Why Stand-Up Pouches Are Best For Food Packaging?

Written by Robin Brown on July 29, 2022
Packaging trends emerge quickly, and even if you have your hand on the heartbeat of the market, there are always new and innovative ways to display the products that you may not ever seen before
Stand Up Pouches are the best display packaging options for your bulk items. These stand-up pouch bags are designed to stand independently with an easy zip closure to keep all the products inside as airtight as possible.
We have several sizes and barriers available. We carry all types of zipper stand-up, from our high clarity. These high-barrier pouches show each product to our higher border metallic pouches in striking colours and are ready for wholesale branding pouches for your bulk products.

Why Do you need Standup Pouches?

Stand Up Pouche
There are few benefits of stand-up pouches I want to share with my readers. After learning about them I am sure you are going to be more eager to buy stand up pouches.
Stand-up pouches are frequently resealable, a big plus point for customers. Perishable snacks, such as vegetables, can be kept fresher for longer using reclosable sliding zippers. Furthermore, they make opening and closing the items much more accessible for people with disabilities or skill issues.
Stand-up pouches can come up with clear windows. With bags, transparency is an option. These windows allow customers to see the contents of the container, increasing the likelihood of purchase. According to a recent Forbes article, "consumers want to see the physical item before purchasing and the ingredients listed on the label."
Stand Up Pouches are Durable and Stiff. Even though stand-up pouches are made of flexible materials, they are rugged and designed to stay upright — even if the packaging is only partially complete. They're ideal for resealable products that will be used only occasionally.
Handles are another option for stand-up pouches. Including these allows customers to carry the product without needing an extra bag.
SUPs use less material than many competing options, lowering waste and cost of manufacturing while also reducing the carbon footprint. They are also cheap to transport because they are lighter. Consumers are also looking for more environmentally friendly choices, so these pouches have retail appeal.
Such pouches are commonly reusable or can be managed to make from reusable or sustainable materials, which is an essential consideration in today's market. There are some limitations in inter pouches with foil wrap and other barriers.

Food Packaging

food packaging
Food packaging is a challenging job for any manufacturer. You have to deal with many problems to package food products properly. Every food has a different taste and shelf life. If you match your food products with the wrong packaging, your product is as good as dead.
You should keep in mind a few factors for choosing the best packaging material for your food products.

1. Package Durability: If the package is not durable, then the food can come in contact with air before its expiry date.

2. Packages sustainability: The package must be sustainable for the food product inside. The food product inside.

3. Compliance with the food product: If you choose a package that damages the food inside or reduces its shelf life, it will be a severe problem. So, it would help if you used something that keeps your food fresh inside the package for a long time.

4. Taste Keeper: Your package must not damage the taste of the food inside. If the taste is damaged, then the production is considered a failure. So, preference must be intact.

So, these things are essential for a food packaging company to consider. Standup Pouch may not be the one solution for all problems. But it is one of the most efficient solutions for food packaging.

Below I have listed some of the standup Pouches that can be the solution to your packaging problem.

Flat Bottom Stand up pouch:

Food packaging is a challenging job for any manufacturer. Flat bottom stand-up pouches are increasingly popular in the packaging industry. When packed, these bags stand on their plain bottoms on the shelves, attracting customers' attention.

They also take up less shelf space, allowing more products to be displayed than other packaging types. One of the many significant benefits of using such bags is that they require fewer raw materials to make and store a greater quantity.
It can be stylishly showcased on the racks and is easily stackable, capturing the customer's attention. These bags have a tearing zipper that makes it very easy to open them.
The flat bottom pouch is also environmentally friendly because it uses less substance to manufacture and shops more products. This reduces the bags' carbon footprint

Stand Up Bags

These bags provide the most flexible and excellent printed visuals on the bag, capturing the attention of new buyers. They can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes, which helps to add to their utility.
The stand-up bags also provide an excellent waterproof coating and protection against other elements, keeping the product safe for a more extended period.
When the goal is to reduce packaging costs, stand-up packaging bags are unavoidable. Flexible packaging is at least 3-6 times more expensive than rigid packaging.
Stand-up Zipper Bag

Customers can open the wrapping by sliding the zipper, which is highly convenient. The stand-up zipper bags are ready for retail.

Stand-up zipper bags are another excellent packaging option for safeguarding packaged products. They offer excellent protection against UV light, oxygen, and moisture, among other things.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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