Best 9 Flexible Packaging Companies in the UAE

Written by robin on February 1, 2022

1.Gulf East Pack

Gulf East Pack logo
●Founded in 1996 
●Location: Dubai, UAE

Gulf East Paper and Plastic Industries is a paper and plastic packaging firm in Dubai. They are a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality disposable and flexible packaging products for the domestic and international markets, with operations in the United States and China. They offer a diverse selection of high-quality packaging products to meet the diverse needs of customers.
They Manufacture Disposable Packaging Products, Flexible Packaging, Lollipop sticks, Paper and Plastic Bags, Stretch Film, Clear Food Containers, and some other products. Their factory is located in Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 in Dubai. 

They have access to one of the most important raw materials and have exposure to major international markets to serve a global customer base. Since its founding, the company has grown to become one of the leading converters and printers of paper and plastic products in the Middle East.
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2.Aalmir Plastic

Aalmir Plastic logo
●Founded in 1988
●Location: Sharjah, UAE 

Aalmir Plastic Industries (API) is a Sharjah, United Arab Emirates-based company that manufactures specialized flexible packaging for the chemical industry. Rapid growth in manufacturing capabilities due to API's reputation as a reliable production partner.

The company was recognized for industrial excellence by the local chamber of commerce in just five short years after its founding. As a sign of the company's status as a regional industrial innovator, this award was seen as a stepping stone for expansion.
Aalmir Plastic Industries is a downstream plastic manufacturing firm focusing on Injection molding, blown film, thermoforming and applications with a strong focus on efficiency, industrial design and innovative material uses. 

The company background has consistently been producing and understanding customer requirements to be a little inventor or multi-national organization. Working with API today allows you access to all of their resources.
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3.Falcon Pack

Falcon Pack logo
●Founded in 1992
●Location: Sharjah, UAE 

Falcon Pack is one of the best manufacturers and distributors of recyclable flexible food packaging products. They have a wide range and the best quality. It has become a market leader in each of its segments because of its wide variety of products to choose from. More than 3000 different products are sold by Falcon pack. They are a global and regional leader in this field.

Their products include aluminum foil, aluminum containers, Clingfilm and other plastic wraps, paper cups and plates, plastic bags and other paper and plastic products. Falcon pack also makes customized products for each market. With its headquarters in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, the company has manufacturing and distribution facilities all over the United Arab Emirates and branches in Oman, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.
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U PAK logo
●Founded in 1986
●Location:Dubai, UAE 

U-PAK is a subsidiary of K-PAK. It has been making different types of packages for years. It's famous for its "Foam" extruded expanded disposable foam products. It has been providing high-quality and innovative flexible packaging solutions for the food industry and other businesses in the region. They have a sister company in Saudi Arabia named S-PAK.
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5.Food Packaging UAE logo
●Founded in 2020
●Location:Dubai, UAE

Food Packaging UAE is a manufacturer and Wholesale supplier of stand-up pouches, custom stand-up pouches with zipper, flexible packaging, plastic bags, resealable bags, coffee packaging, foil bags, tea packaging. They offer stand-up pouches in various sizes, styles and colors, perfect for packaging coffee, tea, nuts & other food packaging's.
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enpigroup logo
●Founded in 1995
●Location:Dubai, UAE

ENPI (Emirates National Factory for Plastic Industries) began operations in 1995 as a packaging and plastic products company. Since then, the company has continued a successful growth strategy that has resulted in it being the significant regional diversified packaging provider today. All of the Business Units are market leaders in their respective fields.
ENPI has become a regional pioneer in several spheres of activity as a result of its constant development into new technologies. As a result, the paper and plastic packaging solutions available are world-class. High-end global brand owners value their cutting-edge technologies, ongoing investment in new manufacturing facilities, and extensive industry knowledge.
ENPI was acquired by Saudi Printing & Packaging Company (SPPC) in 2012, and the packaging activities were merged into its regional powerhouse. SPPC has always been a staunch backer of ENPI's expansion.
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7. Amber packaging

Amber packaging logo
●Founded in 2006
●Location:Dubai, UAE 

Amber Packaging Industries LLC, situated in the United Arab Emirates, is a well-known flexible packaging firm in the Middle East. Established in 2006, they have expanded multi-folds over the past 12 years. They have attained a prominent position in offering innovative packaging technology and solutions to their clients all over the world. Since they are based in the UAE, one of the best logistic hubs in the Persian Gulf, it helps them reach out to customers worldwide. Amber Group's reputation for quality and commitment to corporate ethics is unwavering. Amber has facilities in both Toronto, Canada and Ahmedabad, India.
They're one of the top manufacturers of tailor-made flexible packaging materials in the UAE. Amber has developed a niche for itself in a short period of time because of its consistent product development, client focus, and adhering to defined production requirements with tight quality control procedures. 

Amber is a one-stop-shop for all of your flexible packaging material needs. Mr. Dharmdev Bhatt, Owner-Managing Director of Amber Group of Companies and a plastic technologist, has driven Amber's journey to growth and success. Amber has a dynamic team of highly certified, skilled, and forward-thinking employees who have been added to their advanced, state-of-the-art production facilities and diverse modern packaging procedures.
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8.Arab Pack

Arab Pack logo
●Founded in 1982
●Location:Dubai, UAE

Arabian Packaging is a flexible food packaging company in Dubai. They developed a world-class manufacturing plant in the Jebel Ali Industrial Area 2 in 2004, which is their headquarters ever since. Their plant is one of the largest and most technologically advanced corrugated packaging mills in the Middle East.
They have had a strong and proud history of corrugated production since 1982. Even now, they are at the forefront of technological development and supply chain management. Arab Pack operates from a world-class, ISO-accredited facility in Dubai, complete with fully integrated manufacturing and logistics infrastructure. 

Their knowledge and awareness of market expectations help them give customers a dynamic service tailored to their needs, ensuring packaging is accessible within the timeframes you want. They design corrugated packaging solutions for businesses around the United Arab Emirates, regardless of size or requirements.
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PkgMaker logo
●Founded in 2021

Pkgmaker is a top-tier packaging company in the United Arab Emirates. Their 40 years of industry experience make their service one of the best in the industry. Pkgmaker sells a variety of flexible packaging materials all around the world. They provide their customers with a low minimum order quantity with fast delivery. You can get their packaging service at a very reasonable price. The materials they use for packaging are top-notch, which sets them apart from the other companies. 

They are also very friendly and helpful to customers. Their skilled packaging team assists clients in selecting the perfect packaging for their specific needs. They offer a wide range of flexible packages like Mylar Bags, Stand Up Pouch, Lay Flat Pouch, Rollstock Films, Sustainable Bags, Spout Pouch, Child-resistant pouch.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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