Top 10 Stand Up Pouch Manufacturers And Supplier Factories In China

Written by Robin Brown on July 27, 2022
Stand up pouches are popular for their convenient features. It has resealable functionality, easy to tear zip lock system. And it became more eye catchy if it has a transparent window. Customers like it when they can see the product, they are buying without tearing the package. It makes it easier for them to decide on the product they want to buy. So having stand up pouches with windows for your product is really a great idea!
This pouch show offs the product within them. Displaying those delicious treats or snacks make consumers more interested. It makes snacking easier.
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Sweet treats peeking through the clear window makes it look more mouthwatering. Customers will definitely give it a thought when they are passing by them in the shop. After all who doesn't like these sweet treats.
Keep your kitchen necessities on these stand-up pouches to store them for a longer period of time.

Choosing the best stand up pouch from a big country like China can be tiresome. Since there are a lot of options. So, here we have collected the list of top 10 companies from Alibaba who sell stand up pouch in China to make it easier for you:
1. Hebei Wang'ai Trading Co
Hebei Wang'ai Trading Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Cangzhou Jiacheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., established on September 7, 2005. Their company is a modern plastic packaging enterprise specializing in the production of composite plastic packaging bags and composite plastic packaging roll films. It is based in Dongguang County, Hebei Province, which is known as Jiangbei's No. 1 plastic township.
It is a plastic soft packaging company with a unity of design, tray making, research & innovation, product outer packing manufacturing, and has an 8-color high-speed press, solventless laminating machine, high-speed bag making machine, high-speed code printing machine, 100,000-degree dust-free purifying workshop, high-quality service, and relevant expertise; the products are sold all across China and the world.
CangZhou JiaCheng Plastic Industry Co. Ltd specializes in flexible packaging and is China's leading OEM and ODM provider. JiaCheng Plastic Industry is located in Dongguang County, Hebei Province, known as Jiangbei's No. 1 plastic township. Through 29 years of good faith management and strict adherence to Sincerity, Honesty, and Customer-Orientation principles, the company has gradually grown into one of the leading printing and packaging enterprises. their company is dedicated to R&D, production, and sales of environmentally friendly packaging and printing. The offer a wide range of materials, such as eco-friendly plastic bags, biodegradable plastic bags, and composite bags made from PE, OPP, PET, and PA.
The National Foreign Trade Committee has granted BDPAK an import and export license. their company has a solid financial foundation and a strong network of contacts in a variety of industries, particularly in the Makeup Tools sector. They also have a team of knowledgeable designers and the necessary personnel. Makeup Brushes & Mirrors, Eyelash & Eyelash Brushes, Lipstick Tubes, Cosmetic Sponges, Eyeshadow & Powder Compacts, Wigs, and other items are among their most popular things. SGS and FDA have certified all of the products.
They are always on the looking for new materials and technologies. They are always available to assist you with your product requirements, whether for single parts or an entire assembly. They can significantly lower the price of your existing pieces. With high working efficiency, they can turn your design concept into reality!
They always comply with the belief of continuous cost-cutting with their nonstop cost-cutting concept, "Finding the perfect match! Not the one that cost you money!" Fengqi has received strong support from their sister factories thanks to its more than ten years of Chinese market outsourcing experience.
3. Zibo Yu Xiang Trade Co.Ltd.TOP 10 STAND UP06
They are a dedicated trademark printing enterprise in Shandong Province and one of China's largest and most influential private enterprises. It is situated in Zibo, a historic and culturally significant city. Since its inception, their company has built modern and specialized workshops and supporting facilities by continuously introducing advanced technology and equipment in strict compliance with GMP standards and is equipped with a fully computerized high-speed production line, composite production line, and equipment for slitting and bag making after printing. And a special computer design department that provides customers with optimal packaging solutions.
4. Wenzhou Aiya Technology Co.
With a complete and scientific quality management system, Wenzhou Aiya Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and processing plastic food bags, self-sealing bags, food packaging bags, and other products. The industry has acknowledged Wenzhou Aiya Technology Co., Ltd.'s integrity, strength, and product quality.
5. Shantou Hong Tai Printing & Packaging Co. Ltd.
Shantou HongTai Printing & Packing specializes in various types of food packaging and packaging film. It is a modern printing company with a diverse range of flexible packaging designs and extensive production experience and capability.
