Sustainable Packaging Company in the USA

Written by Robin Brown on July 26, 2022
Sustainability is becoming the key philosophy of many major consumer corporations. Almost all of them are choosing packaging as the first stepping stone to becoming greener. Plastic packaging is crucial to the economy since it is used in practically every sector. However, since almost all of this packaging is disposed of after one or two uses, the damage caused by using plastic is greater than the benefits it provides.
Even if plastic packaging has reusable features, most consumers do not feel comfortable using this packaging more than once or twice. Recent research shows that around 40% of globally produced plastic is used up in manufacturing packaging. Food and beverage packaging contribute significantly to the 269,000 tons of plastic pollution in the ocean.
As more time passes, consumers are becoming more aware of the climate and nature. Now is the time for brands to take responsibility and do their best to reduce their impact on the environment.
It does not matter if you are just starting a business, own a small business, or are finally getting started with sustainable packaging because when it comes to saving the environment, even a small step matter.
With the demand for sustainable packaging increasing, lots of manufacturers are coming forward. While many of them are doing ethical work, many are not. In this write-up, we are going to be talking about the top 7 sustainable packaging company in America.
1. The Better Packaging Co.
The Better Packaging Co 1
● Location: USA
● Shipping: Worldwide

The Better Packaging Co. is led by a group of environmentalists who are dedicated to making the world a better place. The founders of the better packaging co chose to start with sustainable courier packaging after witnessing the quantity of plastic waste caused by the eCommerce business. Their purpose was to empower small business owners to run their businesses without bearing the guilt of impacting the environment by using plastic packaging. In this circular economy producing packaging trash is no longer an option and the natural resources of our planet are no longer considered unlimited either. They create unique, customized packaging solutions for the modern industry and for business owners who share the same ideals and beliefs as them.
The Better Packaging Co. makes environment-friendly and sustainable labels, tapes, stickers, poly bags, mailers, satchels, and unique custom packaging according to your needs. However, at the moment, they are not making airtight food packaging so their offered food packaging is not suitable for a lot of food products. To know if your products can be sold in their offered food packaging, you can contact them.
They offer worldwide shipping. However, they currently do not ship to a handful of countries. If you are willing to work with them, then you can get third-person delivery in one of the countries they ship into and then get it delivered to your preferred address.
The Better Packaging Co. has a different turnaround time depending on the type of the packaging and the amount so to know your order’s estimated shipping time, you will have to contact their customer care first. They also do not have a minimum order quantity but if you order more than 5,000 pieces then they will offer you a massive discount.
2. The Infinity Packaging
The Infinity Packaging
● Location: California, United States
● Shipping: Domestic

The founders of The Infinity Packaging believed in responsibility towards the environment and waste minimization. Now this belief has become the core of the staff and the brand itself. They are always working to reduce any negative environmental effects caused by their operations or goods.
They are achieving this through methods of constant improvement and long-term growth. The skilled experts at The Infinity Packaging have designed a packaging system that uses all the available resources without wasting any bit of it and strives to create a bridge between marketing, distribution, and buying demands.
At Infinity Packaging, they are using soy ink to print the labels and packages. And soy ink has a significant influence both on the environment, and also on the ultimate printed product. It is undoubtedly one of the safest steps for printing, whether you are focusing on environmental sustainability or your company's budget.
Infinity Packaging Solutions is a sustainable and green package design and production brand that specializes in low to high-volume retail packaging. Chipboard boxes, Litho Laminated boxes, Corrugated boxes, Rigid boxes, and many more, be it whatever you need, they will do it all for you.
For all of your retail, industrial, and POS packaging requirement inside the USA, you can work with them without any stress.
They will handle anything from concept to final design and manufacturing. With over 30 years of expertise, they have created packaging for a wide range of well-known brands and sectors.
The staff at The Infinity Packaging have extensive knowledge and skills in creating eye-catching packaging that promotes spontaneous sales. When it comes to embracing innovative approaches to produce stunning brand and shelf appeal, this company is in the lead.
The Infinity Packaging does not offer worldwide shipping yet. However, they deliver all over the USA. They also do not have minimum order requirements but suggest placing a bigger order so you can save money. But they can and will make as few as 1,000 units if needed.
3. EarthPack
● Location: California
● Shipping: Worldwide

