All You Need To Know About Mylar Packaging

Written by Robin Brown on July 26, 2022
Flexible packaging is expanding dramatically nowadays thanks to the incredible spread of new food, nutritional supplements, herbal, and pharmaceutical items in the market. The increasing demand for adaptability, functionality, and accessibility has resulted in a growth in demand for flexible packaging, including mylar roll stock packaging, and other forms of flexible packaging.
Roll stock is simply a type of designed film that is used in form-fill-seal packaging machines.
To add some weight to the argument, let’s take a look at the annual market of the flexible packaging industry. The flexible packaging industry hit an astronomical annual market of $176 billion in 2021. But this is not all as this market is predicted to rise to $237 billion by 2028.
After reading the estimated annual market and potential of the flexible packaging industry, which includes mylar packaging as well, as a seller, you may wonder, what is the main reason behind this?
The biggest reason behind this sudden change in interest is accessibility. Mylar bags are very easy to use for the customers and are much more cost-efficient than rigid packaging. These are very easy to handle as well. Mylar packaging keeps the product inside protected and fresh for a very long time. In addition, mylar packaging is very easy to customize so retailers can make a strong impression just with their packaging within seconds. Besides, mylar packaging is much more lightweight than traditional packaging which contributes to the user0comfort factor greatly.
Overall, many deciding factors have made custom mylar bags one of the most popular forms of packaging solution in recent days.
In this write-up, we will be discussing everything you need to know about mylar bags and mylar roll stock packaging and all the ways your business can benefit from using it.

What Is Mylar Packaging?

Mylar Packaging1
Mylar packaging refers to a type of plastic film packaging that is used to create flexible packaging. DuPont Tejin Films owns the trademark Mylar. This kind of packaging was first patented in 1952 and 1954, and DuPont started its production in America.
BOPET, also known as biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate bags are polyester films with barrier features such as gas and chemical stability, moisture resistance, and electrical insulation.
Mylar bags are created by squeezing a film of molten polyethylene terephthalate (PET) onto a chill roll, which is then extinguished into a solid-state and orientated by drawing.
Mylar has become a common household name so people use the words “mylar” and “plastic film packaging” interchangeably.
Packaging manufacturers use aluminum foil to stop prevent metalized polyester film when creating mylar bags.
Customizing mylar bags with printing is very cost-efficient. Lots of companies choose custom-designed Mylar bags to make an impression on their shoppers.
Originally, the packaging design was produced using three main printing processes: flexography, silkscreen printing, and gravure. However, customers can now print their mylar bags thanks to all the new and innovative technology.
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Benefits Of Mylar Bags

Mylar Packaging2
If we were to list all the benefits of using mylar packaging, it would most likely take an entire day, or even more! The usage of mylar has changed the packaging industry for good. Its usefulness and uniqueness are quite unparalleled. In addition, it is much cheaper than your average box package. Mylar packaging ticks all the boxes in terms of an ideal packaging solution. From storing dry food items to packaging non-food times, the usage of mylar bags is endless. Here are five benefits of using mylar bags as your packaging:

1. Strong Protection Against Moisture, Light, And Oxygen
Mylar bags provide unmatched protection against odor, moisture, and oxygen. There are a lot of industries where you will need airtight packaging to keep your product safe and usable. From herbs, medicines, and seeds to several types of food items with different textures, the need for special protection is always there.
The high barrier films used in creating mylar pouches, or bags act as the layer of protection keeping light, moisture, and oxygen away from your product. Thanks to these high barrier films, the scent does not leave the packaging so the item inside stays fresh. And thanks to its air-tight security, oxygen does not enter inside so chemical reactions do not happen either.
Whether you are selling freshly ground coffee beans, dried fruits, or candy, your product will remain so fresh that your customer will come back to your brand over and over for its freshness.

2. Tear And Puncture Resistant
Packaging that can withstand tearing and perforations is critical for food and supplement retailers, particularly for those who transport their items to physically distant locations. Tear and puncture resistance ensure both freshness of your product and the safety of your product as well. As mentioned previously, these two qualities are the main reason mylar packaging is so commonly used for child resistance packaging.
Custom mylar bags and other flexible packaging solutions, such as stand-up pouches, roll stock and lie flat pouches, are made to not rip or damage while on the shelf, in shipping, or during customer interaction at the market.

3. Child Resistance

Child-resistant packaging is one of the most preferred packagings among both customers and sellers these days. This is due to the offered safety. Let’s face it, no matter how great the product inside is, there are a lot of ingredients that are extremely harmful to kids. Lots of medicinal supplements cause more harm to kids than good. If a child gets a packet that can be easily opened with just one pull, they will likely cause a mess and a harmful accident may occur too. If you have a cannabis-based business, then using child-resistant packaging is a must as well.
Lots of packaging manufacturers sell child-resistant packaging nowadays, and all of them are made with mylar bags. This is because mylar bags are tear and puncture resistant so children cannot tear the packet away. Plus, mylar bags are easily customizable compared to rigid packaging so using locks and closures on mylar packaging to make them child-resistant is a much easier and simpler job. The best part is it is still quite cheaper considered to traditional packaging.

