Best Packaging Designs Made With Sustainable Packaging Materials

Written by Robin Brown on August 4, 2022
What are sustainable products? A sustainable product has been produced with concern for the environment and the people involved in the production. Sustainable packaging consists of making product packaging that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Thankfully, an increasing number of companies are becoming environmentally conscious. The concept of "green packaging" or "sustainable packaging" is becoming more popular, and companies dedicated to local manufacturing are being rewarded twice as much. Those who exhibit awareness when presenting their items gain in value. Here we have listed some eye-catchy sustainable packaging examples for your business made with sustainable packaging materials:

1. Natural-toned sustainable packaging

This is a natural tone-based sustainable packaging design for brands who prefer sustainable packaging. It will highlight the companies' brand principles, which include working with natural products, sustainable packaging, and transportation. This concept allows you to experiment with extremely simple organic, colorful graphics for each of your product flavors.

2. Colorful cosmetic boxes

This Colorful cosmetics boxes made from thin cardboard is very sustainable. You can sell different kinds of products in this too. The top of the box will highlight the product theme color or flavors. With some identical graphic printed on top of it. This kind of packaging is really eye catchy.

3. Paper made stand up pouch

This paper bag stand-up pouch is simply beautiful. The front part has high quality graphic design printed on it. And among the colorful background the logo part of the package is highlighted. This kind of packaging are really helpful in promoting brand value.

4. Bamboo cosmetic bottle

Bamboo packaging is a common sustainable packaging. This cosmetic bottle is made of bamboos. Sustainable packaging is really popular in cosmetic industry. People wants to buy sustainable products with sustainable packaging. This design is really eye soothing. The soft pink and white shaded bamboo bottle will definitely stand out from the others in shelves.

5. Bamboo Packaging Set

This packaging set is made with bamboo. If your brand is environmentally conscious and want to deliver the brand value, then there is nothing better than this kind of sustainable packaging. Packages made of bamboos are light weight, you can design bamboo packages according to just the way you want.

6. Stand up coffee bag

This coffee bag in soft cream color looks undeniably beautiful. The light-colored background has the product name printed in the middle. The top part of the package contains the brand logo. This kind of packaging is what people remember for a long time. Which helps brands gain customer recognition easily.

7. Pet food bag

This biodegradable pet food packaging has eye catchy design. The transparent window in the middle will definitely catch customers attention, since customers prefers to see what they are purchasing beforehand. Pet owners are always extra conscious about their pets’ well-being. So, selecting the best types of food is important for them. Pouches with window makes it easier for them to decide. This pouch has a tear notch on top of it. And a resealable zipper option, which makes it suitable for multiuse.

8. Edibles packaging

These colorful edibles packaging is so eye catchy. It will definitely stand out from the shelves. This stand-up pouch has tear notch on top of it. The colorful background highlights the flavor of the product. If your product has multiple flavors, then you can choose this recyclable packaging design.

9. Bath bomb box

This is a Multicolor bath bomb packaging. The color represents the bath bombs inside the box. This kind of packaging is popular for bath bombs. It can safely store them. And protect them from outer environment. This design has six bath bombs printed on top of the box. Which you can customize according to your choice.

10. Cake and flower box

Cake and flower box packaging using cardboard. You can choose any color you want. These boxes are in high demand for confectionary and flowers packaging. Which are mostly used for gifts. These boxes looks so aesthetic which made them stand out. If you have a confectionary/flower or gift shop, you should definitely get this.

11. Sustainable plastic bread packaging

This plastic bread bag is sustainable. The bright yellow color bag has two holes on top of it. The size and color of this package can be customized to your need. It has a minimalistic design. The yellow background highlighting the red brown color logo and brand name.

12. Tea tube

These vibrant tea tube packages are so convenient to use. Customers can use the tea inside for a long time. The cover on top of it is airtight so it will protect the food inside for a long time. The cover part has logo plus company name printed on it. While the lower tube has high quality graphic design illustrated on it.

