30 amazing food packaging designs

Written by robin on February 22, 2022
Food is love. No necessity is as amazing as the food. We eat food in joy and distress. That is why the food packaging market is booming all over the globe. The most necessary item in our life should look as beautiful as it tastes. Here are my top 30 food packaging design ideas. 

1. Snack pack Pouches design

Snack pack Pouches design
This package is very well known to chips lovers. This is a very common design for chips and other ready snacks. It’s easy to open and protects the inside well.
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2. Doypack Food packaging Pouch

Doypack Food packaging Pouch
These packages work excellently to house chocolate, coffee beans, etc. This design is very protective of its product. It is very easy to open for the final consumer and looks stylish to look.
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3. Large size food container

Restaurants use these types of food containers to deliver food. These packages keep the food fresh and warm. Noodles, rice, curry, etc., can be preserved using these boxes. They are easy to carry around. Food items like biriyani and rice bowls are mostly deilivered in these shape of carriers. 
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4.Egg holding packages

This package design is exclusively for eggs. Eggs suppliers use these packages to house eggs. It keeps the eggs safe and fresh. They come in different size and shape. These packages shape  can change according to the number of eggs to be housed.
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5.Flour holding packages

Wheat and corn flours are necessary items for every household. This design is specifically designed to hold flour. These bags can hold more than 1 kg of flour.  These bags are tamper-evident.
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6.Spout pouch doypack packaging 

This beautiful design holds liquids like sauce, pickles, etc. The small-cap in the left corner is the gateway for the product inside. This package is easy to use and resealable. It keeps the goods safe and sound. These pouches are the best for serving in the restaurant.
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7.Stick Sachets Design

These cute-looking small packages house small wafers and chocolates. This is easy to open. these packages are the best for holding small size chocolate syrups and mangobars.
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8.Snack bar design

Probably this is the most common design on the list. We see it more often than any other design on the list. We see its use widely in candy bars and chocolate bars. 
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9.Small Candy Package

As the name suggests, these packages are widely used for housing candies. These small packages are cute and very easy to use. They are cheap and user-friendly.
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10.Transparent plastic containers

These transparent designs work great for a sneak peek at the good inside. They are widely used for frozen food. This design is great for the consumer’s view. 
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11.Yogurt Container

If you are a yogurt manufacturer you may want to look at this design. It is designed in a way that it can be very easy to eat on the go. This package is widely used for yogurt preservation and yogurt sale. 
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12.Frozen food Preservation Package Design

Raw meat rots faster than any other food in the world. You can keep them in the fridge to freeze them but if they are not properly packaged the food will lose its food value after a definite amount of time. This design works very well for keeping the fresh meat fresh and safe inside the freezer. 
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13.Closeup hand holding food box

This design is quite famous among Chinese food lovers. This is the typical package that sells Chinese food. The growing fast food industry is catching more and more of this design. 

14.Pizza box design

Pizza is our favorite food. Seriously who hates pizza? We are all familiar with the shape of a pizza box. It is usually used to deliver pizza. This design comfortably holds and delivers pizza at our home. 

15.Windowed Pasta packaging design

These rectangular shape pasta boxes are beautiful on their own. They can hold and preserve raw pasta for a long time. It takes very little shelf space. This design is windowed, thus making the product visible to the consumers. 
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16.Juice Packaging design

This is rectangular shape is a widely used packaging juice-like commodity. This is a complete leakage-proof and tamper-evident design that builds the trust between the seller and the consumer. 
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17.Chocolate strawberry flavored candies and biscuits in colorful foil wrapping design

Do you have someone you love? If you do then this type of design can be a great help as a chocolate gift wrapper. This box holds chocolate and candies inside it. This design is amazing to gift your loved ones.
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18.Milk Box design

Milk is not our usual drink. It needs more protection than any other liquid product. Milk needs extra care and this package is designed in a certain way to save the milk inside from rotting. 

19.Bread Pouch Packages

Bread is the most common breakfast material. Bread is wrapped up in a plastic package. For bread, this is the most common and safe design. Bread will Rot eventually but the wrapper keeps its germs free for the maximum amount of time.
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20.Pet food bag 

This design is specially made for pet food. Pet food remains fresh and safe inside this type of package. I feed my little “Spike” with this shaped pet food package.
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21.Organic tea branding packages

This package is quite useful for small quantity organic tea preservation. It protects the tea inside quite well. The package does not let air or moisture come inside the package and sabotage the organic tea quality.
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22.Small quantity biscuit packages:

Biscuit is a very common snack for people around the world.  As a snack, it needs to be served in a small quantity packet. The design shown above is the best design to fit in the pocket of the consumer.
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23.Sandwich holding design

Sandwich is the lunchtime friend of every office goer. This is a nice package to shelter the amazing sandwich you are going to have. This triangular-shaped box is beautiful as well as useful.
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24.Ice cream Package

Ice cream is our best friend in summer. Different ice cream is preserved in different types of packages. For creamy ice creams, this design is famous among consumers and manufacturers.
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25.Burger sheltering packages

I think a burger is the most common fast food in the world. Most of the big companies use this kind of package to serve burgers to the customers. These bags are paper-made and sometimes windowed.
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26.Tin can pop mockup design 

Tin cans are great for food preservation. Food inside the tin can remains fresh for a long time. Tin can come in different sizes and designs. Raw meat, fish, pickles can be preserved for a long period.
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27.Noodle cup packaging design

Instant noodles are very famous among students and bachelors. All you need to do is pour hot water. So the package used in cup noodles is very much heat tolerant. And the design looks very good from the outside also. 
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28.Foil paper stand-up pouches

Stand-up pouches are very much useful for creating shelf space. Foiled pouches are very protective of the product inside. These type of bags contains coffee beans, dry foods, etc.
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29.Candy wrapper design:

Candy wrappers come in many designs and shapes. This is one of the designs that I like most. It is widely used by reputed companies. 
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30.Chocolate wrapping design:

Chocolate is the most desired sweet all around the globe. Chocolate is packaged in different ways as we have already seen in previous designs. This design is widely used by famous companies like Cadbury. This wrapper is wrapped around another foil wrap inside which we find the sweetest sweet.
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Peoples habit might change over time. Their want for luxury items might change but one thing that will remain constant in this world and that is food. Food is the most important necessity for any living beings in these world and its demand will never end until the world is being conquered by robots. 

Your food items must look exceptional than any of your competitors. PKGMAKER will help you to build up your brand like no one else. PKGMAKER provide the best packaging solution for you and your brand. Regardless the size of your business. If you want your package to be as beautiful as above designs. Better call now!
Article written by Carl Phillips

Carl Phillips is part of the content team at Pkgmaker where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.

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