The Ultimate Mylar Bag Size Guide

Written by Robin Brown on August 4, 2022
Mylar bags are rapidly being used as a high-quality and appealing packaging option for a wide range of items. They are lightweight, extremely sturdy, and resistant to moisture, resistant to puncture, and they readily convey a luxury image to the buyer, instantly adding value to your business.

When you become mindful of Mylar packaging in everyday life, you will be surprised at how many various sorts of products are packed within it. Food and drink such as crisps, jerky, cookies and biscuits, boiled sweets, tea, coffee, juices, energy drinks, and protein powders are just a few examples, as are cosmetic products such as shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, hair gels, and waxes, electronics, vitamins and supplements, pet food, clothing and accessories, incense, and automotive components. This list goes on and on.

Pkgmaker has created unique packaging for a wide range of businesses, from small start-ups to big global corporations. At Pkgmaker, we offer the no minimum order for custom Mylar bags feature because we believe in 100% satisfaction. Our mylar bags can be made in any color, shape, size, or specification.

There are no standard sizes when it comes to mylar bags. Different types of content call for different sizes and volumes. Many brands like to use unique shapes and designs in their packaging to make them more eye-catching. At Pkgmaker, we assure you that we will create any type of mylar bag that requires any size or shape at the most convenient prices for you. Although there are no standard sizes in mylar packaging, here are some of the mylar bag sizes we provide.

Mylar Bag Size Guide At Pkgmaker

At Pkgmaker, we are constantly seeking input on how our bags are utilized and what types of mylar bags we may add in the future to meet the demands of our customers in the best way.

Mylar is a trademark of Dupont, the firm that invented the material in the 1950s, but the name Mylar has now become a generic phrase for aluminum polyester film.
Because of Mylar's resilience, durability, and flexibility, you will find it in packaging and various uses from crisp packets to helium balloons to SIM cards to freezer bags.

Other than its strength, the most significant feature of Mylar bags for packaging and storage is its barrier capabilities. Mylar bags can be sealed to provide a safe environment that resists gases, moisture, and light. This shields the contents of the bag from the elements and ensures that gases such as odor cannot escape from the bag.

It is not possible to find gallon size mylar bags at a reasonable price, let alone customize it according to your preference. However, here at Pkgmaker, we will do that for you just the way you want, and at a reasonable price!

Below is a mylar bag size chart where you can see some of the Mylar bag size ranges we provide at Pkgmaker. Starting from the smallest 3 x 4 inch (7.5cm by 10cm) bag, right up to the 19 x 29 inch (48 cm by 74cm) bag, which has a capacity of approximately 5 gallons or 23 liters.
Mylar Pouch - 9cm x 10cm
Mylar Bag - 10cm x 15cm
Mylar Bag With Zipper - 20cm x 25cm
Small Mylar Bag - 15cm x 15cm
Mylar Bag With Zipper - 10cm x 15cm
Mylar Bag With Zipper - 12cm x 20cm
Mylar Bag - 20cm x 30cm
Medium Mylar Bag - 25cm x 35cm
Mylar Bag With Zipper - 25cm x 40cm
Heavy Duty Mylar Bag - 35cm x 50cm
Large Mylar Bag - 48cm x 74cm
Many of our most popular bag sizes are available in both standard and heavy-duty thicknesses to meet a variety of storage and packing requirements. We also have plain-opening and ziplock-opening bags available for your convenience and simplicity of usage. All bags can be simply heat-sealed with a standard household iron, hair straighteners, or any heat-sealing instrument.

All of these sizes are available in any color, material, or finish. You can print your logo or any kind of artwork you believe suits your brand’s image on these mylar bags. Along with this, you can add features like ziplock, zipper, spout, tear notches, etc. to enhance the quality of the bags.

3 Reasons Mylar Is Excellent For Food Packaging

Mylar bags are used everywhere. People who do not own a business use mylar bags to store food for a long time as well. These types of bags are even used for nonfood storage purposes as well. It is because-
Mylar bags keep the content inside safe: The number one reason mylar bags are a top choice for packaging is that it performs differently than a cardboard box or a container. When sealed, a mylar bag prevents oxygen from entering the food and contaminating the contents inside.
An oxygen-rich atmosphere in a storage container oxidizes food and promotes the growth of aerobic bacteria and mold. Whether you are selling dry food or wet food, oxygen will cause contamination immediately or slowly in the long run.
Food that oxidizes when exposed to oxygen, loses its flavor, color, smell, and texture. It can also cause sickness if consumed. Just like oxygen, a mylar bag also keeps moisture out. Moisture is a food killer that promotes the growth of anaerobic and aerobic bacteria and molds.
Mylar bags are convenient and durable: Mylar bags are strong and fairly resistant to punctures. They are convenient when lying flat with no content inside. They stand once filled with the content and save a lot of space in comparison to traditional cardboard boxes. They provide a much better service than regular containers.
Mylar bags are preferred by many: In the era of sustainability, customers are always looking for packaging that supports their ideology. The usage of cardboard boxes and tin boxes is no longer appreciated by many. Nowadays, customers prefer mylar bags due to their re-usability. With the help of adding a zipper, or creating a zip lock system, a mylar bag becomes a container that can be opened when needed. The customer no longer needs a medium to store the content and can store it inside the packaging.

5 Mylar Bag Size Mock-ups

Below are five different styles of mylar bags that are also different in size. We have made and will be able to make these bags for you according to your preference.


Mylar Bag Size 1
With the help of Pkgmaker, this glossy black mylar pouch can become the perfect package design for your brand at a very reasonable price. This type of mylar bag can be used to package food items, and to pack nonfood items as well.
Customize Now


Mylar Bag Size02
Whether you need a small mylar bag or a big mylar bag, anything can be made for you. The smallest size can be used to pack nonfood items that are not sold in huge quantities like seeds.


Mylar Bag Size03
With a colorful look, wide window at the front, and a zipper at the top, this type of mylar bag is ideal for selling food items. Whether you are selling refills, or huge sizes of dry food, this packaging has the potential to stand out in a crowd easily.


Mylar Bag Size04
Matte white mylar bags are a classic when it comes to mylar bag packaging. The overall blurry look and ziplock system makes this type of packaging perfect for selling food items, and non-food items.


Mylar Bag Size05
Lots of brands believe letting the originality of mylar bags shine is the best way to attract customers. If you are one of them, this authentic silvery mylar bag is the perfect item for you.

Bottom Line

We promise to provide unparalleled service in terms of producing high-quality customized mylar bags. Pkgmaker is the most popular marketplace for custom printed mylar bags. You can design your own mylar bag for your business or buy one of our pre-designed bags. We provide a lot of mylar bag sizes for both custom and available mylar bags.

If you have a design in mind, let us know and we will turn it into the perfect packaging. If you only have an idea, then let our in-house designers turn that vision into reality. Our custom printed mylar bags are strong, long-lasting, and affordable. Our mylar pouches are made to stand on practically any flat surface and can be used in a variety of food and non-food packaging.

We employ high-speed 10-color printing technology that allows us to manage ink volume and color accuracy. This can improve the look of our pouches in the market and increase the commercial worth of the product's brand.

At Pkgmaker, we have a skilled crew who strive to make your packaging dreams come true at any cost. Our staff has years of industry expertise, from the business department to the manufacturing department to the quality inspection department.

Whatever your packaging requirements are, Pkgmaker has the knowledge and technology to provide assistance and solutions that will guarantee your product is elegantly and properly presented at the correct price for you.

If you have any queries or would like a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us. We need the number of bags you need, the size and thickness of the bag, the opening type, and the number of various colors on the design to give you an estimate of pricing.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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