13. Clothing packaging

This Package is made of sustainable herbal fiber paper. The brown color package is designed like envelopes. And has an extra white part, which will be used to lock the brown box inside. The white part has logo printed on it. This is an incredibly unique clothing packaging. Environmentally concerned customers prefer this package instead of regular plastic ones.

14. Bamboo lipstick tube

Bamboo is an extremely popular sustainable packaging material. It is very convenient packaging material. It could be designed into various shapes. This bamboo lipstick tube is in three colors. Rose red, white and shimmery golden. The cover part is rosy red. The lower part is white. And it has the logo printed on it. Then the inside part of the lipstick is colored in shiny golden.

15. Biodegradable aluminum foil coffee packaging

This green and burned light orange is very eye catchy combination. This package is made out of biodegradable aluminum foil. If you are searching for sustainable metal packaging, then you can choose this one. This stand-up pouch has side gussets along with the bottom gusset. The side gussets describe the product. And the front part contains logo and product type.

16. Macarons packaging

This is a cardboard made macarons packaging. This box has 2 parts. The inner part holds the macarons inside and the outside part covers the macarons. The cover part is has cute graphic animal printed on it. Just like the macarons inside the color of the box is in soft color too. The cover part has brand logo on the top. The box has a cute little ribbon attached with the box to make it more beautiful.

17. Mushroom packaging

Stand up pouches are popular for a reason. This paper mushrooms package is showing us why. It has a hole on top of it, which can be used to hand it in the store or kitchen. It has a tear notch on top of it, making unpacking easier. The pouch has a clear window in front of it. This part is useful gaining customers' trust. People love it when they can see the product before purchase.

18. Sustainable spout

This sustainable packaging mock up is created by paper. Stand up spout pouch are used to store liquids. These types of pouches are so convenient for consumers. They can use the product inside multiple times, without worrying about spoiling the product quality. Even if this is made of paper, this pouch stands up on shelves strongly. The front part displays the product name and brand logo. The back part describes the product and its uses.

19. Transparent window box

These boxes could be used for multiple products. You can use it to store food items like bread, cookies, cake, or you can use it to store soaps or Bath bombs. The boxes come in different colors. You can choose it according to your products. Customers prefer packaging where they can see the goods without tearing the package.

20. Resealable pouch

This mockup has minimal design with white background. This is a stand up pouch made of 100% biodegradable plastic. It has a tear notch on top. And a resealable closure too. Customers can use the product stored in this multiple times. This type of packaging is really useful for the long time stored products. Using this kind of packaging will boost up your business and help you stand out from the crowd.

21. Bread package

These packages are made for wrapping fresh breads. The upper part of the bag is white. Which contains the orange logo. The lower part is colored in yellow and orange shades. It can be designed to carry different shaped breads. The color and the material can be customized too. You can get this in paper packaging or biodegradable plastic packaging.

22. Dry food pouch

Customers love stand up pouch. These dry food pouches have windows too which made it more convenient. They can see what product is stored in which package from a distance. Stand up pouches with windows are used to gain customers trust in brands.

23. Flat pouch with window

These are flat pouches. As the name implies, a flat packaging pouch has two or more sealing sides with additional features to make it more practical. Flat pouch packaging is ideal for sample packing or single-serving sizes. In general, it can be used to package items in smaller quantities.

24. Powder box

There are many types of bamboo cosmetic packaging out there. And this one is to store loose power. The beauty industry loves bamboo packaging. It is made from a sustainable material and is less costly. It also helps the brand stand out from companies that use traditional packaging materials.

25. Perfume jar

Glass perfume bottles are typically pretty classic and can give off a rich vibe. This is why the majority of perfume companies prefer glass bottles for their products. Glass bottles can be painted emerald green, dark green, pale cyan, amber glass, and other colors using metal ion dyes. Glass perfume bottles are a classic perfume packaging material that is brilliant, transparent, airtight, and simple to create.

