All You Need To Know About Stand Up Pouches With Spouts

Written by Robin Brown on July 26, 2022
Stand up pouches with spouts are a low-cost, customer-friendly, and eco-friendly alternative to typical plastic and glass bottles. They are used to package juices, soft drinks, and various liquids.

It is not always simple to select the appropriate packaging for drinks and beverages. Many factors need to be considered, such as how your customers will open, close, and store your products, how to highlight your brand, strategies to lessen your environmental effect, and so on. To discover the best solution, analyze the many factors of beverage packaging and select the one that checks the most boxes. It is why a liquid stand up pouch with spout is an ideal choice for packaging liquids.
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Because these pouches contain liquids, spouts are essential to the overall design. Pouches with leaking spouts are no match for their archenemy, the plastic bottle. As a result, manufacturers pay close attention to the design of the spouts, considering the scenarios in which they will be used.

The usage of stand-up pouches for liquid packing dates back more than 40 years. Since they do not leak, companies have been using these pouches to package liquids for a long time. Some of the most well-known companies in the United States frequently keep their branded drinks in stand-up pouches.

All pieces need to fit together perfectly for a single pouch to protect your products. Moving from pouch design to product on the shelf takes collaboration and understanding of numerous suppliers' requirements, including quality needs, testing, and marketing issues, such as food safety. Below are three spout pouch suppliers in the USA.


Glenroy has assisted prominent companies in transitioning from hard packaging to spouted pouches. Stand up pouches with spout need additional skills and more time thought into creating them. And they provide such great spouted pouch experience and extensive in-house spouted pouch conversion capabilities that you will not be disappointed.
Glenroy manufactures your spouted pouches from start to finish, without outsourcing critical project stages such as spout insertion. They can make spouted pouches with reduced lead times while maintaining complete quality control throughout the whole process.
Their pouch conversion machinery has resulted in award-winning spouted pouches. They can create pouches with unique designs that minimize flex breaking, with incredibly high burst strength, and the capacity to endure even the most rigorous drop tests.

2. Vonco

Vonco Products, a packaging and components firm, fills a unique niche by manufacturing both custom flexible packaging and custom flexible component solutions. In simpler words, they will commercialize your "crazy" custom ideas at a very reasonable deal. Vonco began as a pioneer in custom equipment and packaging. With over sixty years of experience, the majority of product specifications have turned to developing and producing unique packaging and components. The company's unrivaled ability to design liquid tight bags of any desired form or fitting using both supported and unsupported films provides it an advantage over competitors in industries such as medical devices, food, animal health, retail, and industrial.

3. HQC Inc.
HQC, a flexible-packaging solutions provider, likes helping customers during the design and decision-making phases of spout pouch packaging. They understand the critical details of different films, pouch designs, and printing possibilities since they are familiar with each stage of the process. They also have extensive expertise in dispensing seals and how procedural stages interact with one another.
The flexible packaging method is still in its early stages. HQC and its partner firms have been driving some of the most recent advancements. They will be delighted to discuss how they can improve your flexible packaging. The first step in designing a successful spouted pouch for your project is sharing their knowledge with you.

Why Choose Stand Up Spout Pouches

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Spout pouches are a sort of packaging that is perfect for all types of drinks and beverages. They have several advantages and are simple to customize, allowing you to adjust them to your choice. Stand up pouches with spouts are being used in a variety of sectors for a variety of purposes, including:

1. Creative design versatility

Spout pouches and other forms of stand up pouches can be easily customized in a variety of ways. Making a spout pouch that gives everything you need your packaging to do is simple and accessible, from the form to the color and extra features.

2. The printing process

Printing directly on your liquid stand up pouch with spout allows you to immediately print your logo, product design, and vital information onto your package of choice. This implies that instead of needing to use many pieces to produce your ultimate solution, you can build and use a single packaging type to fulfill all of your demands.

