies in Canada.

Consolidated Bottle, a Berlin Packaging firm, purchased Cannasupplies in June 2021. As a whole solution specialist, Consolidated Bottle has a long history of supplying packaging solutions to global markets across industries, with a focus on project management, inventory control, and unrivaled customer satisfaction. It is the client's responsibility to determine the acceptability of goods, including compatibility based on intended use and adherence to applicable rules. Contact your dedicated account representative for precise product specs, support material, and more.

They sell Child-resistant packaging in Canada. The options are available on their website and in their catalog. Individual municipal capabilities, regulations, and constraints affect packaging recyclability. Confirm the information locally.
Cannasupplies has a large selection of child-resistant packaging options. When used correctly, these goods can comply with the Poison Prevention Act. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the final filled product conforms with the Poison Prevention Act and other applicable laws and regulations.

KYND is about more than just packaging. They're all about you and what you love about your business and products. That is why they get along so well. Only KYND Packaging has the sourcing and manufacturing skills, design resources, actual people, and dependability that distinguishes brands.
Their talented crew is well-versed with the complexities of your brand, and they develop one-of-a-kind styles that define your company. Crisp and traditional? No worries. What's hip and edgy? Let the games begin. Their skilled team will assist you in creating a look that will make your organization proud of the appearance of your items.
The sky's the limit for their unique marijuana packaging solutions. From odor-proof marijuana bags to personalized apparel and promotional accessories, they offer solutions for every demand at your organization. Do you require concentrate containers in a variety of sizes and color combinations? You've arrived at the correct location. Anything is possible with their incredible selection of options, styles, and colors. And whatever you choose, you can be confident that it will be of the finest quality. After all, a fantastic product is only as excellent as its packaging. Its bespoke marijuana packaging is designed to extend the shelf life of products, keep them fresh, and keep them safe.
A guarantee doesn't normally back customized products, but KYND does. They provide high-quality products that are exactly what you expected, and they deliver them on time. However, if the personalized products you receive are not what you expected if they are otherwise defective, or if your order arrives later than expected, they will endeavor to ensure that you receive what you deserve.
AMW Consumer Packaging is a global packaging distributor with a focus on the consumer and industrial markets. They guide their customers through the whole design, manufacture, and delivery process with over 30 years of industry experience.
Each project is unique. They engage with a varied spectrum of manufacturers to better serve clients across multiple industry areas, from corrugated to glass to biodegradable materials. they make the design and sourcing process as easy as feasible for their clients and offer the end product they want with their integrated services.
Industries served to include:
Consumer and retail goods
Food and Drink
Construction Materials
Industrial Supply
Child resistant packaging in Canada
Since 1984, AMW has developed long-term relationships with manufacturers to provide their clients with the best packaging materials at the greatest costs. After determining your demands, they use their global manufacturing network to source the goods you want.
Bottles, Jars, Tubes, and Tins with ASTM-approved CR technology are among the most extensive child-resistant packaging options available. Their CR packaging is plastic-free, customizable, high-quality, and attractive. Furthermore, their CR packaging is up to 100 percent recyclable and environmentally sustainable. Keep your supplies fresh and safe while reducing the risk of accidental child consumption.
They know custom packaging since they have over 50 years of combined manufacturing and design experience. They've found that supplying clients with the correct high-quality packaging solutions for their products has been the key to their success. They provide superior custom tooling for firms looking to launch new package concepts.
6. Color Ad Packaging Ltd
Color Ad Packaging
200 Beghin Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada, R2J 3W2

Color Ad Packaging Industry's Leading Lab Certified Child-Resistant Stand-Up Pouch was created by the Color Ad Packaging. Child-resistant packaging is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, whether to keep their kids away from dangerous chemicals, poison, medications, ammunition, hemp, marijuana, or even sugar! Lab Certified Child-Resistant Packaging is always in high demand.
In a variety of sizes, they offer a Made in Canada, Lab Certified Child-Resistant pouch. Keeping the opening of their Secure Sack bag between 3.62′′ and 12′′ will ensure that the pouch passes Child-Resistant testing as required by Title 16, Section 1700.15, entitled Poison Prevention Packaging Standards, as updated from time to time.
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