10 Best Flexible Packaging Company in The USA

Written by robin on January 22, 2022


● Location: Los Angeles, California, USA.
● Established: 1993
Company type: Manufacturer and supplier
IMPAK Corporation is one of the top suppliers of mylar bags in the USA. They are a packaging and absorbent manufacturer. IMPAK specializes in custom flexible packaging and delivers creative packaging solutions. They sell and service Sealers, both standard and custom-made, in their workshop to your exact specifications. IMPAK knows desiccants and applications the best. 

They offer products like:
● Boilable/microwaveable bags, 
● Child-resistant pouches,
● Coffee bags, 
● Mylar products, 
● Rollstock and tubing,
● Scent shield bags,
● Stand-up pouches, 
● Vacuum bags

They also sell desiccants such as 
● Anti-fog camera strip kits, 
● Clay, 
● Indicating silica gel,
● Molecular sieves, 
● Caps and vials, 
● Compression-molded desiccants, 
● Bags, 
● Packets, 
● Papers, 
● High temperature and humidity indicator cards,
● Liquid absorbers, 

Consumables and spare parts for band, impulse, tube, and vacuum sealers are also available. There are additionally code printers, filling equipment, and pick-and-pack systems available. Computer and electronic equipment, medicinal supplies, shipping cargo, sailing vessels, records, long-term food preservation, and other applications are in their product list too.
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Zing pac logo
● Twins Park, Ohio, USA
● Established: 1999
● Company type: Manufacturer

Zing-pac sells a variety of packaging items. Their ZP-300P bagging system is designed for making, filling, and sealing bags made from metalized polyester tubing and other flexible packaging films like mylar. This Barrier film tubing is available in a wide range of materials, both plain and pre-printed, to meet customers' demands. 

Food, pet, medical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and lawn & garden sectors all benefit from this medium-volume packaging. They also offer packaging's for Coffee, candies, spices, frozen foods, pet food, snack mixes, cookies, nuts, and beverages.
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3.peace products

peaceproducts logo
● Malvern, PA, USA
● Established: 1970
● Company type: Manufacturer and supplier

Peace Products Co. specializes in industrial, commercial, and government bags produced from mylar, polyethylene, and polypropylene. The corporation was established in 1970 and is headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania. 

They sell various types of bags like,
● Seafood bags
● Grain bags
● Pretzel bags
● Tortilla bags
● Meatpacking bags
● Frozen dessert film
● Popcorn bags
● Cotton candy bags
● Coin and currency bags
● Transport bags
● Check bags
● Bags for fruits
● Vegetable bags
● Ice bags
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4.Plastic Bag partners

plasticbagpartners logo
● Bayville, NJ, USA
● Established: 2021
● Company type: Manufacturer and supplier

Plastic Bag Partners is a nationwide wholesale manufacturer and distributor of industrial-grade poly bags, poly tubing, poly film, poly mailers, mylar bags, and poly sheeting. Plastic Bag Partners is headquartered in New Jersey, USA. They provide consumers an excellent collection of high-grade bags and related materials for their business needs; their products are outstanding in quality while keeping incredibly cost-effective for the customer. 

They have five different warehouses in five different cities in the USA.
● Atlanta, GA
● Dallas, TX
● Sterling, MA
● Manchester, IA
● Sparks, NV
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PackFreshUSA logo
● Location: USA
● Established: 1992
● Company type: supplier

PackFreshUSA is an online-based wholesale shop for mylar bags and many other flexible packaging's. They are a member of the packaging community in Southern California. PackFreshUSA has been collaborating with other manufacturers and suppliers who have been industry leaders for decades. Many of America's great businesses and well-respected retailers that care about barrier protection for their products use PackFreshUSA oxygen absorbers. They sell wholesale products like:

● Mylar Bags
● Gusset Mylar Bags
● Oxygen Absorbers
● Non-Iron Oxygen Absorbers
● Heat Sealer
● Vacuum Sealer Bags
● Stand Up Pouches
● Freezer Pop Bags
● Food-Safe Desiccants
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Flexpack.com logo
● Houston, Texas 77058, USA
● Established: 1987
● Company type: Manufacturer and supplier

Flexpack was established in 1987 and became a corporation in 1994. Based in Houston, Texas. FlexPack has a warehouse with over 30,000 square feet of inventory. They provide flexible packaging as well as plastic bags. Their service is personalized, pleasant, and centered on satisfying your flexible packaging and plastic bag requirements. From custom printed food packages to industrial packages, they provide various packaging items.
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E PAC logo
● Location: USA
● Established: 2016
● Company type: Manufacturer and supplier

ePac is an online-based manufacturer and supplier for mylar bags. The idea of ePac Flexible Packaging is that coming digital technologies will significantly disrupt the service and manufacturing methods that have served the flex pack industry for decades. ePac was founded in 2016 to serve small and medium-sized businesses in the United States. 

They are technology-driven and built to provide their customers with a quick and easy way to buy custom flexible packaging. Epac is built on the latest wide-web digital printing technology – the HP Indigo 20000 – and offers reasonably priced short to medium run-length orders with a 5-15 business day turnaround. 

ePac delivers actual high-definition personalized printing with changeable imaging and eliminates plate fees. They print on customer demand and minimize inventory and obsolescence expenses. ePac also provides its service in Canada, United Kingdom, and Indonesia.
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8.Protective Packaging Corporation

protectivepackaging logo
● Location: USA
● Established: 1976
● Company type: Manufacturer 

Protective Packaging Corporation was formed in 1976 as Specialty Bags Corporation to serve the US government and military packaging needs. Protective Packaging Company began operations in 1995 to broaden the company's products. Their continued growth and experience have earned a global reputation as a source of specialist packaging solutions, serving some of the world's top organizations. 

They are one of the largest converter and manufacturers of flexible packaging in the Southwest and one of the few ISO 9001 certified packaging companies in the country. They are a Small Veteran Owned Business (SVOB) registered with the US General Services Administration (GSA). They have 25+ years of experience in delivering packaging materials that protect throughout shipment and storage. 

Protective Packaging Corporation was formed to provide protective packaging solutions for the US Government and military. Their adaptability ranges from storing military systems to transporting large turbine generators. They will assist you in selecting and implementing the most appropriate and cost-effective packaging solutions.
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Packagly logo
● Location: Chicago, USA
● Established: 2021
● Company type: Supplier

PACKAGLY is a wholesale and retail supplier of flexible packaging. They are highly equipped with modern technologies and printing methodologies. Free Designing Services, Free Quotation, Free Lamination and Free Shipment are some of the benefits that you can get from them. They try to satisfy customers with the best appropriate design solutions. 

They offer products such as:
● Cosmetics packaging
● Bath & Body packaging
● Pharmaceutical's packaging
● Gift Boxes
● CBD Boxes
● Vape Boxes
● Mylar Bags
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PkgMaker logo
● Location: China
● Established: 2021
● Company type: Manufacturer and supplier

Pkgmaker is one of the best packaging companies in the USA. They have over 40 years of experience in the industry. Pkgmaker sells different kinds of flexible packagings all over the world. They offer low minimum order quantities for their clients. So that both small and big businesses can partner with them. 

Their high-quality packaging materials are what make them stand out from other companies. They are also very customer-friendly. Their professional packaging team guides clients to choose the best packaging according to their needs. 

The products they're offering are:
● Mylar Bags
● Stand Up Pouch
● Lay Flat Pouch
● Rollstock Films
● Sustainable Bags
● Spout Pouch
● Child-resistant pouch
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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