4. Sustainability
The importance of sustainability in the packaging industry keeps growing. With concerns about the climate becoming increasingly important, many companies are choosing a packaging supplier that can show that their packaging materials are ecologically friendly.
For an environmentally sensitive approach to their packaging strategy, they are looking for manufacturers who manufacture 100% recyclable packaging with features like CR zippers and sustainable film constructions.
In addition, adding closures and zippers can make mylar bags re-usable compared to traditional and rigid packaging.

5. Lots Of Customizations
One of the biggest reasons behind the sudden surge in mylar packaging popularity was the usefulness and accessibility this type of packaging offered. When it comes to accessibility, the most important feature is how much user-friendly the product itself is. With custom mylar bags, sellers can add a wide variety of custom features that can improve the user experience resulting in more customer satisfaction. Features like zippers, closures, tear notches, press-to-close zippers, tin ties, etc. increase the usability and functionality of your packaging. These features have the ability to turn your packaging into a reusable container for your product. Thanks to these customizable features, mylar bags are gaining lots of popularity these days.

6. Great Printing
The best way for your brand to leave a strong impression on your customer is by using eye-catching and unique packaging. Due to the flexibility of mylar as a material, sellers can choose from a wide variety of finishes. From matte, soft matte, to gloss or metalized finishes, the possibilities with mylar packaging are endless.
In addition, printing technology these days are very innovative and useful. Thanks to those, your brand’s packaging can look just the way you want without spending extra money or doing extra hard work.

How Can Using Mylar Roll Stock Packaging Help Your Brand?

Mylar Packaging4
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The concept of roll stocks can be quite new to a lot of people. Roll stocks are printed and laminated sheets or films on a roll, as the name, suggests. Often it is used with the FFS machine, also known as the “Form, Fill and Seal machine” where the machine forms the package with a predetermined shape, fills it with the product, and seals the package. These are very similar to mylar pouches except mylar pouches come premade or already shaped while with roll stock films, you will have to make the pouch yourself.
Here are some of the benefits of using mylar rollstock film:

1. Fast And Cost-Efficient
Roll stock can be manufactured quickly compared to premade pouches or bags. When you use rollstock films in the FFS machine, it will create more packages per minute while filling the pouches with products and sealing them in the process. In today's rush market, quickness is essential to long-term success, specifically if you're testing a new product for the first time.
Rollstock films also save packing costs when making high-volume items since the form-seal machine creates less waste. Every dime matters for small businesses that are just putting their items to market.

2. Custom It The Way You Want
Marketing is critical for businesses that want to stand out from the crowd or on the shelf. Customers want useful packaging, and roll stock can be used to make your personalized pouches. With photo-quality accuracy, rich and vivid colors, and matte or glossy textures, innovative printing technology such as flexographic printing technology brings brands to life.
The product inside the package remains fresh due to the usage of a reclosable zipper. You can also use laser scoring, tear notches, and micro-perforations for breathability.
With rollstock films, you can add all the customizable features you could have added into a pouch. At Pkgmaker, our main objective is to make your packaging dreams come true. If you want to add multiple features to your rollstock packaging, then we will do it for you at a reasonable price, no matter how big or small your order is.

3. Flexible And Sustainable
Roll stock can be considered flexible packaging in two ways. First is the packaging itself which means, the material itself is considered a flexible packaging material, and the second way is the way you can use a rollstock film to package your products. Printing rollstock packaging for food items such as snacks, cookies, etc. is quite simple. Because it is a one-step procedure, you can handle massive volumes of work in one go. Your co-packer or form-filler will have everything they need to package your products all at once. Then it's out the door to the nearest shops.
Just like mylar bags, rollstock films are sustainable as well. Rollstock films are a sustainable, lightweight solution that takes less material and energy to make than rigid packaging or even pouches. In addition, the production process produces lower greenhouse gas emissions. Rollstock packaging is an excellent choice because of its quick processing speed.

Why Work With Us?

To make your mylar roll stock packaging dreams come to life, it is essential that you collaborate with a packaging manufacturer that will consider your goals as their own and your success as their own, and offers extensive customization possibilities to produce something that tells the story of your brand while also providing excellent product protection.

And, our company Pkgmaker meets all of these requirements and more. We provide complete in-house customization for all types of packaging solutions, and our packaging specialists are available to support you and your packaging dreams along the way!
Our packaging solutions are made with innovative new technologies to ensure you get the best packaging at the most affordable prices.
We use digital printing technology to ensure your bags look just the way you want.
We offer a wide variety of packaging solutions for all kinds of products.
From zippers to a soft matte finish, you can customize your rollstock films with anything you want.
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We can assist you to understand more about how to rollstock packaging can help your business meet its packaging needs. We've created a 360-degree perspective of many systems to assure long-term sustainability and simple customization procedures. Unlike traditional machines that require fresh sheets and start from scratch, our products are technologically powered.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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