3. Lightweight and customizable

Spout pouches are made of flexible, lightweight fabrics that fold, store, and travel easily.

4. Product security and safety

Spout pouches may be constructed with many layers of materials to keep product contents safe for your consumers and when they are kept in different places.

5. Various Material Options
Various Material Options Each material has distinct properties that make it more or less suited depending on the product, and if you're not sure which is best for you, we'd be pleased to assist.

6. Functionality
Spout pouches may be designed with a variety of functions to help your product stand outstand make life easier for your consumers. Please visit our dedicated page for spout pouches to learn about all of the options offered.

7. Environmental Sustainability

Pouch packaging is a more sustainable solution than many other options on the market, and by choosing pouch packaging, you may mitigate many of the environmental concerns associated with drink and beverage packaging. Please see our stand up pouch sustainability website for additional information.

How To Choose The Best Packaging For Your Brand

The decisions you make while creating the packaging of your product will have an impact on the ultimate option you choose. Many factors should be considered, each of which may be more or less relevant to your brand's vision. Below is a list of things to think about when determining how to package your products:

1. Branding and Marketing
What do you want your product to look like and feel like? The container that holds your product will need to be customized to fit your brand and easily inform customers whose drink they're purchasing. Fonts, colors, and the sort of messaging you provide need to be considered in the design of your packaging.
Your packaging should reflect your brand or the product's concept, therefore if you have a certain focus area, such as sustainability, use it to express this to your clients.

You also need to offer information about your product, such as the contents, sell-by date, allergens, a user guide, and so on. It is up to you how you display this information, but having it printed right into your package might make the procedure easier. You won't need any additional inserts or communication methods, and your clients will have all of the information they need when holding the product.

2. Target Audience
If your product is targeted toward a specific group of consumers, such as children or adults, its packaging needs to match the specific needs of that group. This might include how the product is opened, as well as how it is held, stored, and eaten. Certain forms of packaging will be better suited to certain groups than others, so knowing whom you're designing your beverages packaging for can help you make the appropriate decisions throughout the process.

3. Sustainability
You cannot afford to neglect the sustainability of your product's packaging. People are looking for more chances to ethically consume and dispose of the items they use, therefore considering sustainability when selecting packaging can assist to satisfy these demands. The type of packaging you choose will decide how efficient it is to store and move your items, as well as your environmental effect. Many packaging choices exist to lessen your environmental effect, such as spout pouches, which nevertheless provide all of the flexibility and benefits of other alternatives. At Pkgmaker, we believe sustainability should be at the heart of our offering and are ready to offer it to you at a very reasonable cost. You can learn more about it by contacting us.

Why Choose Us?

stand up pouch mockup image 3
A well-designed stand up pouch is created with many layers of plastic and other materials. These layers are sealed together to form a multi-layer design that is sturdy enough to support accessories, like spouts, while preventing leaking during usage. If you have to add extra layers of plastic on top of a stand up bag, you are simply compensating for a bad design.
Plastic films can be used to prevent leaks when spouts are cracked or loosened owing to causes that the manufacturer did not consider. When tossed from a few meters, a stand up pouch's spout can be broken. Pouch makers may not test their pouches for this level of durability.

At Pkgmaker, we put all of our stand up pouches with spout through rigorous testing to guarantee that they work well throughout their full life cycle. All of our spout pouches go through steps like;
Testing for interlayer adhesion
Testing for interaSeal tensile strength testinglayer adhesion
Drop tests
Testing for bursts
Tensile examination
Testing for product packaging compatibility
Testing for compression
Testing for abrasion resistance
You can order customized spout pouch wholesale from Pkgmaker at the minimum rate.

As an innovative spout pouch maker, Pkgmaker offers unique, consistent, and dependable goods and procedures. With our assistance, your company will be able to incorporate innovative designs and materials while showing their compatibility. Contact us to learn more about our stand up pouches with spout.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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