8 Best Stand up Pouch Packaging Supplier in Philippines

Written by robin on January 25, 2022


Entrepouch logo
●Company type: manufacturer & supplier
●Location: Philippines

EntrePouch is a pouch packaging supplier and manufacturer in Manila, Philippines. They specialize in packaging solutions. They also provide a wide range of high-quality packaging and containers to various industries at a low minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. EntrePouch, as a reputable supplier of packaging materials, guarantees the quality of all of its products. 

They make sure each product meets the highest standards and can satisfy various needs. Entre pouch was created to provide a solution for small and medium-sized businesses to easily package themselves in a global market. EntrePouch sells its products both online and offline. Customers can check out their preferred pouches, packaging, and add-ons from their website.
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2.Fire pack

Fire pack logo
●Company type: manufacturer
●Location: Philippines

Fire pack is a well-known company in the Philippines that specializes in producing various packaging solutions for the market. This company's experience has been widened to meet the needs of people with multiple needs. Glasses, papers, plastics, flexible packaging, tins, and aluminum are among the materials they work with. This makes them a fantastic all-around company if that's what you're looking for.

They offer high-quality, flexible packages designed to provide the best performance to their customers. This company's stand-up pouches are standard and come in a variety of sizes. You will need to hire a different company to handle your packages designing process. Because they don't offer design and printing sections in their manufacturing processes. On the other hand, their products are well designed and created to ensure that their users enjoy using them.
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Binzap logo
●Company type: manufacturer
●Location: Philippines

Binzap packaging services was founded in 2012. Their mission was to make things easier for businesses. They specialize in packaging and automation technologies for a variety of companies in a variety of industries. This makes them an appealing option to consider, as they will also provide you with additional solutions for making things easier in your business.

These diverse skills can help them work with the best technologies, particularly in the manufacture of their packaging products. This makes them an excellent choice because their products are carefully designed to ensure that they perform well in use. They take pride in offering high-quality stand-up pouches and other packaging options to all of their customers.

They service local retailers, dealers, distributors and manufacturers, all over the country. Their stand-up pouches come in a variety of designs and are intended to provide the best service possible. They come in various sizes and can be used in various industries depending on what you want to achieve. 

Besides that, this company values its customers' feedback. This allows you to provide specifications to assist the company in producing what you desire. They work hard to ensure that they fulfill their part by providing the best service and products so that you, the client, are completely satisfied with the end product.
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4.Fox Pack

Fox Pack logo
●Company type: manufacturer 
●Location: Philippines

Foxpak, founded in 2001, has remained a leading manufacturer in the flexible packaging industry, serving a variety of businesses. They've gained a lot of experience in this field over the years, and they've had a lot of fun doing it. They are intended to ensure that they provide products that are specifically tailored to their clients' needs. This company specializes in the creation of environmentally friendly, long-lasting products.

Their stand-up pouches are compostable and recyclable and are made from recyclable paper options. This is a very good option if you're looking for a company that cares about the environment. The best thing about this company is that they have a design team that will assist you with your branding. They have extensive experience ensuring that your branding includes the appropriate elements to attract more customers to your products.
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Korpack logo
●Company type: manufacturer
●Location: Philippines

Korpack Philippines Corporation was founded in 1997. It has consistently provided innovative, flexible packaging materials to customers worldwide. It has earned a reputation for providing high-quality packaging materials for food and beverage, coffee, snacks, pet food, and chemical and household products. And responsive professional service to meet customers' ever-changing needs.
Besides packaging, it has a food ingredient company too. It was established on the idea of providing good natural taste with better and healthier food ingredients. 

They have collaborated on several projects with major food companies in Korea and abroad using their extensive portfolio of savory Korean recipes. They strive to provide the most effective solutions at the most affordable prices by investing in cutting-edge technology and ongoing research in food packaging and ingredients. 

Their goal is to become a company that customers love to partner with. Their commitment to developing, innovating, and investing will result in long-term relationships with their customers make them strong in the packaging business.
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6.Flexible packaging corporation

Flexible packaging corporation logo
●Company type: manufacturer & supplier
●Location: Philippines

Flexible Packaging Products Corporation is a leading provider of flexible packaging solutions in the Philippines for domestic and multinational corporations. It has fully functional processes from raw material manufacturing to finished product delivery. 

Their products include:
●Packaging pouches
●Plastic products
●Polyester film
●Stand-up pouches 
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Galleon logo
●Company type: supplier
●Location: Philippines

Galleon is a Philippine based online e-commerce company where you can find everything that is hard to find in the Philippines. They sell a various range of products directly shipped from the USA. They also sell different packaging types, including stand-up pouches, bags, poly bags, mylar bags, roll-stock, and more.
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PkgMaker logo
●Company type: manufacturer & supplier
●Location: China

PKGmaker is one of the leading packaging manufacturers and supplier of Philippines. They provide different types of packaging services to the market. You can custom print and design your packaging with them. They have a custom designing service that allows you to create your packages the way you like. And their service is always cost-effective. 

PKGmaker values customer's time, so they make sure to deliver their order fast. Usually, their waiting time is between 7-14 days, one of the fastest in the industry.

●Mylar bags
●Stand up pouch
●Lay flat pouches
●Rollstock films
●Sustainable bags
●Spout Pouch
●Child-resistant pouch
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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