26. Tin cans

Tin cans are an environmentally friendly and sustainable type of packaging that protects the environment throughout its life cycle. This can mockup Is so vibrant. Green bold fonts in the white background surely makes the brand name stand out. If you have a liquid food business, you should go for this type of packaging. Tin cans keeps the food quality good for a long time. So, the product stored in this will have a long shelf life.

27. Coffee bag

This sustainable packaging mockup is in two colors, brown and coffee color. Perfectly representing the product inside. The stand-up pouch has side gussets. On the top it has a tear notch. The front part carries the company logo name and short product description. The back part has the making process described in steps.

28. Multipurpose boxes

These boxes could be used to store several types of products. You can store chocolate in it, or clothing, or perfume or simply any type of gifts. The color and size could be customized according to the product you are storing. You can put your logo on top, on side or anywhere you want.

29. Paper shopping bag

This paper shopping bag has geometrical shapes designed on it. The circles square and triangles making it look attractive. These bags are used to carry food or clothing items. You can print your company logo on the lower white part of the bag.

30. Sustainable Ziplock bag

We know plastic is not really sustainable because of it but recently scientists have invented so many alternatives of plastics that is 100% biodegradable. This bag is made of those. It is sustainable. The bag has a re-closeable zipper. It is in holographic color which makes it simply eye catchy. It has the logo printed in the middle and the brand name under the logo with slogan printed under the brand name.

31. Glass bottle

Glass is sustainable. It could be re-used without losing its original quality. It also protects the product inside for a long time. Glass is a popular packaging material for liquid items. Since it protects it from leaking better than any other material, this glass bottle could store diverse types of liquid-like shakes, soft drinks, juice, etc.

32. Candle box

Glass bottles or boxes are among popular sustainable packaging ideas. Candle box made from glass which is 100% sustainable. This sustainable packaging mockup has two different colored packaging. The color of the glass box goes well with both Dark and light. You can choose which color you want. Or if you want a different color, it could be customized too.

33. Spice pouch/jar

Spice package set made by sustainable materials. The jars could be made from tin or glass which is 100% sustainable and the pouch could be made from paper or biodegradable plastic. This sustainable packaging design is in two shades of green. The pouch has a transparent window too.

34. Cosmetic packaging

Sustainable packaging solutions are popular in beauty industry. This serum bottle is made from glass. And we know glass is 100% sustainable. The serum bottle has another is packed in cardboard tube. Which is sustainable too. The tube has the company logo and name printed on the upper inner and outer parts.

35. Paper bags for food

French fries, fried chips, popcorn, and other food snacks are great for carrying in paper bags. These are available in a cone or rectangular shape and can be customized to attract to customers. Consumers can carry freshly made hot dogs in premium paper bags provided by eateries.

36. Donut packaging

This sustainable packaging is made for small donuts. Donut boxes' packaging and printing are really quite important. Business owners must ensure that their doughnut box printing is correctly done. You must keep in mind that if your doughnut boxes do not catch the buyer's eye, you will be unable to generate business and keep regular consumers.

37. Mini gift packaging

This paper made gift packaging is to carry small gifts. This unique design is attractive. It will make gift items appear much better. You can also store soap bars, small bath bombs, and trial size beauty product in it. And place your company logo in the middle of the box in some eye catchy color.

38. Chocolate packaging

If you are searching for suitable sustainable packaging ideas for your chocolate brand, then this one is for you. This mockup is made of three distinct colors, red, brown, and black. The colors go well together. You can place your logo on any side of the upper part and place the product name and flavor on the opposite site.

39. Jewlery package

Unique jewelry package made from cardboard. It is a tube with two parts. The inner part is in two color, bright silver and blue. And the outer part is in any one color. It could be blue or silver, it's up to you. This tube will protect the jewelry inside.

40. Paper cup

This cup is made by paper. It has abstract illustration printed on it. Which makes it look really trendy. These cups come is various sizes. It has a lid on top of it to secure the liquid inside from spoiling. If you are a food business owner, then these cups are perfect for you. Paper cups are sustainable, and it costs less compared to other packaging.
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