EarthPack, situated in Irvine, California, is an innovative packaging manufacturer that provides fashion-forward bags and boxes to environmentally aware merchants around the country. EarthPack was founded by Dave Bock in 1989. Since then, its motto has been recycling and environmental preservation and doing everything in power to protect the climate.
Thanks to their motto, today, EarthPack, one of the top choices for sustainable packaging manufacturers USA is an industry leader in eco-friendly packaging, continuing to satisfy the growing expectations of an environmentally concerned business community. EarthPack gladly supports and promotes environmental groups such as SIMA Environmental Fund, Ocean Institute, and others.
Earthpack works collaboratively with each client to create unique, upcycled packaging. They can deliver excellent products to companies across the world by offering full delivery service and inventory management.
So far, ErathPack has been extending its sustainable packaging solutions to mailers, and boxes. Kraft boxes, reusable shopping bags, tote bags, custom packaging, etc. They are not providing airtight food packaging at the moment. EarthPack offers water-ink printing on their custom packages to make the package more climate-friendly.
Their minimum order quantity varies from one packaging type to another. They also have a fast turnaround shipping whether it is domestic shipping inside the united states or anywhere in the world.
4. Glenroy
● Location: Wisconsin
● Shipping: Worldwide

Glenroy started as a family-owned sustainable packaging solution business in 1965. Since then they have had the same motto of helping both their customers and our planet by providing green packaging solutions. The times have changed but to this day, Glenroy aims to become the first preference among climate-conscious retailers for value-added sustainable, and flexible packaging solutions. And thanks to their relentless commitment to making the world a better place and to customer satisfaction, they have successfully achieved their goals and become the number one choice for flexible packaging manufacturers in many industries and many retailers.

Glenroy produces flexible packaging that functions consistently and effectively. They have extensive experience producing laminations to meet a variety of barrier requirements, including high-barrier laminations for "hard-to-hold" items. Their high-quality flexible packaging is so good, that they have received over 100 awards thanks to those.

Glenroy provides an extensive technical experience as well as individual, one-on-one technical help. They have a team of responsive packaging and process specialists so that if a customer needs any help, they can reach out to the specialists freely.
The flexible packaging experts will pay careful attention to your requirements before designing packaging film roll stock that is tailored to your products' requirements such as particular formulas, estimated life cycles, distribution methods, and filling equipment.
Glenroy offers a quick turnaround time depending on your order quantity and the type of your packaging. They also have a minimum order quantity which varies from one packaging type to another.
5. The Packaging Company
The Packaging Company 1
● Location: North America
● Shipping: USA and Canada

The Packaging Company aims to provide the rapidly changing business industry with flexible and sustainable packaging solutions. Since the industry is constantly changing and growing, the sellers also need a company that can keep up with the changes and the growth. The Packaging Company is constantly evolving and growing to meet its customer’s needs and preferences. They believe that satisfying unpacking experiences should not be limited to major businesses with all the resources. Whether you own a very small business or just getting started, they have everything available to make your business successful by providing the best flexible packaging solutions.

The Packaging Company offers a wide range of product packaging solutions, sizes, designs, shapes, and customization. They offer stock and custom packaging to every sort of business. However, their packaging services are especially beneficial to e-commerce retailers whose packaging requirements are continuously changing.

