41 Amazing Snack Packaging ideas

Written by robin on March 17, 2022
1. This chubby looking box comes very to package foods and beverage of any size and shape. this package is compatible with anything you produce. This triangular shape is very much attention grabbing for customers.
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2. Are you thinking of making a business out of strawberry, this may be the perfect design for your package? This red color in white background catches the customer eyes very fast. This design is pretty common so it is kind of field tested already. I remember my childhood days when I see this bag design.
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3. Do you have any kids in your house? This package is the perfect for the kids to pick up. These cute looking pigs and cats are bound to get your kids attention and they may demand more than one pack. For your branding and selling this mockup is perfect for you. So why wait anymore. Choose this one from PKGMAKER.
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4. Cashews are incredibly healthy food and it should be contained in an elegant packaging. This fancy looking outlook is bound to grab customer’s attention and compel them to buy more. This packaging template is very good for your product to sell fast.
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5. The packaging has a hanging hole that will save a lot of store space. This design is the best for fast and easy snacks. They are easy to open and carry. Your customers will love to carry these package around and enjoy your amazing product any time.
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6. Who hates coconut? Coconut clusters looks best in this type of stand-up pouches. It is very fancy to look. The greenish look gives it a eco-friendly vibe. People are going to buy these bags in bulk.
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7. This orange packaging is the best for attention grabbing. This looks vivid and colorful. Its main goal is to build-up your branding and whole color is to recognize your brand. You can also write a bit description about the product you are selling in these packages.
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8. Just like the previous one purple is another vivid color bound to grab consumer attention. It will increase the shelf beauty and grab more and more customers. You can brand and describe about your product perfectly. You can sell fruits and dry foods in this type of packaging.
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9. This light color packaging has a bit of artistic look in the packaging. You can use these kinds of packages for snacks like, dried mango, curried cashews, saffron-coconut chips, ghee-tossed peanuts etc. this is a great package for attention grabbing and quick sell.
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10. You need your package to protect your products perfectly. This package is a great example for preserving dried beef. These products are easy to rot in a very little time. You can use these packages for both branding and packaging purpose.
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11. If you are thinking of selling some liquid products, this packaging is going to be a game changer. This packaging template looks very beautiful from outside and sells really fast. This package is very effective for preserving the goods inside too.
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12. White has always been the most elegant color of all. These packages are good for raw products and quick snack also. This packaging design is very famous all around the world for any kind of snacks.
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13. Most of these packages are used for takeout coffee and snacks. This package is easily disposable and easy to carry. Fast food chains and coffee chains nowadays are using this kind of package to serve their products. If you are thinking about opening a fast-food chain you must take a look at these templates.
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14. This package is blue and whitish. The color has a sense of art in it. It will increase the shelf life of your product. You can boom your market with marketing of this class. It has a zipper in the top. And it would be waste to explain the usefulness of zipper in the snack packaging.
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15. For organic food you can use this template is mostly use. You can address your brand name on the top of the package and describe your product in the middle space.
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16. These packages are really great to look at. They can be the centre of the store. The light color may not attract many consumers but they are bound to feel the contrast. You can package dry food and fruits which is the safest choice for your precious products.
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17. These packages are really great to look at. They can be the centre of the store. The light color may not attract many consumers but they are bound to feel the contrast. You can package dry food and fruits which is the safest choice for your precious products.
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18. For chocolate, caramel and coconut these packages are the best. They are good for preservation and branding. This is a stand up pouch. You can save a lot of shelf space with these bags. I personally prefer these bags for packaging your chocolate brand.
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19. These are small packs for preserving dry fruits. It is ready food. People can have these on the go. Customers can fit them in their pocket very easily. The pink design is famous between strawberry lovers.
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20. This is a simple and elegant design. You can sell blue berries in these bags. White has always been the most stylish of all colors. These packages are ideal for raw products as well as quick snacks. This packaging is well-known for all types of snacks all over the world.
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21. There is a small cap in the side of the package. These types of packages are good at holding liquid like products. This type of packaging is being famous nowadays and most of the business owners who has a sober knowledge in marketing like you, are choosing these kind of mockups.
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22. This is a funky package. It is full of color. It easily attracts the customer towards your products. It can hold dry fruits and nuts for a very long period of time and keep the foods eatable. This is great choice for preserving the goods inside.
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23. This is an extraordinary package. It's vibrantly colored. It easily draws the consumers’ attention to the packaging. It is suitable for storing dry fruits and nuts. This is fantastic for preserving the contents.
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24. Just look at these smiling packages. They ought to make you smile also. You can find them in different expressions. These small sachets are fun to look at and draw customer’s attention very fast. It can hold liquid and candies inside it.
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25. Take a look at these happy packages. They should make you happy as well. They are available in a variety of expressions. These small sachets are visually appealing and quickly capture the attention of customers. It has the capacity to hold liquid and candies.
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26. This is a funny looking package also. They smiley in the center brings a lot of attention to the payers. Kids are going to love these packages for its color.
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27. This is classy packaging. The dunking picture is mouth-watering for consumers. And the leaf in the corner make you feel that it is eco-friendly.
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28. This is an amazing blue package. This is the embodiment of salty foods. This package can hold food of any shape. It is also very good for ready snacks like chips and biscuits.
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29. This has a dark theme in it. It can hold good quantity of product. It is bound to grab attention of the consumers. This mock up is very good at preserving your snack.
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30. This is an amazing template. This cookie design looks a bit old school. The picture looks really funky. This is an amazing mockup for your brand to grow in a new height.
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31. These ice cream wrappers are absolutely best. Whether it is chocolate bar or creamy bar these package is ready to hold anything. These packages do not get damaged in the refrigerator.
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32. This is a straight up answer to the customers who wants to buy a cheesy snack. This is looking really bright and beautiful. They are good at preserving the goods inside.
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33. The customer always need to see what they need. This package is beautiful and sends the message it wants to. The customer is going to attract by its practical design. It is also good for preserving things. So it gives a long shelf life.
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34. This package is the perfect for ready to bite foods. This mock-up comes in different color. They are good to preserve the goods and takes very little space in the store shelf. Teenagers are specially attracted to these types of packages.
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35. This stand-up pouch is amazing for holding banana chips. This package preserves the goods inside perfectly. It is quite useful to grab the target market attention. You can try it to enrich your brand to a whole different level.
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36. This standup pouch has a window in it. The consumer can sneak peek through the window and choose their goods according to their choices. These pouches work just great to preserve the nuts.
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37. These boxes are amazing for delivering sweets like donuts. These paper bags are ecofriendly. So, they are law compliant. You can use these boxes to hold any type of food that are easy to fit.
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38. This stand-up pouch is specially made for selling nuts. These designs are simple but elegant. This template works perfectly for regular nut buyers. They perfectly preserve the goods inside.
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39. This is the most common type of chips packet in the world. But common is not always bad at all. Consumer can relate to the product they are looking for. This package is the best for preserving the delicious chips you are eager to eat right now.
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40. The majority of these packages are used for takeout coffee and snacks. This package is easily disposed of. They are lightweight and portable. Fast food and coffee chains are now using this type of packaging to deliver their products. If you want to start a fast-food restaurant, you should look at this template.
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41. This packaging is amazing snack holding package. They are good to hold goods. They good to preserve goods. This design looks amazing so it is bound to grab customer attention. Who knows? maybe this package is going to hold your key to the next level.
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Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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