12 Companies Who Provide Best Frozen Food Packaging Supplies

Written by Robin Brown on August 4, 2022
One of the most rapidly expanding retail food categories is frozen food packaging, and this trend is expected to continue. By 2025, frozen food sales in the retail and food service sectors are estimated to reach $10 billion. Here we have listed the best frozen food packaging companies that sell the best quality frozen food packaging.
Location: Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Company age: 40 years

They make packaging for frozen food that keeps multi-serve packages fresh and keeps their contents from spilling between uses by using Zip-freezer-tested Pkgmakers zippers as part of a custom packaging solution that increases shelf life and brand appeal.
With Pkgmaker.com on your side, you'll enjoy a slew of advantages. For example, they make it simple for you to design your packaging. Their turnaround time is 7-14 days. They also don't have a minimum order requirement and have built a reputation as a leading flexible packaging supplier. So, you can rest easy knowing you will get the best value for your money. You can also rely on receiving appropriate packaging for your goods and enhancing its visibility in the market to increase sales. All their packaging is designed and manufactured to be space and cost-saving, leak and odor-resistant, and showcase the greatest quality design and production work possible. They provide wholesale frozen food packaging supplies.
2. ffppkg.co.uk
ffppkg 1
Location: Tenter Road, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6PZ, UK
Company age: 50 years

FFP saw that the industry wanted to move toward lighter but still strong packaging, so they made many investments in their ability to make pouches. Pouches and bags can look great on the shelf and be 100% recyclable simultaneously, as they recently showed with the recyclable pouches, they made for Whitworths. They are flexible packaging experts because they have been doing it for more than 50 years. They are also known for their wide range of high-quality products, new ideas, and excellent service. The team at FFP is very driven to keep growing, and their innovations have changed how flexible packaging is used in the food industry. When real-world problems arise, they use their knowledge of materials, print, and technology to come up with solutions. They are always looking for ways to add value to their customers. For example, they create new pack formats and laminates to help them boost sales, improve the performance of their production lines, or cut costs. They were proud to win SME of the Year at the UK Packaging Awards in 2019. they think this shows how hard their whole team works to develop high-quality and innovative packaging solutions and how much they've invested in improving their capacity and skills in the flexible packaging industry. They are one of the best frozen food packaging suppliers.
They have recently made new investments in systems for laminating, making pouches, and applying reseal labels in response to growth in key business areas that have been faster than ever. These investments are a big step forward for FFP because they allow them to increase their capacity and product line in these critical market areas, including developing more environmentally friendly options. Their delivery time is ten days. And the minimum order quantity varies depending on the products.
3. Standuppouches.com.au
Location: Pouch Direct Pty Ltd. Unit 2,42-44 Garden Boulevard Dingley Village VIC 3172 ,Australia
Company age: 30 years

Standup Pouches is based in Australia. For more than 30 years, they have helped countries worldwide find good packaging solutions. They make high-quality and long-lasting packaging materials. they are known for using the rotogravure printing method, which allows them to use up to 9 colors and 600 dots per inch to print graphics, which improves the clarity and color of their packaging products. All the packaging materials made at standup pouch are made to protect the environment, so the bags they make are biodegradable. They have graphic designers who are very skilled and can come up with good designs for you if you don't have one in mind. They believe in providing great services and making relationships that last. The packaging made in a standup pouch is safe for the product and can be used to package different kinds of goods, like coffee beans, powders, and liquids. They are packaged frozen food merchant wholesalers. They ensure that the packaging is flexible, making it easier to ship. Their factory has a huge stock of pouches and rolls, and they can fill orders for pouches or rolls starting at 1000 bags. So, they'll be able to meet your needs the best they can. Most international orders take between three and five days to arrive.
4. Alliance Packaging Ltd
Location: Alliance Packaging Ltd Unit 12 South Link Business Park Ballycurreen ,Cork, T12 YK09, Ireland
Company age: 42 years

Aidan founded the company in 1980. At first, he made polypropylene sacks for the fuel trade and paper sacks for animal feed. Over time, the market needs to change, and Aidan saw a space in the market to look into other packaging options. As the need for paper packaging grew, this became their main focus very quickly. John joined the business in 2006 after getting a Master's in Management and Marketing from UCC. He moved quickly to find the best packaging manufacturers in Ireland, the UK, Europe, and Asia to get high-quality products, great service, and a good price. Branding has become an important part of every business. Over time, John has found exciting, creative, and innovative packaging products to meet the needs of their growing customer base. They have a minimum order size and deliver between 1 and 3 days after placing the order.
5. Emmerson Packaging
Emmerson Packaging
Location: 12 Tupper Blvd. Amherst, Nova Scotia Canada B4H 4S7
Company age: 60 years

For more than 60 years, Emmerson Packaging has been a leader in flexible packaging solutions, working with some of the top companies in North America to create their brands. Customer Success is the guiding principle of the company.

To assist you in achieving your objectives, they use cutting-edge technology, an extensive R&D department, a proactive attitude to sustainability efforts, exceptional customer service, and effective project management. So, they've been recognized as a Platinum Club Member of Canada's Best Managed Companies, and that's how they intend to earn your trust and business! In 1956, PG Emmerson launched their company with just six staff and a single printing press. Their straightforward goal was to give superior service and products to their customers.

