Stand Up Pouch With Zipper: Your One-stop Solution To Packaging Dilemmas

Written by Robin Brown on July 27, 2022
Stand up pouch with zipper bags are an excellent choice if you have a brand that makes products that require entirely secure and dry packaging. For example, if you sell food items such as sauces or condiments, snacks like chips, or crisps, candy, or maybe even agricultural products like seeds or herbicides, you must ensure that they are packed in a safe medium.

Adding a zipper to your bag will help you make it handier. In this sense, a zipper increases the usability and accessibility of the stand up pouch. When a consumer takes the pouch home, rather than emptying the contents, they may store them in the bag. They are certain that the contents are protected since the zipper allows them to open and seal the bag several times. Ziplock pouches reduce the necessity of storing the product again in a container. This step adds to the user comfort factor. Hence, the customer surely will come back to your product multiple times.

Adding a zipper does not significantly increase the cost of the pouch, making it a cost-effective alternative. However, it is recommended that you use a spout when packing a liquid product such as juice or oil. A zipper is not as functional as a spout when it comes to fluids or beverages. A spout can assist you in making the bag reusable. When the consumer wants to pour the liquid, they just open the spout and close it afterward. But with liquids with thicker consistency such as purees like pesto, tomato paste, or foods like kimchi, adding a zipper will come in handy.

Stand up pouch with zipper bags are great for solid products. If you want a zipper on your bag, make sure you also use tear notches. With a notch on either side, the buyer could open the bag without having to seek scissors or cutters. This is another factor brands often forget to take care of, which leads to a decrease in user comfort.

Why Should You Choose Stand Up Pouch with Zipper Bags?

Stand up pouches are all the rage right now. The main reason is that this type of packaging is a one-stop solution to a wide variety of issues. These pouches offer a number of advantages that make them an excellent choice for modern businesses. A few examples of these advantages are:

Easy packaging: Without fillings inside these bags lie flat and stand up straight, making them easy to store. And, when you put something in them, they can stand on their own, making them ideal for store displays. These bags also take up less room on store shelves. With these bags as packaging, retailers can load shelves with more products while also ensuring that those products catch people's attention.

Barrier and protection: Stand up pouches come in a variety of features, like zipper pouches, tear notch, clear window, spouts etc. You can also customize the level of barriers used inside the packaging to determine the level of safety you prefer. Along with that, there are many materials you can use to create one-of-a-kind packaging for your brand.

We offer lots of different options, ranging from scent and odor barriers to light and moisture barriers. Whether you want matte, glossy, or clear ziplock pouches, at Pkgmaker, we can do it all for you.

Unique packaging: A great way to draw the attention of a customer is by using clear stand up resealable zipper pouches. It can benefit your product in two ways. First, the customers will be able to see your product via clear packaging. If you sell granola, for example, you can let your consumers see the elements of your mix.
They will automatically be drawn to a product they can see instead of a product that is completely covered. Seeing what they are buying will ensure them that they are not wasting their money on the wrong product. Secondly, adding features like zippers will make the product more functional and accessible which will also draw the attention of the customer.
This does not mean you will not be able to print any other information on the pouch. The clear portion of the pouch is a window where customers will be able to see the products inside meanwhile the back portion can be printed with the information of your preference.

User Comfort: Consumers like stand-up zipper pouches because they are re-sealable (excellent for meals and coffees), convenient to store in cupboards and closets, and long-lasting. User comfort should not be looked over if you plan to go far in any industry. Using various features that make choosing, buying, and storing the product easier for a customer will only increase your brand's reputation and demand in the community. Stand up pouch bags are also convenient to many because the shape of these pouches makes organizing or storing food on shelves and refrigerators easy.

Five Stand Up Pouch with Zipper Mockups To Get You Started

Are you confused about what you want in your packaging? Don’t worry at all. Here are five stand up pouch with zipper mockups that will get your creative wheels rolling. And even if you don’t have an exact design in mind, our expert team of designers can always turn your story into your dream packaging.


Stand Up Pouch with Zipper01
This is a great option if you are planning on using one side entirely as the window. If you are selling non-food items, then a big translucent window will let the buyer see everything about the product. Keeping the clear side matte, you can make the back glossy which will make the packaging extremely unique. You can print all the necessary information on the back. Just like the provided picture, printing only your brand’s logo on the front will also make it stand out.


Stand Up Pouch with Zipper02
Oval or square windows are the regular and most commonly used options when it comes to clear stand up resealable zipper pouches. At Pkgmaker, we offer the flexibility of designing the window yourself. You can create your own window shape, for example, one like in the picture, or maybe a heart-shaped matte, translucent window to make it unique!


Stand Up Pouch with Zipper03
Kraft stand up zipper pouch bags are extremely popular due to their aesthetic presence and functionality. With a matte, crisp, and sharp-looking packaging, your product will surely stand out in the sea of competitors.


Stand Up Pouch with Zipper04
Glossy stand up pouch with zipper bags with unique and eye-catching colors are a popular choice among many brands. Printing important information at the front draws the information of a customer quickly.


Stand Up Pouch with Zipper05
Mid-sized round windows at the front give the customer a view of the product while leaving you with enough space to print crucial and important information at the top of the front. This type of packaging is ideal for food.

Why Choose PKGMAKER?

Whether you own a small company or a company that is just starting, you should always be aware of your competition. In the food or non-food industries, competition is always high. To stand out in the eyes of a first time buyer, and to ensure that customer returns to your brand over and over, you need to have impeccable packaging. Because when a customer picks up a product at a shop or orders online, the first thing they notice is the packaging. Adding features that add to customer satisfaction can be a great factor. Another way to stand out in the crowd of hundreds of competitors is by using packaging that tells your story and your vision. Our customized stand up pouch with zipper will do just that for you.

We offer a wide range of features like windows, oval windows, square windows, or no windows at all, whatever you want, we will do it for you. Our stand up pouches also come in a lot of different finishes like matte or glossy. We offer different barrier materials according to your preference.

At Pkgmaker, our expert engineering and imaginative design team can assist you and your brand to produce a packaging that draws attention to processing and distribution and stands out in the industry for products ranging from juices, soups, and sauces to shampoo or seeds.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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