All You Need To Know About Packaging For Ground Coffee

Written by Robin Brown on July 13, 2022
Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the entire world. From starting the day with a cup of americano to ending the day with a sweet latte, nobody says no to a cup of coffee.
The packaging of a product is the first thing a customer notices before deciding whether to buy it or not. This can be said for coffee packaging bags as well. While a lot of people restore their coffee after buying it, they still pay a lot of attention to the original packaging.
It is because the packaging keeps the coffee inside fresh for a very long time. With the best packaging for ground coffee packaging, you will be able to keep dry products like coffee protected from moisture, oxygen, and light.
There are lots of customers who do not like to store coffee in a different container. This is why if you are selling coffee, you should always use good packaging. The best coffee packaging is durable, moisture-resistant and has lots of convenient features. If a customer decides to not store the coffee in another container, then they will have to deal with the provided packaging every day. An eye-catching and functional packaging is what your customer will see every day. This way the next time they go to a shop to buy more coffee, they will automatically think about your brand.
Since packaging has such a crucial influence on a product, custom printed packaging has become very popular among brands lately. The same goes for coffee packaging too.

What Is Coffee Packaging? Why Does Your Brand Need It?

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Packaging is important whether you are selling food items or non-food items. Many manufacturers believe that coffee packaging is not important as long as it keeps the product inside fresh. While keeping the product inside fresh is important, making sure you are using attractive packaging is equally important. Whether you are selling coffee beans or ground coffee, the packaging matters more than you think. Here are three simple reasons why your brand needs custom packaging for ground coffee.

1. To Keep The Product Fresh
Lots of brands believe that the packaging for ground coffee and coffee beans is the same. Even if they are professional roasters, many do the mistake of using the same packaging for both. And this becomes a fatal mistake. Did you know that within the first 15 minutes of grinding, coffee beans can lose up to 60% of their aroma? It will also become weaker and stale as time passes since it has been ground and is no longer in its original state. These facts are enough to understand why ground coffee needs a better, and stronger packaging than coffee beans.

2. To Attract Customers
Most customers who buy coffee are regulars and have experience. People who do not know how to make coffee at home will choose to go to cafes instead. But people who do know how to make coffee will go to the market and buy ground coffee. So, your target audience already has an idea of what they are looking for in the ideal coffee packaging bags. If your product does not have key features like degassing valves, or your product packaging is not smart and unique enough, the chances of a customer picking your product over a brand they already know are quite low.
A customer spends at most 10 to 15 seconds on a product before either moving on to the next one or choosing that one. It is your job as the manufacturer to attract the customer within that 15 seconds with good packaging, detailed information, and unique features that make your product extremely customer friendly.

3. To Improve Brand Image
As we have mentioned before, coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the entire world. If your packaging is great then the ground coffee inside will stay fresh for a long time. This will make the customer happy and satisfied with their purchase. This will also lead to them purchasing your product again.
Plus, good packaging is a sign of a good brand that cares. Nobody wants to spend their money on a poorly packed product. With the help of premium packaging, you can make your customer feel like they are spending on a luxurious product. This will improve both your brand image and your sales.
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Best Packaging For Ground Coffee

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If you take a look at the nearest store, you will find many different types of packaging for ground coffee. While some packaging is sturdy and is focused on user comfort, some look very flimsy.
Nobody wants to spend a ton of money on production only to end up ruining it all by using bad packaging. This is why, in this segment, you will find some of the most common and best packaging for ground coffee.

1. Flat Bottom Bag/ Box Pouch
The flat bottom coffee bag is one of the most common and best coffee packaging styles. If you analyze the packaging styles of ground coffee in the market, you will find that almost all coffee manufacturers use this style to pack their products. Flat bottom bags are different from stand-up pouches although they do possess one similarity, both of these bags have features that help them with standing alone when filled. Flat bottom bags look like Quadro seal bag but have a flat bottom instead. It has a square shape which gives it the appearance of a box, thus the name, the box pouch.

Flat bottom pouches or bags have a strong shelf appearance. Because it can stand on its own, it does not take up a lot of space on the shelf. This is due to its square shape and box-like appearance.

