Top 9 stand-up pouch packaging companies in Singapore

Written by robin on January 7, 2022

1.NES Packaging

NES logo
● Company type: Manufacturer & Supplier
● Location: Singapore

NES Packaging Singapore (Plastic Bag Manufacturer & Supplier in Singapore) is a supplier of both ready-made and custom-printed plastic packaging with excellent product quality and service standards. Commercial printing of plastic bags, industrial plastic packaging, Singlet Plastic Bag, stand-up pouches and other plastic packaging are part of their plastic packaging service. In Singapore, they offer free Plastic Bag Delivery. Their items are of excellent quality and are available at reasonable costs. 

Their services include:
● Customize Plastic Packaging
● Flexible packaging
● Mylar bags
● Stand-up pouches
● Die Cut Plastic Bag
● Plastic Bag Printing
● Biodegradable Plastic Bag 
● Printing & Customizing Service
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Paxxus logo
● Company type: Manufacturer
● Location: Singapore
Paxxus was founded in 2018 by a combination of three companies. Rollprint Packaging Products and Singapore's Acme Packaging Co. (Pte) Ltd. form a global strategic medical packaging cooperation. Acme was a significant Southeast Asian maker of flexible packaging and printed folding cartons for medical packaging applications at the time and had been a dominant player in the Southeast Asian medical packaging market since the late 1980s. Its headquarters are on Tuas Avenue in Singapore. And it also has a presence in Europe and America. The company specializes in producing flexible packaging solutions for the medical industry.
Its product line comprises, among other things, high barrier, sterilizable, and FFS flexible packaging. Furthermore, most Paxxus products are composed of foil and high-grade patented materials like TyvekTM or Propapeel STM to exceed sterility requirements. Their services include:

● Pre-Made Pouches
● 2D Form Fill Seal
● 3D Forms
● Lidding
● Flow Wrap
● Mylar bags
● Brand Protection
● Stand-up pouches
● Breathable
● Formable
● High Barrier
● High Chemical Resistance
● Peelable
● Permanent Weld Sealants
● Sterilizable
● Sustainable
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3.Tobe packaging

Tobe packaging logo
● Company type: Manufacturer
● Location: Singapore

The company is based in Singapore's Woodlands Spectrum 1 but has a strong presence throughout the rest of Southeast Asia. Bags and pouches with various shapes and sizes of seals are part of the flexible packaging solution. They are entirely made of plastic, including their roll version, which provides barrier-free flexible packaging.

Tobe Packaging Industries Pte Ltd was established in 1987 and has over 30 years of experience in the business. They are among the most well-established plastic packaging producers in the local market. Tobe Packaging began by manufacturing custom Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Bags. They have expanded into flexible packaging in the late 1990s, expanding their range of packaging pouches and multi-layered packaging film solutions ideal for both the food and healthcare industries. Currently, their products and services have spread beyond borders to the Southern Asian region, including Sri Lanka.
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Brentpack logo
● Company type: Supplier
● Location: Singapore

Brentapac International Pte Ltd is a well-known packaging supplier in Singapore.

Their packaging solutions include polybags, stand up-pouches made of LDPE, HDPE, and PP, as well as laminated flexible packaging bags made of BOPP, foil, MPET, PET, and mylar. They are constantly developing technical breakthroughs through equipment upgrades and manufacturing methods in order to give the highest quality packaging for your products and customers.

Brentapac has been in business since 2000. Their success is based on their commitment to providing excellent customer service, cost-effective packaging solutions, and high-quality products. They are always introducing new eco-friendly and biodegradable items into their product line as a part of their continued efforts to be ecologically responsible.
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5.Jackway Convertor

Jackway Convertor logo
● Company type: Manufacturer
● Location: Singapore

Since 1996, Jackway Converter Industries Pte Ltd has been the industry's leading market innovator, specializing in flexible novel packagings such as packaging pouches and multi-layered packaging films. Jackway Convertor has combined more than 15 years of knowledge to produce high-quality flexible packaging products. From the unique functional designs of each packaging to the demanding selection of materials and avant-garde machinery they use, their service is top-notch. 

They have received recognition for their firm convictions in corporate social responsibility and to have secured certification and accreditation in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, HACCP, and GMP. They have opened a new state-of-the-art facility, which includes cleanroom capabilities and an R & D Lab.
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6.Bags and Pouches

Bags and Pouches logo
● Company type: Manufacturer & supplier
● Location: Singapore

Bags and Pouches PTE Ltd. was founded in 2014 and is based in Singapore's Kapo Factory. It also has an active e-commerce presence. They have a massive collection of flexible bags and pouches to choose from, including barrier and non-barrier designs. They also provide in-stock and custom flexible packaging designs that may be branded upon request. Their stock products are:
Stand up pouches

Three sides seal pouch/bags
● Bulk storage bags
● Measuring scoops
● Cocktail packaging
● Coffee bags
● Side gusset bags
● Paper bags
● Vacuum bags
● Jerky bags
● Jar shaped pouches
● Ecofriendly bags
● Flat bottom pouches
● Spout pouches
● Retort pouches
● Energy bar pouches
● Cups and glasses
● Food container
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7. Aegis Packaging

Aegis Packaging logo
● Company type: Manufacturer
● Location: Singapore

Aegis Packaging is a Singapore based packaging company. It manufactures high barrier coating for flexible plastic packaging. A high barrier coating preserves food for a longer period of time, enhancing shelf life and reducing food waste. Their barrier coating enables the creation of recyclable packaging, which can help to ease the plastic recycling process and reduce the quantity of plastic waste produced by supporting the circular economy. 

Their goal is to be a global leader in Regenerative High Barrier formulation, serving the food, beverage, electrical, and pharmaceutical industries in international markets while safeguarding the environment with their revolutionary barrier formulation.
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8.Vektro Pack

Vektro Pack logo
● Company type: Manufacturer
● Location: Singapore

VEKTROPACK manufactures Flexibles, Rigid, and Printed Cardboard Packaging on cutting-edge machines at its many sites and operations. Their experience in entrepreneurial and packaging knowledge, substantial experience and world-class packaging solutions. Quality, capability, cleanliness, and consistency are important considerations to VEKTROPACK, and this is reflected in their goods. To maintain a competitive edge and grow on its industry leadership, VEKTROPACK tries to make all of its activities customer-focused.

 Their products include
● Food Grade Jars & Bottles
● Trays
● Buckets & Pails
● Shelf Ready Sleeves
● Printed Shrink Sleeves
● High Barrier Films
● Block Bottom Pouches
● Side Gusset Bags
● Spout Pouches
● Stand Up Pouches
● Printed Cardboards
● Gravure Printed Flow Wraps
● Kraft Paper Bags
● Vacuum Bags
● Mylar bags
● Retort Pouches
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9.PKG maker

PkgMaker logo
● Company type: Manufacturer
● Location: China

PKGmaker provides world-class packaging service to its customers. It is one of the best packaging companies in Singapore and globally. Pkgmaker has a very experienced packaging team who will provide you with the best packaging solution for your brand. They are unbeatable when it comes to packaging quality. 

They are customer-friendly. PKGmaker also provides its services at an affordable rate with fast delivery services.
● Mylar Bags
● Stand Up Pouch
● Lay Flat Pouch
● Rollstock Films
● Sustainable Bags
● Spout Pouch
● Child-resistant pouch
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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