We now employ over 450 people over two locations in Amherst, Nova Scotia, and Belleville, Ontario, totaling over 300,000 square feet. For the first time since the company's founding in 1956, it changed its name from PolyCello to Emmerson Packaging to better reflect its family values.
Depending on the request, the minimum order quantity may differ based on the products. The lead time varies by product category.
6. vacpack.co.nz
Location: 4/3 Emirali Road, Silverdale, Auckland
Company age: 20 years

Catering to the needs of New Zealand's food processing and food service industries is Auckland-based Vacpack. This company provides food packaging products and services throughout the country. Their clients benefit greatly from the efficiencies because they save time and money. They take great pride in the long-term, mutually beneficial relationships they've built with food packaging specialists in New Zealand and around the world over the past two decades, which allows them to provide consistently high-quality, low-cost solutions.

Vacpack is a family-run business based in New Zealand. D&L packaging, a sister company, has been growing and serving its customers for the past two decades. A "one-stop shop" for food packaging and processing solutions, Vacpack is based in Auckland. They offer different minimum order quantities based on products.
7. Mega Packaging
Mega Packaging
Location: 11 Radium Rd Uraniaville, Klerksdorp
Company age: 31 years

In 1991, they started in the small town of Klerksdorp in the North West Province. Since then, they've grown to have 5 Distribution branches all over South Africa and have learned even more about the packaging business. They've taught their sales representatives what they've learned over the past 25 years to give their clients the best service possible.
Mega packaging has built long-term relationships with the companies that make their products and even set up their factories because of the high demand for high-quality goods. Because of this close relationship, they can sell the best products at the lowest prices. The way they work with their suppliers gives them a better handle on the quality of the goods they sell to their clients. They care about your packaging because they are one of the largest food packaging distribution companies still privately owned. They want all of their customers to be happy and Mega Packaging to be the best food packaging company in South Africa and the world. They want to become Africa's leader in food packaging by continuing to grow and expand. They will keep giving South Africa and the rest of Africa the best packaging services that can be found. If you live in their delivery area, they will send you your order for free from one of their five warehouses. They do not have a minimum order value to qualify for free delivery.
8. Zippak.com
Location: Global Headquarters 475 N Gary Avenue Carol Stream, Illinois 60188 USA
Company age: 60 years

Zip-Pak has a global network of innovative resealable products, manufacturing capabilities, equipment, and unmatched technical support. This makes it easy for you to add zippers to your products, which consumers like because they are convenient and work well. The highest quality standards are met by products made in factories that are among the best in the world. Their field service engineers are strategically placed worldwide and ready to offer support and expertise.

People today choose products that come in packaging that is easier to use, keeps the product safe, and keeps it fresh. Zip-resealable Pak's solutions meet and exceed these needs, making brands stand out, giving customers what they want, and giving great performance in stores and at home. Use the Zip-Pak Global Advantage to help your products stand out from the crowd. ITW has worked with United Way for more than 60 years to make a difference in their communities. Education, income, and health are the three areas that United Way focuses on. They believe in and support all three areas as a way to change their communities. With their help, the United Way is changing things.
9. Hiltonfoodgroupplc.com
Location: 2-8 The Interchange, Latham Road, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, PE29 6YE
Company age: 18 years

Entrepreneurs started the Hilton Food Group. Their company was started in 1994 to run a central meat packing plant for beef and lamb in Huntingdon, UK. Before that, the founding families ran slaughterhouses and bone-cutting facilities as early as the 1960s. Today, they run seventeen facilities and take part in two joint ventures. They are committed to working in an honest, open, and ethical way to make products that are safest and best for food. This is based on their group quality policy, which tells everyone in the group how committed they are to food safety, product quality, legality, and honesty. To make sure their customers are happy, they need to have enough resources to keep improving their products, processes, and people.
10. Packaging Products
Packaging Products
Location: 14 Downer Street Lower Hutt, Wellington
Company age: 47 years

They know that many businesses like to work with fewer vendors, so they've increased the number of products and services they offer to give you more than you'd expect. They offer a unique way to package, market, and ship products they make themselves.
They have a wide range of specialized equipment that lets them make everything from custom-printed labels and signs to engraved materials and branded promotional items. All of this is done from their improved site in Lower Hutt.
They also offer a complete inventory management service that can be tailored to your needs. Customers will find it even easier to do business with them now. Customers tell them that what sets them apart is the high quality of service their team gives. Businesses of all sizes trust them to give them what they need when they need it, making them great value.
11. Tri-Pack
tri pack.
Location: Tri-pack Packaging Systems Ltd Estate Road No. 1Grimsby N. E. LincolnshireDN31 2TB
Company age: 48 years

Tri-Pack is based in Grimsby, England, where it was established in 1974 and had a total floor space of 32,000 square feet. In keeping with their Lincolnshire heritage, Tri-Pack employs many Grimsby residents. Tri-Pack is a leader in the UK's polypropylene packaging sector, thanks to its extensive experience in polypropylene conversion.
They make yearly investments in new programs and machines to stay on top of plastic packaging and technological advancements. Tri-Pack is a long-term investment. As a result of these ongoing additions, they can better serve your company's packaging needs as demand grows.
12. FoodPak
Location: 110 - 14480 Knox WayRichmond, BCCanada, V6V 2Z5
Company age: 50 years

FoodPak began as a modest family business in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1968. Since then, they've spent a lot of time looking for packaging partners who can handle all aspects of the process. They believe there is a special answer for you regarding a custom printed run of digital vs. traditional, trays vs. pouches, thermoformed vs. tray sealer.
Your product's packaging is the consumer's first and most important interaction with your goods. Despite the importance of the packaging design, there is a lot more to consider when putting a product on the shelf. In other words, that's what the product is about. How the product is packaged, shipped, sold, and consumed. All of these factors are taken into account when developing a customized packaging solution.
So, here you go. The best 12 frozen food packaging companies list is here. Hope this list helps you out. And if you have any queries don't hesitate to contact pkgmaker.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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