So, if you are distributing your coffee to super shops and markets, then this type of packaging will enhance your brand’s overall image. In addition, when the bag is empty or before filling the bag, it does not take up a lot of space either so you will not have a problem storing this packaging.
This type of bag has a top that is commonly folded over or completely down into a brick shape and sealed. It also gives you a lot of options in terms of zippers, sizes, and styles.

At Pkgmaker, we make flat-bottom bags that will turn your coffee into a creative display with the best shelf stability and give it a sophisticated image.

2. Quad Seal Bag
Quad seal bags are a very popular pick in the coffee packaging industry because of their minimalistic and crisp aesthetic. It is efficient, self-assisting, and can act as the perfect eye-catching packaging with the littlest customization.
Quad seal bags are as the name suggests, packaging pouches that are sealed on all four corners of the bag. These types of bags resemble box pouches for the most part but instead are sealed at the bottom as well. Due to the almost box shape, quad seal bags are self-standing pouches as well. And because of the sealing at the bottom part, these bags will be able to provide the extra kick of security your ground coffee packaging needs. Quad seal bags are more efficient at carrying a huge amount of coffee due to their style.
You can add a zipper at the top of these types of bags to increase security.

3. Stand Up Pouch/ The Doypack

The doypack packaging bags are very similar to stand-up pouches, that you can see at almost every market and shop. The only difference between these two bags is that doypacks are made to support a large number of products.
The doypack packaging bags are often flat at the top and rounded at the bottom. It can stand on its thanks to the oval-shaped space at the bottom just like a regular stand-up pouch.

Doypacks are different from the regular coffee packaging bags which is the box pouch or quad seal bags. Because of their unique look and usage, doypacks can easily grab your customer's attention without even trying. One of the biggest advantages of using a doypack to package ground coffee is that it does not take up much space before or after filling. It is much cheaper than box pouches or quad seal pouches as well.

Doypacks are loved by customers because of their functionality. Most doypacks come with tear notches and zippers. With these features, the customer does not need to store the ground coffee in a different container. This increases customer satisfaction and can be extremely helpful in terms of brand image improvement and brand promotion.

4. Flat Pouch/ Pillow Pouch

Flat pouches or pillow pouches are often used to pack single-serve coffee. If your company sells mixed coffee, or pre-made ground coffee then choosing flat pouches for your ground coffee packaging is the best option. Pillow pouches as the name suggests, look a lot like a pillow. These do not stand and will lay flat on the shelf or in the display. These bags are very cheap and can be made very easily.
You can custom your flat pouches with tear notches to increase user comfort and satisfaction. You can also use Bag-in-Bag packaging to sell your single-serve coffee. With Bag-in-Bag packaging, you have to fill a larger bag with small sachets or pouches of coffee. The larger bag can be of any shape and size.

Why choose Pkgmaker?

Pkgmaker offers a team that understands your packaging needs. We have a team of in-house designers who will do all the pre-printing work for you. From placing the order to the delivery, we guarantee a smooth creative experience.

● Sustainability: At Pkgmaker, we are constantly working to lessen the impact on mother nature. Our packaging options consist of compostable, and recyclable options. If you are looking for a company that will share your dream of sustainability, then look no further!

● State-of-the-art printing technology: We at Pkgmaker believe in providing the best for our customers all the time. And the best packagings start with the best printing technology. Our cutting-edge digital printing machines provide high-quality coffee packaging you can be proud of. We can design whatever you want and print it just the way you want on your custom packaging.

● Wide variety of barriers: Pkgmaker offers a wide variety of barriers for packaging pouches. Whether it's ground coffee or whole beans, thanks to our metalized barriers, it will always remain fragrant and fresh. Our pouches will keep light, moisture, and oxygen away from your coffee while also making your product appear amazing

● Choose all the features you want: The key to producing good packaging is by adding as many features as possible. Different types of features increase user comfort which will inevitably increase customer satisfaction. At Pkgmaker, we offer a wide array of features such as degassing valves, zippers, tin-ties, tear notches, etc. which will keep your coffee fresh and your customers happy.
At Pkgmaker, we have staff who understand the importance of fast delivery. Thanks to our hardworking team, and state-of-the-art factory, we have a very quick turnaround time of 14 business days. We also do not need any minimum quantities, so even if you want to order one single bag for your brand, then be rest assured and contact us!
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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