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Written by Robin Brown on August 4, 2022
Lay flat pouch bags can be an excellent packaging solution for small or lightweight items. Lay-flat pouches lack the bottom gusset and, as the name implies, are intended to lay flat. Flat barrier pouches are ideal for gift packs, roasted coffee packaging, dry food items, pet foods, and a variety of other products. With U Food Pouch's services, you can have your brand custom printed on high-quality plastic flat bags. Aside from not charging a cylinder fee and having no minimum order quantity for your packaging printing. When you add a zipper to lay flat pouch, you get extra heads turning towards your product.
Pouch with Zippers01
Black is a sophisticated colour. We all adore the colour black. Nowadays. Black is the most popular colour and is worn by most people. Get this Cannabis Pouch and customize it to your liking on this dark black background

Use of Lay flat Pouch

Flat pouches are four-side seal bags, pillow bags, three-side seal bags, and vacuum bags. They are the ideal solution for efficient and cost-effective packaging. Flat pouches' simplicity ensures that minimal effort is required to package and seal these bags, giving customers more time and money to distribute to other channels. Flat barrier pouches are the perfect packaging for various products, including coffee and tea packaging, dry food items, pet foods, etc. Flat pouch packaging is simple, fully resealable, and consistently keeps moisture out of your product. These pouches, available in clear poly or metalized materials, are excellent packaging options. To meet the needs of any product, various colors and printed patterns are available.

Lay flat pouch with zipper

As an owner, you understand that a good package must attract customers and ensure the long-term quality of the product inside. If you want to stand out on the shelf while also providing consumers convenience, you'll need one packaging feature: a high-quality resealable zipper. Lay flat pouch with a zipper just draws more attention than usual.
If your product can spoil or clump when exposed to water, you'll need a secure closure that keeps undesired extra water and gas out. A resealable zipper will work just fine, but only if the zipper path is clear enough to allow it to close tightly. Only a fully functioning reseal created by the powder-proof zipper keeps moisture out and the product inside safe.
If you want to try, you're a Lay flat pouch; you must keep in mind zippers. Lay flat with zippers gives you an advantage in both marketing and preservation.
Pouch with Zippers02
Transparency is the key to building the relationship between seller and buyer. You can use these transparent bags to show the quality of your product. And the zipper makes it easy for the user.

Benefits of Lay flat pouch

Lay flat pouches are typically less expensive than standup pouches. These pouches, also known as flat bags or pillow pouches, are intended to be laid flat. Lay-flat packaging can be sold as roll stock or fully formed pouches.
Products that can be loaded into a box or tray and are relatively slim may be appropriate for flat pouches packaging. You can select three-sided seal pouches or stick pack pouches that lay flat and a hang hole for display on pegs or hooks at a retailer.
Pouch with Zippers03
Pink is a soft colour loved by many consumers. Lay flat pouch like this is bound to clear up the shelf in the blink of an eye.

Stand-up Pouch Vs Lay flat Pouch

There are some major differences you must know before choosing pouch type for your product. I have discussed some differences between standup and lay flat pouches below for your convenience.

1. Lay-flat pouches are often ideal for slim products because they can fit neatly inside a tray or box. They can be single-use or reusable with the addition of a zipper closure. They are the most cost-effective pouch format. Standup pouches are typically used for bulkier and larger-quantity products due to their increased internal space. They, like lay-flat pouches, can be resealed by adding a zipper. Although they are often preferred over lay-flat bags due to consumer convenience, your product and purpose will determine which is more appropriate for you.

2. Lay-flat pouches, also known as flat pouches or bags, and standup pouches can have the same visual appeal as other types of packaging but for a fraction of the price. Because of the gusset, standup pouches have a slightly larger surface area, and because they stand upright on retailer shelves, loyal fans and potential customers can see the layout as they walk down store aisles. Lay-flat pouches have a repeating design that reinforces the product and are sometimes added to trays or cartons for demonstration purposes. Both bags can have a hang hole for hanging on store pegs or hooks.

3. Both pouch types are available in a variety of sizes. Lay-flat pouches allow you to select a size and shape that fits your product tightly, reducing packaging waste. Standup pouches with a bottom gusset come in various sizes and can accommodate your product comfortably inside.
Pouch with Zippers04
Lay flat pouch can come in various colors and shapes. You can provide your own design for your excellent products on these lay flat pouches.
Pouch with Zippers05
Stand up pouches are great for saving more and more shelf storage. Designs like this are bound to draw viewers' attention

Which one should You Choose?

When you work with a packaging provider like PKGMAKER, selecting the right pouches for snack food is simple. Experts in product packaging can recommend the best packaging films or design features for any snack food product, such as custom printed Mylar bags or PE pouches.

The packaging materials' design determines how well products are protected during shipping and storage. It is critical to consider the need to preserve snack foods from air and moisture exposure and the damage risks posed by drops or jostling. Some flexible films are also better for the environment than others. PE and Mylar pouches are generally recyclable through the store drop-off program.
Because of the protective films and digital printing options for pouches, flexible packaging is a good choice for many products. Standup pouches stand out on shelves and can be made with hang holes for in-store display on pegs or hooks. Lay flat pouches that can be packed into a box or tray are a cost-effective option that is ideal for slim products. They can also be made with hang holes. To determine the best type of flexible packaging for any product, consult with a product packaging design specialist.


Depending on your product, you must choose yourself. You have the authority to judge your product. In case you lack knowledge about packaging, you can always count on your packaging partner like PKGMAKER. If you are thinking about taking your business to the next level, pick up the phone and contact us now!
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