Custom Made Stand-up Pouches With Digital Revolution

Written by Robin Brown on July 29, 2022
One of the most widely known flexible packaging methods is stand-up pouches. They provide an excellent customer experience while being significantly less expensive than most rigid packaging alternatives. They would also make marketing easier as a product manufacturer because they have a large surface area for branding and product decoration.

As per the Paper and Packaging Board, seven - in - ten consumers believe that a product's packaging influences their purchasing decision. When ordering stand-up pouches for your products, it is critical to understand your branding options. There are various methods for printing on stand-up pouches depending on the images you want to use and other factors such as budget.

Stand-up bags make your brand appear more appealing and professional. Stand-up pouches can give your product a premium look with user-friendly features such as tear notches, zippers, and hang holes.

These pouches are versatile and practical, ideal for liquid, dry, and powdered products. Sweets, finely ground beverages, dog food, household items, health products, medical drugs, beauty apparel, and other non-food items can all be packaged.
Stand up Pouche1 1
Standup pouches can be a great marketing tool. This Design is a prominent example. The colour red attracts the consumer the most. This type of Design puts a permanent stamp on consumers’ minds. The zipper makes it more convenient for the end consumer. This is a great reference for any flexible package design.

Custom Printed Stand-Up Pouches

Creativity is the only thing that sets you apart from all your competitors. If you are creative enough with your package design, you will draw more attention. Above, we learned a little about stand-up pouches. What could be a better option than designing your package for yourself?
That's right. Custom printed stand-up pouches are the best bet for your company to rise above all. A customer buys the product seeing the design. If you can prepare a custom-made pouch for your company that stands out, that can be your trademark for life.

After talking about why the question comes down to how. How can you create your very own stand-up Pouch? For that, you can come to many packages making companies like PkgMaker. But you need to maintain some rules to get the best result from packaging companies.
Stand up Pouche2
Black means elegance. For coffee manufacturers, this mockup is an ideal example. This package has a black surface and an orange finish on the top. The colour blends with the product completely. In PKGMAKER, we will provide you with guidance for presenting your product as elegantly as this one.
I have provided some of them below for your convenience.

How to print Stand Up Pouches?

1. Stand-up pouches are printed using one of two methods. The first is rotogravure printing, which works similarly to a traditional rotary printing press by engraving the image to be printed onto a copper cylinder before pressing it onto the object. The press has one printing unit for each colour, typically a CMYK colour blend (cyan, magenta, yellow and key, printing terminology for black).
The 2nd printing method is flexographic printing, which involves feeding the stand-up Pouch from a roll into a printing press. It is then provided through a sequence of print units that prints a single CMYK colour.

2. For stand-up pouches, always submit multiple copies of your artwork. A good rule of thumb is that two hard colour copies, one hard black-and-white copy and one digital copy, are typically stored on a compact disk. Many businesses will accept graphics files via e-mail, but a CD is usually recommended because they are typically very large. Most e-mail systems will be able to handle artwork that is less than 60MB in size.

3. The artwork for your stand-up Pouch must be in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop format. Although Adobe is the industry standard, most providers will accept Macromedia Freehand or CorelDraw. Most printers prefer that you provide them with three versions of your artwork on the CD: two EPS copies and one PDF version.

4. In your hardcopy stand-up pouch design, draw outlines around all of the text. Outlines convert text into small graphic designs, ensuring that your fonts are not distorted during the translation process. As a precaution, provide your printer with the fonts used in your artwork. You'll want the fonts to complement your design if they need to make changes.

5. Include a copy of your true colour benchmarks with your artwork copies so that the shades of your art can be matched exactly.

6. Make sure your printer has copies of the individual photos you used in your design. Include these on the CD that you submit.

7. Never flatten the image layers of a stand-up pouch. All layers of a picture or design should be kept separate if the printer requires revising or adjusting one. Again, give your printer all of the images you used in their original patterned form.

8. Any pictures you use must have a resolution of at least 350 dpi. Lower resolution may cause your image to appear pixilated and distorted, jeopardizing your professional image.
These rules can get the best outcome for your custom printed paper.
Stand up Pouche3
Customers highly demand to see inside the package for food products like nuts. This windowed standup pouch lets the customer have reassurance on the product they are buying. This pouch is designed with a very protective film.

Digital Printed Pouches

Digital printing is ideal for short-run or multi-colour projects. Digital printing eliminates the need for plates or cylinders. Digitally printed stand-up pouches have the same appearance as plate-printed pouches. There are also digitally printed flat lay pouches available. The picture shows the cutting-edge HP Indigo digital press on which your materials will be printed.
Additionally, digitally printed stand-up pouches are a great option for a high colour count and short-run projects, such as trial runs. Or if you are dealing with a changing regulatory structure. If you have many SKUs, digital printing is also recommended because we can divide a short run across several models or flavours.

Benefits Of digitally Printed Pouches

1. It's an excellent choice for short-run projects and jobs with a high colour count. If you are a new company just starting to get into the business, it will be hard for you to handle millions of packaging at once. For you, digital printing can be the best option for your company's growth. Small scale businessmen thus must consider Digital printed pouches.

2. Cost has always been the best priority for any manufacturer and supplier. Low cost means larger scale and more profit. Digital printing saves money on plates and is ideal for the changing regulatory environment.

3. We are all indebted to mother nature. But sometimes, we do injustice to her for our benefit. But why does It always have to go against her? Digitally printed Packages can be cheap and environment friendly at the same time.

4. Digitally printed stand-up pouches require fewer materials than other types of packaging. So, pressure to import more material also reduces for the manufacturer.
Stand up Pouche4
Colourful packages draw customer attraction the most. These colourful custom-made standup pouches work amazingly for marketing. Get your colourful Standup Pouch from PKGAKER. At the lowest possible price.

Perfect Designing Possibilities to Help Your Brand Keep Rising

Stand-up pouches with digital printing can promote your brand in any way. Every inch of the bag can be used to display quirky and exciting graphics, your logo, branding message, or product details. High-definition graphics also allow you to print what you need when you need it.
By researching changing market trends or seasonal changes with short and medium-run digital printing, there’s no need to pile up your stock on extra stock when you can avert it with this packaging application.

For example, turn your coffee bags into a Christmassy bonanza with colourful packaging for the holiday season and return to your regular design.

Packaging is now faster and less expensive than ever before. Plates are not required to set up or create digitally printed stand-up pouches. It takes a digital file to print your bags in minutes rather than weeks to make the plates and print the packages.
A faster packaging turnaround means a shorter time to market your product. It's also a no-brainer if you don't want to raise your branding costs. Compared to rigid packages, it reduces packaging costs by 3-6 times.
Stand up Pouche5
For housing a large amount of product, this design is mainly used. This package design may work for you if you think of selling your goods in large quantities. Its half black and half golden colour draw customer attraction very easily.


Stand Up Pouch is in the very heart of the packaging industry. Day by day, demand for custom-made stand-up Pouch is rising. So, demand for custom package makers is also rising. For the growth of your brand, you can always rely on PKGMAKER. We can ensure you the best packaging solution for your product money can buy with our expertise.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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