Child Resistant Packaging: A New Trend In The Making

Written by Robin Brown on July 29, 2022
Child resistant packaging is getting popular rapidly for all good reasons. A lot of parents do not like to spend money on products that have such flimsy packaging that even their infants can ruin it. This is a real concern as infants and children getting hold of food products, juices, coffee, and candy can cause some serious accidents apart from spilling it, and making a huge mess. Lots of parents are willing to spend a few bucks extra if that means their food packaging is child resistant meaning their children can no longer destroy the products even if they get a hold of it.

The need for child-resistant closures is increasing, as is the requirement to clearly differentiate between off-the-shelf and custom packaging. The demand for customized packaging grows as more consumer items require child-resistant packaging. The laundry detergent pod and recreational cannabis industries are just two examples of non-pharmaceutical items that require customized solutions to keep their branding while also providing additional child-resistant protection. If we focus on the food industry then juices, beverages, etc all require child resistant protection to prevent spilling and other issues.

Creating and ensuring unique child-resistant packaging requires a great deal of attention to detail in terms of materials, size, product use, and other features. Plastic closures are mostly built with polypropylene, a flexible substance that is ideal for moving hinges.
A moving hinge is a little web of material that connects the top and bottom of a cap. The material web works like a hinge, allowing the top to move between open and closed positions.

Unfortunately, because of its softness, polypropylene is a difficult material to process, and because few materials can replace with polypropylene, developing a moving hinge product can be problematic. Developing a closure for polyethylene bags of paperboard boxes has its own set of issues. Because these materials are not stiff, building mechanical locking mechanisms is more complex.

If you are looking to add child resistant packaging to sell your products then working with a manufacturer that has a track record of success in product design, manufacturing, and completing the certification procedure can save you both costs and time.

At Pkgmaker, we specialize in the development of innovative mechanical solutions, including a unique prototyping capacity. These abilities enable us to supply our clients with child-resistant approved solutions with custom packages at a very cheap price.

What Is Child Resistant Packaging?

So, what is child resistant packaging? Over the years many different terms similar to this have been used to mean the same thing; packaging that has an extra safety barrier so that children cannot access harmful products. Terms like child-deterrent etc. have been used in the past too. In the packaging industry, child resistant packaging is used only. The term child resistant refers to special packaging that is particularly designed and built with the aim of minimizing the danger of children swallowing potentially hazardous products by adding an additional barrier of protection.
Child resistant packaging is used with medicines to stop children from harmful stuff. Although in the packaging industry, we don’t always use the same safety methods, we too employ a safety barrier that works just as well.

Why Do You Need Child Resistant Packaging?

The first point of engagement a customer makes with your brand is through product packaging. Investing in packaging that creates a lasting first impression is important to a brand’s success. There are several factors that packaging must have in order to perform for your business, ranging from label design to shelf presence.

However, safety is the most important factor for products that could be hazardous to customers and children. If you are selling nonfood items such as detergent, soap, shampoo, seeds, herbicides, etc. then adding a child resistant feature is a must for you.
The same can be said for cannabis products too. Most customers who have children at home will look for a child resistant feature before spending money on your cannabis-based product.
Customers will not buy a package if it does not look to be safe. This can be harmful to a company's image.

Apart from safety issues, if you are selling food items then you also need to add child resistant packaging. Older children resistant to technology like safety caps are no longer the preferred solution to many parents. Children have evolved and so did technology. Even infants can access it through a safety cap now. So, child resistant zip locks, locks, etc. can enhance the safety and image of your brand as well.

If you are selling baby food items then adding a child resistant lock is a must. Research shows even if parents do not want child resistant packaging for their juices they prefer it when their baby food items come with child resistant packaging.

3 Child Resistant Packaging Mock-up

Many brands think adding child resistant features might take the fun and hip look away from their brand, but that’s not true at all. Here are 3 child resistant packaging ideas that prove you can have both safety and fun at the same time!


Child Resistant1
A colorful stand up zipper pouch with comical graphics, and a matte outlook will surely make your customer look at it. Along with tear notches, this packaging is perfect for food items.
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Child Resistant2
This stand up pouch that also comes with a child resistant feature which is the zip lock system is great for dry food items. It can be used multiple times and thanks to the tricky ziplock system, children will not be able to access it.


Child Resistant3
This is another ziplock system stand up pouch that also has a child resistant feature. With its bright visuals, this packaging will certainly enhance your brand’s image.
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Why Choose Us?

At Pkgmaker, we offer trendy, fun, and whimsical designs for child resistant packaging. We believe that while our technology will provide the right amount of safety with our child resistant features, the fun, and exciting designs will make your products look even better in the eyes of a customer.

Working for a long time in the packaging industry has allowed us to consistently improve our technique. We keep rigorous production standards and examine all packaging before shipping.

Our mission is to be a one-stop shop for all of your flexible packaging needs. As a result, Pkgmaker offers the best services for all your custom packaging needs. For the advantage of our customers, we provide competitive wholesale pricing on any bulk purchases of custom or available packaging.

At Pkgmaker, different pouch styles, such as spout pouches and stand up pouches, are designed to fulfill your specific demands. We will suggest the best one for you. We give a customized compounding solution by picking the best raw ingredients from a variety of films and laminating them. Advanced printing technology will help you include a wide range of decorative options to add brand value to your products. We provide a range of custom packaging components to fit your demands, such as zippers, spouts, handles, and so on.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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