7 Best Sustainable Packaging Companies in Australia

Written by Robin Brown on July 26, 2022
The invention and use of Packaging that improves sustainability are called sustainable Packaging. This entails more effective use of life cycle inventory and life cycle assessment to aid in selecting Packaging with a lower environmental impact and footprint.
Sustainable Packaging is a relatively recent addition to Packaging's environmental issues. The package design, choice of materials, production, and life cycle all demand more excellent investigation and documentation.
Sustainable Packaging isn't merely the nebulous "green trend" that many organizations and corporations have tried to incorporate in recent years. Companies that take environmentally responsible steps reduce their carbon footprint by using more recycled materials and reusing more packaging components.
Here I am suggesting list of companies you might want to contact for your sustainable Packaging
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Established: 1982

Custom flexible packaging is the most effective way to quickly get your products on store shelves! PKGMAKER has over 40 years of experience in this field, and you can now easily order custom pouches. The process couldn't be more straightforward: inform them what type or size pouch and film combo will work best for your packaging needs. PKGMAKER will handle the rest so that delivery arrives quickly and without hassle.
PKGMAKER will assist you in developing a professional brand for your products from the moment you place your order. PKGMAKER can provide high-quality flexible packaging in any quantity with no minimums or tooling costs thanks to their first-of-its-kind online solution and a state-of-the-art production facility. They also offer custom printed packages that are ready in a short period, resulting in a faster turnaround time - 72 hours from approval.
Minimum Order Quantity
There are no minimum order requirements at PKGMAKER. You can place your order based on your needs. We accept any quantity, beginning with one piece (sample order).

Delivery Time
The standard turnaround time is 12-15 days. If you require an urgent order, email info@pkgmaker.com and their sales representative will see if it is possible to expedite your order.

PKGMAKER will save your cost up to 30% if you compare with other competitors. If you can order from their website and ask for quote. Pricing will vary form product to product and quantity to quantity. What ever the deal is you are going to get it for less price than any other companies I have mentioned over.
Customize Now2. SIGNET
Corporate Location: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth
Established: 1968

The Winson brothers and two refillable marker pens started the Signet story in 1968. We've grown into Australia's leading packaging company over the last 52 years, with production and warehouse facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Townsville, and Perth.
Signet is fostered on a culture of the classic Aussie spirit, and we love to recognize and support everyday Aussies achieving the extraordinary. From the Aussie Boomers rewriting Australian Basketball history to (ware)house drumming sensation Can master Smash and our 60,000 customers who are chasing their version of the Aussie dream
Signet's packaging solutions have assisted Australia's leading retailers, such as Woolworths, Mecca, Bundaberg Drinks, and T2, improve their packaging processes. Signet has everything you need to wrap, pack, and ship your products, from cartons to stretch films, protective packaging, and eco-friendly range.
Customers of Signet Aussie range from small family businesses like Murchison River Swags and Adina Watches to Australia's largest retailers and manufacturers like Woolworths, Aldi, Ikea, and Asahi. We are proud to support our Australian customers and share their success stories.

Delivery Time
Every order received by Signet before 3 pm will be shipped the same day. The track record of 95 percent of deliveries to most major cities in just one day.
To ensure that they have your requested items in stock, please be aware that there may be a 5–6-day lead time if they ship your order from our warehouses on the Eastern Seaboard for western Australia customers

Minimum Order Quantity
The total Signet order must exceed the minimum order value of $50 ex GST. The offer is only valid for products and prices currently available on signet.net.au.

Signet sells their sustainable package in bundles for a regular Signet Flat Cartons - 230mm X 150mm X 80mm the price is 959 dollars for thousand pieces, including GST.
Location: 1/11 Lucky Lane,PO Box 105, Billinudgel NSW 2483
Established: 2006

Green Pack Company grew from a small home business near Byron Bay in 2006 to one of Australia's largest online suppliers of environmentally friendly packaging.
Green Pack now offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of compostable, biodegradable, and sustainably produced packaging in Australia and the fastest delivery service available.

