7 Best Companies To Get Flexible Packaging In Europe

Written by Robin Brown on July 29, 2022
Flexible packaging made thousands of items more convenient, enjoyable, and safe for consumers. All thanks to flexible packaging's undying devotion to innovation, technology, and sustainability. Flexible packaging is one of the fastest-growing markets in the packaging industry. It adds value and marketability to food and non-food products by combining the best qualities of plastic, film, paper, and aluminum foil to deliver a broad range of protective properties while using the least amount of material possible.
There are a lot of companies in Europe that sell flexible packaging in Europe. Here they made a list of the companies who sell the best flexible packaging in Europe.
Location: Pingshan New District, Shenzhen,
Guangdong Province, China
Company age: 40 years

Pkgmaker suggests the easiest method to quickly get your products on shelves is to use custom flexible packaging. They've been doing this for almost 40 years, and you can now purchase personalized, flexible packaging pouches in Europe from them. Simply tell them what kind or size pouch and film mix will work best for your packing needs, and they'll take care of the rest, ensuring that delivery arrives fast and without fuss at your clients' doors.
PKGMAKER can assist you in developing a professional brand for your items. They can deliver high-quality flexible packaging in any quantity with no minimums or tooling fees thanks to their first-of-its-kind online solution and state-of-the-art production facilities! They also provide custom printed packaging in a short time frame, resulting in a speedier turnaround time of 72 hours from approval.

2. Plastimak
Company age: 33 years

Plastimak has a tradition of specializing in flexographic printing, laminating, roll-cutting, and bag-making of flexible packaging materials since its beginning in 1989.
They have made significant investments, leading in its current state-of-the-art facilities, that are equipped with high-precision and automated machinery, allowing them to maintain its high productivity and quality standards. Plastimak, one of the most well-known firms in the flexible packaging industry, brings together the know-how and technological expertise that your company requires to transform the packaging into a marketing tool that adds value to your product.
Their productive capabilities grow in line with improvements in hygiene and food safety practices. They cannot only match their business with the relevant European regulatory framework, but they also go above and beyond by developing a product that sets the bar for quality and safety, as proven by their certificates.
Their main concern is food packaging. They sell flexible packaging pouches in Europe. They also sell household products, hygiene products, and detergents. They want to make printed films and packaging materials that add value to their customers' products and function as a marketing tool because of their high quality and visual superiority.
3. Beucke
Location: In der Garte 11-13
49201 Dissen a.T.W.
Company age: 265 years

The BEUCKEGROUP unites the benefits of a traditional family business with the innovative strength of a dynamic corporation. Borchers Christian Beucke established a bookbinding workshop in Dissen in 1757, which multiplied into the third generation of the family.
To carry out job activities efficiently, the age of industrialization is ushered in early. Two publishers and a photographic department have been added to the bookbinding workshop. The company successfully entrenched itself in the packaging industry at the turn of the nineteenth century. It now meets all of its clients' demands with the highest quality standards.
They provide flexible packaging in Europe for food, tobacco, and pharmaceutical companies.
4. Perlen Packaging
Perlen Packaging
Location: Perlenring 3,
6035 Perlen, Switzerland
Company age: 60 years

Processes, facilities, products, and the atmosphere at Perlen Packaging are all tailored to the pharmaceutical industry's needs. They work internationally and generate win-win scenarios for S.M.E.s and large pharmaceutical firms in Switzerland, Germany, the United States, China, and Brazil.
Rely on Perlen Packaging, which focuses on excellent consulting expertise and has a long track record of success in the pharmaceutical industry. Their link with Chemie & Papier Holding AG, a global conglomerate, provides them and you with easier access to a valuable global network of relationships. The most important key aspect is their personnel and international sales network. They strongly emphasize innovation and development to meet market demands with their high-quality product line and achieve long-term success.
The foundation for continuing their expansion plan is the constant expansion of their capacities. Its purpose is to meet the pharmaceutical industry's expectations of its suppliers on a long-term basis. Sustainable optimization possibilities in the sense of "always a step ahead" can be reached by constantly refining their processes and coordinating them with their partners. Collaboration based on partnerships offers an actual "win-win" situation.
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5. Prepacgroup
Location: Wegoflex GmbH
Am Bohldamm 9
14959 Trebbin
Company age: 30 years

They understand how critical it is to be able to respond quickly and effectively to their clients' changing needs. As a result, they are highly adaptive in both their manufacturing processes and all other performance-related areas. Furthermore, they strive to address rising needs for product sustainability by offering customized solutions for their customers and markets.
For nearly 30 years, they have been converting packaging films and papers for the consumer goods industry. High-quality flexographic printing, personalized conversion, and various laminating methods are among the processing stages that allow the company to keep up with new advances in this field. Solutions for laminates and paper packaging are being developed with the ability to operate with water-based adhesive systems or apply partial sealing lacquer. Trebbin also manufactures packaging designed for recycling, renewable raw resources, or recycled materials.
6. Schur Flexibles
Schur Flexibles
Location: Wiener Neudorf, Austria
Company age: 10 years

Schur Flexibles is a leading provider of highly specialized flexible packaging in Europe. It has made sustainability a priority. Their fast-growing pan-European organization, founded in 2012, has 2,200 employees and 23 production facilities in eleven countries and operates some of Europe's most advanced printing houses. They take a comprehensive approach to sustainability, aiming to pave the road for a circular economy by fully supporting the E.U.E.U. Green Deal. They emphasize "HOW" they create them at every stage of their operations. They provide best-in-class bespoke packaging to avoid food loss and waste in the critical products supply chain.
Schur provides Packaging solutions in Europe for the food, pharmaceutical,
cosmetic and aroma protection industries. Their Centers of Excellence are well-known in their respective industries, with expertise spanning the integrated value chain for made-to-measure protective solutions, from raw material sourcing to film production, printing, and refinement to laminating and converting. Schur Flexibles is thus a one-stop-shop for custom packaging for the food, hygiene, scent protection, and pharmaceutical industries. They constantly optimize their technologies, products, and solutions to adapt to a changing world. This is how they promote digital transformation in the packaging business and effectively influence change.
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7. Aluberg
Location: Via Rebecchi, 1-2-3
24060 Bagnatica (BG) - Italy
Company age: 30 years

Aluberg S.p.a specialties in Aluminium foil, plastic film, and flexible laminates. They have 30 years of experience, continual manufacturing process improvement, and cutting-edge technology applications. They can guarantee efficiency and productivity. Their employees, who are both highly qualified and motivated, are the key to their success, and they take special care in training and involving them.
Aluberg S.p.a. is well-known worldwide, thanks to an energetic sales team, and their export orientation keeps them up to date on the latest advancements, which they can respond to quickly.
All major pharmaceutical corporations have validated/approved their goods, which they supply both locally and corporately. Their materials have received F.D.A., C.F.D.A., and C.E.C.E. registration and submission. They are happy to have met the high-end market's strict standards. Their facility is ISO 8 certified (heat vacuum air condition).
They create high-tech materials to understand that the final use is the primary packaging. They know how delicate this is and simply want to provide the most reliable product possible. Their on-site laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by experts, and complete material control – both in-line and off-line – ensure the highest quality. The certificate of analysis is released in its entirety.
So, that is the list of best flexible packaging companies in Europe. Hope it made it easier for you to decide where to get the packages from.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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