The Packaging Company does not ship worldwide. It is a North American company and so far, they are only delivering to USA and Canada.
They do not have a fixed turnaround time and it varies from one order to another. But every custom packaging choice includes a lead time on its landing page, in the checkout process, and your purchase confirmation email, so you can check that out. If you need your order faster than their estimated time, then you can contact their customer care and they will try to help you in every way. They also have a minimum order quantity but it varies from one product to another.
6. Printpack
● Location: Atlanta
● Shipping:

Founded in 1965, Printpack is an all-American flexible packaging manufacturer with one mission, to guarantee customer satisfaction. Its objective is to outperform the competition to achieve customer satisfaction by offering meaningful ideas, services, and solutions at a quick speed.
The staff at Printpack create high-quality packaging with the end goal in mind because one excellent thing leads to another. That includes using new ideas and solutions to reduce the environmental footprint at every level of the packaging lifecycle. They are always looking for ways to enhance packaging at the beginning, middle, and end of its life cycle. They also have a full-time, dedicated staff of industry specialists that oversee the development of green platforms to ensure they stay on top of all their customers' sustainability problems and goals.
Printpack's commitment to quality makes them stand out in the business. In corporate culture, they impose the highest quality standards and want the same from our distribution network as well. Printpack guarantees zero defects and zero excuses. That is why they place such a great emphasis on maintaining good partnerships to continuously enhance and strengthen their quality control. To identify and remove contributing factors and avoid recurrences, they employ strict problem-solving approaches and effective countermeasures. They also invest heavily in appropriate technology. Printpack also holds the highest quality standards in food safety procedures.
7. PakFactory
● Location: New York
● Shipping: Worldwide

PakFactory produces natural and environment-friendly packaging that is very minimalistic in design and focuses on highlighting your brand’s natural aesthetics. By switching your product packaging to environmentally friendly boxes with the help of Pak Factory you can fulfill your environmental duties along with running your business. With the help of their packaging, not only will your business save waste, but it will also save your money. PakFactory provides a wide range of long-lasting and structurally strong packaging options for your products. They have you covered for anything from personalized kraft boxes to custom packaging made with recyclable and compostable materials. You can browse through their assortment of sustainable packaging on their website or design your own as well.
With their scale expertise, broad packaging distribution, and data-driven system, they are ready to provide simple yet effortless packaging services for you. PakFactory allows their customer to have complete access to competitive logistics and manufacturing prices.
PakFactory offers an overall quick turnaround time. Their turnaround time can range from 10 to 14 business days to 25 to 30 business days. They also require a minimum quantity. The minimum order quantity starts from 250 units.

Why Work With PKGMAKER?

PkgMaker logo
Sustainability is no longer an option but rather an obligation that we all need to follow to save the planet we are living on. If you are in the e-commerce business, then using flexible and sustainable packaging is undoubtedly the best way to start being more environmentally conscious. And here at Pkgmaker, we are ready to help you do that.
Our high-quality, recyclable, compostable, and sustainable packaging can help you achieve your sustainable packaging dreams come true.
Has your previous flexible packaging supplier let you down? Are the market prices for eco-friendly packaging too high? Don’t worry. We're here to help if previous flexible packaging vendors have ever failed you or the market prices are out of your budget or you are a new business owner looking for a trusted packaging partner to work with.
Several of our clients came to us after being dissatisfied with their former providers and learned about Pkgmaker through word-of-mouth referrals.
At Pkgmaker, we offer our clients various sustainable packaging options such as flexible roll stock, packaging films, pouches made of sustainable materials, etc.
Our sustainable packaging films are preferred by many of our customers because;
made convenient by performing consistently and reliably on form, fill, and seal machines.
will run at higher rates on form, fill, and seal lines, increasing efficiency
is consistent across the board from roll to roll and does not need regular filling line modifications.
is well-known for flowing smoothly down to the roll core, eliminating material scrap waste.
The excellent team consisting of designers and engineers at Pkgmaker is ready to listen to your queries and work accordingly. We offer 14 days fast turnaround time and the best part is, that we do not have a minimum order quantity!

Bottom Line
These are the top seven best sustainable packaging in America. With the help of these companies, you can now solve all of your packaging dilemmas, without the guilt.

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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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