The company is fully equipped with cutting-edge technology, including an electronic axis high-speed printing machine, a high-speed lamination machine, an Italian Super Simplex SL, and a Japanese automatic online detection system, among other things. A clean production workshop and excellent inspection equipment support product hygiene and quality assurance.
The company has a small, highly skilled team with many years of experience; more than half employees have a college diploma or higher. And the core team has ten years of experience in the flexible packaging industry. Advanced equipment, skilled and experienced personnel and the modern management concept of enterprise late-mover advantage give the flexible packaging market a competitive edge.
6. Meisheng Packaging
Meisheng Packing is a 20-year-old flexible packaging and printing manufacturer based in E Gong Ling Industrial Park, Long Gang District, Shenzhen City, China. They provide stand up pouch in China. For their customers, they also provide professional solutions. Stand-up pouches, coffee/tea bags with valves, flat bottom bags, vacuum bags, spout pouches, printed rolls, shrink sleeves for bottles, plastic zipper bags, and scoops are all included in their extensive product catalogue.
They 've quickly grown into a world-class supplier of ready-made bags with unmatched quality and customer service. their guiding principles have always been innovation and imagination. their superior flexible packaging products, such as film, pouches, and bags, have defined as one of the packaging industry's leaders due to their unique features and technologies. Innovative, award-winning thinking and quick global shipping capabilities.
7. Shenzhen Youmeijia Packing Co. Limited
Shenzhen Youmeijia Packing Co., Limited is a stand up pouch factory in China. Since 2010, They have been a professional packaging pouch supplier with many years of experience. They have a 1400 square meter factory of their own. their main products include stand up pouches, box bottom bags, coffee bags, side gusset bags, kraft paper pouches, food, commodity, and detergent packaging.
To ensure that their clients receive food-safe products, they have obtained SGS and BPA QS certifications. So far, they 've worked with clients from more than 30 countries around the world. their core competencies are customized service. Up to 90% of their products are made to order. Custom printing, size, materials, and thickness are all determined by their customers' needs, and They will provide professional advice.
8. Dongguan Yiwei Plastic Company Ltd.
Dongguan Yiwei Plastic Company is a leading manufacturer of various types of packaging bags, including three-side seal bags, slider bags, pet poop bags, pe bags, stand-up zipper bags, and aluminum foil bags.
The factory was established in 2007 to produce high-quality dog poop bags, zipper bags, food packaging bags, drawstring bags, aluminum foil bags, bags on roll, and block header bags at a reasonable price for customers all over the world.
They have two factories with a total of 80 employees. The monthly production capacity exceeds 50 tons. OEM and ODM are both options. Using cutting-edge technology, they can supply LDPE and HDPE in thicknesses/gauges ranging from 6 to 200 microns and widths ranging from 5 to 140cm.
9. Qingdao Xintongda Plastic Products Co. Ltd.
XinTongDa Plastic Products Co., Ltd., Qingdao, the XinTongDa factory was established in 1996, and the Overseas Department was established in 2004. It is located in Qingdao City and is well-known in China. BOPP packing tape, BOPP jumbo roll, stationery tape, double-sided tape, masking tape, kraft paper tape, plastic bag, functional film, compound bag; PE stretch film, protective film, wire membrane, and various plastic packing materials are some of their specialties.
They can currently manufacture glue their selves. Coating lines, printing machines, slitting machines, tape cutting machines, and other professional manufacturing machines are all available. They have a workshop with over 30,000 square meters of space and 200 employees. SGS and ISO9001 certifications have been obtained. They have many customers all over the world after nearly 24 years of development.
10. Shenzhen Yifeng Package Products Co. Ltd.
Shenzhen Yifeng Plastic Packaging Products Co., Ltd specializes in printing and bag conversion of multi-laminated products such as pouches with zipper tops, retort pouches, vacuum-packed pouches, box bottom pouches with zippers, spout pouches, roll film, and stand-up pouches in China.
Their printing, film laminating, and bag-making facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technology. Two high-speed printing machines with ten colors each print your designs perfectly. A Bottom pouch with a standard or pocket zipper or a stand-up pouch with a zipper is among their capabilities. A top spout or corner spout stand-up pouch made of kraft paper with a zip-top and Heavy window packaging, coffee packaging bags with valves, or tin ties for 125°C or 135°C.
So now it’s your turn to choose any of the above list which suits best for your business requirements and demands. We can guarantee that, you will not regret of your decision!
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