Packaging of chips with the best Packaging Materials

Written by Robin Brown on August 1, 2022
If you are a chips seller, you might want to protect your hard-made chips with the best packaging materials. Chips are food products that have a high probability of damage. Packaging of chips properly is one of the most important parts of your packaging operation.

Flexible packaging can take your packaging expectations to the next level. It is in the trend and has become the heart of any successful business.

In this blog article, I will discuss everything you need to know about chip packaging.
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What is packaging of chips ?

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Packaging of chips is not just wrapping your chips in plastic foil. There is more to it. You need something to protect your goods and keep the flavors intact. So, we can say chip packaging is about protecting and keeping fresh.

Packaging of chips can be in a different form. You can preserve your chips in plastic packaging or a composite can.

Let's understand this example by using potato chips.

Composite cans, also known as rigid paper or paperboard containers, aid in preserving delicate foods such as chips. This packaging also contributes to the preservation of the quality of your favorite snack. Primarily, the freshness of the products can be kept longer with resealable lids.
Furthermore, composite cans are built with multiple layers of protection. This multi-layer packaging is ideal for storing fragile foods. The can body ply is the first layer of a composite packaging. It is constructed from recycled paper. Following that is a selection of internal liner structures for barrier protection.

To seal the products, the composite can package potato chips has an easily peeled membrane at the top. This extra layer ensures that customers have fresh chips to eat.

Plastic packaging is another option for potato chip packaging. Multiple layers of polymer materials make up a typical potato chips bag. On the inside, Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) is used, with low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and BOPP in the middle, and Surlyn®, a thermoplastic resin, on the outside. Each layer serves a distinct purpose in the storage of potato chips.

Plastic packaging, on the other hand, has the disadvantage of being challenging to reseal once opened and traveling with and organized.

Why are chips always packed in silver foil?

Packaging of chips 3
The silver package features metallic polymer linings protecting food particles from external threats. Even when food items, such as potato chips, are packaged within wrappers, they must retain their distinctive scent and flavor. The preservation of original flavor is a significant selling point for items such as potato chips.

The packaging display visible from the outside is the printed portion, and the silver packaging is the plain area that protects against air pollutants, dust, heat, and moisture. The outward printed backdrop may permanently be changed, while the inner layer of metallic polymer remains constant.

Why is Chips Packaging needed?

Packaging of chips 4
A brand's chips packaging ideas can help it stand out from the crowd. Being unique draws awareness to your product and encourages brand loyalty. Regardless of your product, your wrapping paper can be used to distinguish your company. Furthermore, studies show that people prefer certain brands because of their elegant and high-quality packaging.

Brands require versatile packaging materials to capture the attention of consumers. They will also require technologies to improve the snacking experience by appealing to packaging designs and fully efficient packages that offer consumers convenience.

How does chip packaging boost your business?

Packaging has always been a beast of a marketing tool. In the case of chips, it works as the best marketing tool. Here are some factors that may boost your business.

Product Title
A good brand name for your product can help sales. A name that helps sell a product is usually short, related to the purpose of the product, easily pronounced, and simple to spell and remember.

Targeting Consumers
Packages can be extremely useful in assisting you in reaching your target consumer. Specific colors, designs, or pictures can appeal more to one group than another and thus make your product of greater interest to them.

Aside from advertising, product packaging is the best place to communicate with your customers. Marketing messages on the front of a product may entice the consumer to pick it up and examine it, so messaging is an excellent way to reach out to customers and increase sales.

Brand Identification
With new products, packaging can help with brand identification. Consumers may see a new product made by a brand they know and love and try it simply because it is made by it. Using the same logo as another product in your brand may draw attention to the new product, and consumers will be more likely to purchase it because it is familiar.

Because it allows you to provide detailed information to a consumer looking to buy, information packaging can help you sell and market products. Nutritional information, product measurements, instructions, or the product's purpose can all help customers decide if the product is right for them.

Market Size
The global market valuation of packaged potato chips was estimated to be $30 billion in 2020. The market value is expected to rise even further in the coming years, reaching 43.2 billion US dollars by 2026. The global unpackaged potato chip market will be worth 5.4 billion US dollars in 2020. Market value is expected to reach 8.7 billion by 2026.

So, you can guess the demand for chip packaging. And now is the right time to jump for it.

Things to consider before choosing your packaging materials.

When it comes to the best packaging, different items demand different solutions. For food products, keeping fresh is crucial; therefore, the packaging must avoid air leaks and moisture seepage. But it is only the beginning. Custom printed pouches have a lot of important advantages when it comes to packing chips and other foods. There are some vital things you have to consider before packaging your chips.

     ● Resealable zippers for customer satisfaction
     ● High-definition colors and visuals to attract customer's attention
     ● Options to hang holes for displaying the product on the store wall.
     ● Puncture-resistant, durable materials.

These enhancements help your food product stand out in a crowded market. New customers are drawn in by attractive and valuable features. They also keep returning customers by ensuring that your chips are always fresh and tasty. In the snack world, one bad experience can be costly.
But that's not all at all. You need to consider many other criteria before choosing the perfect packaging materials for you. And you have to order and design your package according to your product need.

Packaging materials for Chips Packaging

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BOPP/VMCPP foil structure is a popular material for potato chips packaging design. With the matte finish effect of matte BOPP film, BOPP/VMCPP foil structure can realize the matte finish package at the lowest cost, as shown in the matte finish packages for potato chips below.

PET/VMCPP foil structure can realize roll foils with better mechanical strength. Because PET film has better high-temperature resistance performance, when the PET/VMCPP foil laminate is sealed on the FFS machine, it can present a neat sealed edge for the final package.

As a result, there are many packages on the market made of this foil laminated intended for potato chips.

So you have to choose wisely your packaging materials. You must get expert help for choosing the right materials.

Companies that use packaging and their yearly revenue
Here is the list of companies that you may idolize and their yearly revenue.
Company Name
Yearly revenue
15.798 billion
16. 17 billion
300 million
1.48 billion

Choose PKGMAKER as a game-changer for your chips packaging.

Major chip companies are stepping up their game and switching to more appealing, chips packaging ideas . They are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve the packaging of their products. What is the reason for this? Simply put, they want to sell more chips. According to a recent study, customers think about the packaging when buying a product. As a result, the chips company worked harder to make its packaging stand out. There are hundreds of chips brands available out there. But do they all sell the same? They don't.

Packaging is important as product quality these days. Packaging is the best marketing tool in the food industry. Consumers are more likely to investigate products with attractive packaging.
Flexible packaging is rapidly becoming the favored option for many businesses. It has several advantages over other traditional packing techniques. One advantage of this packaging is that it can be customized to meet a given product size. As a result, manufacturing and transportation expenses are lowered.

Pkgmaker focuses on environmentally friendly chips packaging ideas . Our chips packaging ideas are space-saving, cost-effective, leak-resistant, odor-resistant, and always constructed of the finest materials with the most outstanding packaging design and manufacturing expertise. We will assist you with selecting the suitable packaging techniques for your product, establishing the perfect size, and, last but not least, designing the packets or pouches to grab clients' eyeballs on the store shelf. We will ensure that you receive the highest quality product possible, that it meets all your needs and precisely fits your product, and that it remains in pristine condition for an extended period.
So, call us now for the best packaging experience at the most reasonable price.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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