Delivery Time
Delivery estimates: Sydney/Brisbane/Gold Coast Melbourne/ACT/QLD/NSW and rural areas: 1-2 days (95 percent of orders ship overnight). 2-3 days, South Australia/Victoria and rural areas 3+ days in the NT/WA. Some outlying areas may take longer. Green Pack makes no guarantees about delivery dates.

Minimum Order Quantity
The order minimum is one item. An item can be in box, pack, or sleeve form. We cannot break sleeves, but if the product specifies the number of sleeves, you only need to order one at a time.
Shipping will be calculated based on weight and volume to your selected postcode.

A white, brown cake box of 4*4*3 dimensions cost 28.61 dollars per 1000 pieces. And this amount will vary with quantity and product type.
Location: Sydney, Australia
Established: 2018

Hero packaging was founded by a parent of three girls, Vik and Anaita. They started their usual plastic business but noticed a considerable amount of waste from just one company. Then they decided to make packages that help mother earth and people who need it.

Delivery Time
Once your order has been shipped, it will take 2-8 business days and 1-3 business days (express shipping) to arrive.

Minimum Order Quantity
Because each mailer type is produced in its own production run, the minimum order quantity is 10,000 mailers per size and color. A quantity of "1" equals 10,000 mailers, "2" equals 20,000 mailers, and so on.

For a 26.5cm * 36 cm medium size package, one mailer costs 4850 dollars. This price will vary with different color, shape and size.
Location: Suite 202/59-75 Grafton Street, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
Established: 2006

BioPak combines innovative material design with a responsible and sustainable business model to create a genuinely regenerative brand that creates safe and healthy products for people and the environment.
Businesses that use BioPak packaging and a waste collection service solution can divert food and packaging waste from landfills and convert it into nutrient-rich compost.

Delivery Time
Bio-Pak has a office in every major cities of Australia. On the location of their office, they deliver their products in the same day. And rest of the area gets the delivery in 2-3 days. So, order products from the location you are currently staying in.

Minimum Ordering Quantity
Minimum ordering quantity for BioPak differs according to the product. Some products have minimum 600 quantity and some of the packages gave 200 minimum order quantity at bio pack.

For getting detailed pricing visit their website. If you need a idea about their pricing, then you can get 200 bio-board lunch boxes for 66.85 $ dollars.
Location: Ravenhall, Victoria 3023, AU
Established: 2008

The Packaging People is an Australian-owned and family-run business that takes pride in maintaining the highest standards in product quality and customer service and being at the forefront of packaging innovation.
TPP currently serves over 10,000 customers across 30 industries in Australia, including Coffee Roasters, Tea Manufacturers, Herbs and Spices, Baking Goods, Proteins for the Fitness Industry, Pet Foods, Health and Beauty Products, and many more.

Delivery Time
You should allow 3-5 days for processing and 4-10 business days for standard shipping once your order has been processed.

Minimum Order Quantity
MOQ for digital printing is 1,500.
10,000 MOQ for custom printing. Your budget, product demand, and timelines will determine the type of printing that is best for you and your company.

A typical Bio Standup pouch stand up pouch costs from 0.40 dollars to 1.08 dollars. There is a variation of price because of order quantity product type, size and color.
Location: EPPING NSW 2121
Established: 2002

No More Plastic Packaging arose from realizing that the world is drowning in plastics and that we need to do something about it. Plastic is a modern-day scourge, and we will be dealing with the consequences for many decades.
With a strong desire to protect this beautiful planet and its creatures, the owner needed to stop waiting for someone else to solve the plastic problem and start dealing with it himself.

Delivery Time
Most orders are dispatched the same day in Sydney CBD and Interstate Metro Areas. Depending on the destination, it could take up to three days.

Minimum Order Quantity
The minimum ordering quantity for No more plastics is 5000 pieces. You can not buy less than that amount from them in bulk.

For a 8 inch long Kraft Standup Pouch it costs 68 dollars for per 100 pieces of standup pouches.
Customize Now
Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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